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d100 Signs you are being monitored by the Central Authority

This is something I thought players of Nurocity or Paranoia might find useful and a possible start for my own post apoc bunkers and horrible sci-fi lost colonies games. Can be background tables or used when players fail subterfuge attempts or accumulate heat for their activity. Maybe a daily encounter. This is post number 2100,

d10 Common Oppressions
1 Posters with slogans promoting patriotism
2 Checkpoints for ID and areas forbidden to certain classes
3 Armed troops arrecting person and taking them away in an ambulance
4 Someone comes back from a reeducation centre and seems dimmer and more patriotic
5 New medication given out makes everything more dreamy
6 Fraternising rules limit sex and monitored by security and psychomed teams
7 AI devices in vehicles, security doors, or equipment monitors public and may recite patriotic maxims
8 Given a new diet and exercise schedule by the central computer
9 Patriotic speakers in uniforms often blaming disloyal elements with cheering mob
10 Propeganda messages on screens and crowds all stop and watch certain important central authority announcements 

d10 Found Secret Message

1 Propaganda from the system delivered knowing many people use secret messages
2 Note from security who require you report this note has been found
3 Love setter from a secret admirer you are not authorised to fraternise with
4 A joke to set you up by a friend who means no harm or a rival who has a grudge
5 Crime faction offering vice and goods in return for favours
6 Secret society of a minority interest suppressed by the system
7 Revolutionary propaganda
8 Revolution message requesting you do them a favour or possibly a test
9 A friend who is in trouble and wants some help and is afraid of being uncovered
10 Cult possibly using deceit to get people in. Some are puppets of the hegemony surveillance network

d10 Found Mysterious Package
1 Banned book not approved by the system possibly coded or bugged
2 Pornography and sexual devices
3 Bomb with a timer from revolutionaries or the police 
4 Rare food items not on official dietary programs
5 Unauthorised non-prescription pills, inhalants and pneumatic syringes
6 Computer data devices like a disc, drives, card or nanite tape reel
7 Revolutionary propaganda stickers and posters
8 Revolution message requesting you do them a favour or possibly a test
9 Something from outside the permitted zones (leaf or a bug or rock) or a map to outside
10 ID to bypass security checkpoints should be good for one use by the looks 

d10 Sign Types
1 Daily Signs
2 Transport
3 Security
4 Interrogations
5 Psychotronic 
6 Rewards
7 Friendship
8 Technology
9 Body
10 Public events

d100 SIgns you are being monitored by the Central Authority
01 Your toilet prints a report on a medical sample test and prints out your permitted daily diet plan
02 Your shower reports a water use restriction of 90 seconds for your morning shower
03 Your toilet paper has a message on it possibly state propaganda, some tip or a secret message from an unknown person
04 When your mirror fogs up some writing briefly appear or did it?
05 Find a tiny note or message in soap or toothpaste
06 You find a note or message in your meal
07 A stranger bumps you and passes you a message or plants it in your pocket
08 A security guard checked your papers and gave you an extra document
09 You are delivered a mysterious package from someone 
10 Someone left a daily propaganda paper with a note on public transport or restroom
11 Pretty sure you are being followed by someone
12 Seem to be followed by several people intently maybe they are after you?
13 Vehichle or drone keeps getting uncomfortably close
14 Cameras all seem to be focusing on you and zooming on your face and hands
15 Lots of drone surveillance today
16 A large van or vehicles with several large crew in the cabin kept trying to pull up near you by the loading doors
17 Feel a sting of a tiny pellet that has dosed you with some liquid inside
18 Head feels strange with headaches and hallucinations made you stop and rest till recovered possibly fined if on road or held up traffic or production
19 Vehichle you were in was searched by security forces
20 Vehichle held up due to accident or sabotage, no photos please!
21 Security takes longer and do a double check on your ID and looks t you funny
22 Security let you through quickly with a nod from a superior you've seen before somewhere
23 Security demand to search you for a random spot search and scan
24 Security and med team make a random blood test or stool or urine sample
25 Securuty guard asks you to recite some popular propaganda slogans or patriotic song
26 Security asks you questions about an acquaintance or work peer you don't really know
27 Security feel you up in a search and rate your body and laugh, might demand a strip or cavity search if get uppity
28 Security grabs random people off the street but its just some simple search practice
29 Riot police block you in an area as some gangs are targeted and possibly arrested with them till security footage examined
30 False arrests by armed officers, possibly breaking into your home or raid work. All a mistake have this medicated synthchoc bar and our condolences for the brutal interrogation mistakes
31 Inspector has you seized for debriefing but won't say what its about just lots of information about things you saw od did recently
32 Interrogated about your preference for food flavours and old vs new formula foods
33 Security questions you about people you knew as a child in a dormitory
34 Security question you about a co-worker, manager or person you just met
35 Security search your home but won't say what and question you about your preferred reading material and activities
36 Inspector ass you to be an informant and keep an eye out for treason offering you some bonus credit and narcotics
37 Security questions you about some petty workplace crime like missing biro or paper 
38 Security requests you wear this tracking and surveillance device for a while and wont say why
39 Security grill you to induce fear and confusion for several days but wont say what its about then return you
40 Security placed in a cell for several days with daily questioning sessions then returned due to some error or didn't find what they wanted
41 Security brings you in for a brain scan
42 Having strange headaches and trouble focusing your eyes
43 Sudden explosive diarrhoea struck you keeping you in a restroom for hours and fined for cleaning up
44 Struck by sudden inexplicable paranoia and anxiety, had to flee and find a quiet place to recover
45 Hallucinations of violence erupting then suddenly everything is normal
46 Hear some voices or music that seems to be in your head
47 You and others in the area all blacked out for some unknown reason and revives possibly hours later
48 Someone recognises you well but you don't remember them at all and are a bit scared
49 See someone and have a sense you knew them once and some odd memories you never remembered before
50 You recognise a security inspector and have a panic attack but don't remember why or when you had seen before
51 The system has selected prospective approved mates as you won a lottery and passed some tests
52 Won a medal for productivity but really you were stealing from work 
53 Recieve a travel permit to visit a new sector in a tour group
54 Rewarded with a bonus meal voucher for punctuality in workplace
55 Issued a reward card by security publicly and people wonder if your an informant
56 Medical team collect some of your genetic material via blood, hair and scraping
57 Medical team come to test you over some emergent property of your genetic line
58 Given a test to see if you ought to be promoted or demoted
59 Given a badge for good service or patriotism
60 Awarded a short visit to a recreation facility for several days
61 A new worker replaced a regular and seems very chummy and interested in you
62 A stranger offers you a VIP snack item and would like to talk sometime with you
63 Someone you see daily seems surprised and nervous around you and keeps watching you
64 Supervisor wants to meet for a chat and doesn't talk about work and just wants to get to know you better
65 Co-worker invites you to a sport or social opportunity which is a bit of a surprise as they normally don't talk to you
66 A co-worker or old acquaintance seems extra chummy and has a new badge for patriotism and wants to chat more
67 Friendly cleaner chats with you and offers you something they found
68 See someone who looked like a missing friend but they don't remember you and have a different name and just moved to this sector
69 A chummy co-worker you have known a while offers you an opportunity for vice or a forbidden performance
70 Recieve a recreational opportunity with an attractive stranger and have a relaxing pleasant time
71 New appliance has a camera lens and microphone now
72 Keep receiving calls that just click and hang up from different numbers
73 Your communication device keeps recording and sending data at odd moments
74 Found a lump or mark on the skin that makes speakers crackle sometimes if held near
75 Eyes blanked out for a moment and weirdly flickered back on
76 Accidently find a hidden surveillance device or line tap
77 Repairman in your office or home installs new improved device with recording equipment to provide data to help new products and customer satisfaction
78 Keep seeing lots of cleaning drones and robots today
79 Pulled out an odd hair with a tiny metallic globule on the base, up close its a robot mite
80 Automated doors seem slower and scanning you longer today
81 You painfully crapped out something metallic on the toilet you don't remember eating 
82 Vomited up a mess of pills or capsules you don't remember taking
83 Painfully vomited up with blood a tiny robot parasite scuttles away
84 You pass a painful metallic pellet while urinating
85 Coughed up some grey slime that tried to crawl away
86 Found a surgical scar you don't remember
87 Find a tattoo of text and a barcode you don't remember d8 1=reject 2=testsubject 3= processed 4=prison ID 5=millitary ID 6=secret society 7=cult 8=revoltionary cell)
88 Discover a limb is synthetic or are you an android or is it a hallucination?
89 Discover by accident you have been tagged with a radioactive isotope that could be trackable
90 Keep having nightmares about having an extra eye and some evil creature inside of you trying to take control
91 A bomb or sabotage causes death and injury and armoured riot police pour in to control and detain everyone
92 Witness a riot with the arrival of heavy weapons riot troops
93 Witness some protesters barricaded get shot by police a bit hastily
94 See a patriotic police parade with security to protect them and watch the crowd's reactions
95 See a mob listening to a patriotic speaker in a uniform condemning slackers and questioning
96 Someone tries addressing the mob about freedom and is taken away by security in an ambulance in a complex restraint harness and muzzle
97 Some people are listening to music and having a nice time when riot police come to arrest the unauthorised performance
98 Come across an unlocked door or hatch into the undercity you had not seen before. Maybe a way to see what's outside?
99 Protesters demand to see whats outside and are gassed  and taken away by riot sqaud 
100 A patriotic club is rioting against locals for being from the criminal classes and security are just watching

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