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d100 Off Limits Locations in Utopia

Sometimes those secret messages or invitations require you to go somewhere forbidden. You might stumble across one or see other people using one. You might get some side to fetch quest for a secret society or criminals. Maybe they are really security forces sending dupes into a contaminated sector for some evidence they need but won't risk getting themselves.

You don't have to say what's outside and could give contradictory information and clues even fake relics or synthetic outside creatures could be made to keep up an illusion. You might think you can escape but perhaps your last few days were all simulated.

d10 Where is outside this Utopia?
1 Under a ruined city, university or wasteland
2 Underwater deep beneath the sea
3 In orbital construct or space habitat
4 On the moon or an asteroid or mars
5 On an off-world colony on an alien world
6 Under a thriving metropolis who have forgotten about the complex
7 Toxic environment requiring life support and medication to live due to war
8 Sprawling polluted wasteland where industrial mech toil mining and farming
9 Blasted wasteland with monstrous life possibly mutants or nanite undead
10 Simulated everybody really in stasis and experiences are a programmed shared dream

d10 Locating Locations
1 Crude map
2 Puzzle or code
3 Find a personal contact
4 Bribe a contact
5 Heard from a peer
6 Heard a rumour 
7 Saw someone go into dead end passage
8 Saw service personnel check the entrance
9 Deal with the gang or a cult
10 Had a weird dream and a bloody nose

d10 Quick Dodgy Place Types
1 Infrastructure
2 Corridors
3 Sealed doors
4 Abandoned
5 Ruined
6 Construction
7 Surveillance  
8 Science  
9 Criminal  
10 Secrets

d100 Off Limits Locations in Utopia
01 Metal grill into crawl spaces used for air and maintenance
02 Metal hatch into the crawlspace for wires and pipes under main corridors
03 Door and pipes and crawlspace connect to a plant room for air, water and environment
04 Service tunnel possibly some areas flooded connecting various substation and plant rooms
05 Substation with tool lockers and industrial terminals to check local subsystems and a control node. Usually locked and secured
06 Between level open space with suspended pipes and walkways for maintenance only
07 Service point with a nexus of pipes and wires useful to help isolate problems with locked panels for switches and valves but otherwise open area
08 Workers sub station with several bunks and lockers, bathroom and kitchen and break area usually abandoned and in some past construction project
09 Service tunnels with grill floors and arched ceiling, lane for scooters, baggage drones or gocarts and foot traffic. Crates and even garbage might be dumped down here 
10 Area built between levels by unauthorised persons possibly by workers to relax or some dangerous cult or faction. Possibly security sweep it occasionally but groups using it as a meeting have lots of lookouts
11 Corridor is coded as secure but opens fine, it is surveilled as part of an ongoing investigation but a few factions use it for meetings unaware as security doesn't come here because it is bugged
12 Corridor has had cameras vandalised and not repaired yet, warning signs suggest taking another route. Some meet here briefly to swap parcels
13 Mechanised pavement has an emergency exit you can reach if you step off in the tunnel section that leads to an isolated perimeter section. Maintenance crew use it as a shortcut 
14 Taped over broken doorway leads to disused corridor left for months due to error. Remains unfixed as long as tape remains
15 Passage under an assembly line, some old mattresses and food containers and pamphlets and zines are scattered about
16 Service corridor for maintenance workers and robots or troglodytes
17 Service corridor for a gocart or buggy to move goods for servicing systems
18 Mail Transport Tube for baggage and documents and packages throughout the city, much smaller tubes also exist but mail tubes are a tight fit on a trolly 
19 Service Tunnel large enough for several vans or buses or several trains or a single mega vehichle for large goods or machines
20 Vactubes based on smaller message pods transports this carries a coffin-size pod ideal for crypods, food, other goods or even living people as long as they are in a pressurised pod. Often connect several locations with a station with multiple pods. Mostly used by large organisations operating multiple secret entrances. Often used as an escape to a bigger panic room or escape vehichle. VIP classes often have a single-person unit that collapses behind them
21 A janitorial locker or toilet cubicle is an elevator to a secret area
22 Saw a concealed door open and close in an isolated location
23 Discovered an old door keycard, opens a forgotten room for an agent to hide in with bed, kitchen, fresher, medical supplies and several weapons and other tools 
24 Find a door and key with old cache of a faction or cult who may eventually look for it
25 Find a service hatch with defective lock that can bet you into the city superstructure maintenance tunnels to other locations
26 Long sealed bulkhead door opened and a stranger came out with a device and went back inside
27 Emergency shelter door partly covered by crates has become visible. Inside is an emergency bunker possibly inhabited or might have a frozen cult or faction team
28 Hatch looks sealed but can be opened with a secret latch that contains various weapons from crude homemade to several more modern pieces and some ammo but here by a faction
29 Unused doors in odd locations like stairwells, vehichle bays or service bays are actually a secret security base for a team of plainclothes agents. If inside will be very hostile to intruders
30 A damaged wall panel near crates of rubbish can be squeezed through into a sealed-off ruined area
31 A sealed-off food court area with bathrooms, tables, a fountain and large screens for workers to use once but shut down due to fewer workers and less food variety currently
32 A sealed-off transit tube station possibly contaminated or simply closed to save costs, has shops, vending machines, often popular secret meeting places for cults and factions
33 Sealed off warehouse with some loading vehicles and gocarts with trailers. CRates and all kinds of goods could be stored away. Sometimes inhabited by people in secret
34 Sealed abandoned shopping mall court with open shaft with balconies, escalators and shops over several levels. Courtyard shaft might feature a statue, fancy elevators or fountain and pool perhaps trees. Seems a bit luxurious, with various VIP goods inside shops. Often robot security or some creature or faction lives here or several. Some may be flooded or overgrown or full of garbage 
35 Sealed abandoned garden biodome maintained by machines with living creatures inside. Possible inhabitants or people in hiding from the system
36 Sealed abandoned apartment block with a large open courtyard with a statue or other artwork or water feature or park. Seems to be built for families with children
37 Sealed administration building with floors of system offices, dumb terminals, work stations, and documents. Often has robot security but some manage to hide inside them
38 Infrastructure passage blocked with garbage leads to a semi flooded steamy area of warm water where fleshy tentacled grows have grown over metal surfaces. Mutants live in here swimming and playing and eating floating fungus globules growing in the water
39 Pool in flooded stairwell, can be used to enter vast empty parking garage with now blocked openings to huge transit tunells for vehicles. Some levels will be flooded and life forms adapted to the system lighting grows here. People may hide hear or develop farming in secret here. Fish live in the flooded sections some large and can bite
40 Under an unused administrators office desk is a secret passage to a small one person bunker with a criopod and various VIP luxury items
41 A large section of transport tunnels or tube train lines sealed off with damaged vehicles and rubble from a past disaster. Closed and sealed with hazard take. Youths like to hang out here to be tough and do cool stuff
42 Abandoned factory complex behind warning signs. Doors and windows smashed and covered in graffiti with signs of transient inhabitants. Possibly someone or something lives here and possibly really is contaminated
43 Ruined tube train service terminal with huge maintenance sheds, mecha cargo lifters and freight containers. Huge machine parts tube train sections are stored here. Ofte used by criminals for black markets, meetings or gang fights
44 Ruined water purification plant where water recycled, drugged and distributed. Full of huge machines and service passages and plant rooms. Often semi flooded, corroded and may be inhabited
45 Ruined computer vault were tech scavengers come for old parts. Most of the machines are less powerful and incompatible with current machines with more mechanical actions, puchcards and tape reels. A feeble AI may still be operating here
46 Ruined housing complex for workers with vast dormitories, mess halls, shower blocks, laundry works all closed due to a health crisis and closed off with threatening sighns and a wonky fence. Local youths explore here and to do graffitti and fight
47 Ruined entertainment dome where holographic threats and genre themed corridors and androids once simulated exiting adventures but closed as decedant and wasteful. Youth gangs frequent here and sometimes the system and game AI wakes up and becomes dangerous. Some say some VIPs turn it on and watch intruders get killed by histories most famous killers as holograms and androids
48 Stadium complex collapsed and sealed after victims freed. Mostly garbage but a good hiding place for a loner or faction. Danger wear a hardhat signs secure this site with a torn off wide fence gate
49 Ruined prison complex mostly graffiti here and a dangerous place to get trapped in by anyone who knows the layout well. A few bloody gang murders happen here monthly 
50 Ruined education complex inhabited by feral children and youths. The system uses it to dispose of misfits and malcontents spotted in early days or decantered from clone vats unfinished. A robot guards the gate and will let people in but not out
51 Saftey fenced off admin complex under construction, may have security bots or not if long unfinished. Site has various dangers like pits and fragile structures
52 Fenced off unfinished apartment complex with a pool & recreation level but only a few floors complete
53 Incomplete tube train tunnels fenced off with machinery left on site
54 Large collapsed section closed off with construction equipment and lots of danger signs. Possibly guarded or patrolled occasionally. Large open interior with polies of rubble and damaged formerly inhabited areas 
55 Area closed and developed to work on plumbing and sewerage upgrade and lotsof areas opened into service infrastructure
56 Decontamination site, everything bagged with plastic airlocks, decontamination check documents and markers, empty sterilizer canisters and discarded hazard suits and gasmaks
57 Flooded section with machinery, noisy pumps and pipes everwhere. Floating rotting furnishing 
58 Burn damaged areas from fire with warning signs and some areas repaired 
59 Construction of admin building found an older forgotten door structure and area abandoned
60 Contaminated areas with radioactivity or biological matter, sealed with plastic and warning stickers. Some signs of decontamination crews at work and drums of matter to be taken away
61 Secret door in quiet area leads to a spy station watching a public plaza with recording equipment and a security terminal. First aid tit and silent needlegun that shoots radio isotope trackingammo
62 Secret door leads to room with spy mirror wall to view a open office admin pool
63 Secret stairwell door leads to top of a arcology building overlooking other buildings and plaza  
64 Secret door leads to secret walkway over a factory floor to observe workers
65 Secret door to parking garage of security forces  intended as secret emergency entry or exit
66 Secret parking garage off a minor exit ramp on a transit highway tunnel. Recognises certain vehicles and admits them into secret parking garage with interceptor bikes and patrol car and a secret passage to a normal parking station
67 Secret entrance to spy tunnels inside an apartment block to facilitate technicians reach recording equipment in every unit where security risk citizens are housed
68 Secret passage to deep infrastructure ending in a sealed vault door to maybe outside with security coded lock? 
69 Secret entrance to a old security computer complex with an outdated AI cut off from the system who wants help
70 Secret entrance to old secret sucurty base with several levels of offices, cells and meeting rooms
71 Concealed black lab door inside quaentine seal is a secret biological test gone wrong and sealed
72 Concealed black lab door inside is a surveillance control room and scientists and security monitor test subjectsof psychotronic experimental devices. Various strange prototype devices and chems
73 Concealed black lab door to computer complex of imprisoned AI and the secret unit it once managed. May have staff imprisoned here also
74 Concealed black lab cloning or bioprinter facility with cryopackled clones or replicants ready to deploy
75 Concealed black lab android facility with security, thinker and replicant androids with repair lab and monitor room
76 Concealed black lab working on project to wipe out most of the population in case it is needed
77 Concealed black lab working on eugenics program to introduce possible new types of humans better adapted to the system
78 Concealed black lab dedicated to mass drug control of the population 
79 Concealed black lab dealing with treating and detecting mutants and other biogenetic weapon attacks
80 Concealed black lab developing super weapons to use on a possibly non existant enemy 
81 Crook hideout and cache of a loner criminal and unauthorised goods
82 Gang hideout with bunks where members can be hidden if hunted bu the law, also used to plan heists and keep equipment. Often odd shaped in some infrastructure space and decorated by gangs 
83 Concealed forgotten warehouse used as a criminal market place and workshop for stolen goods
84 Speakeasy criminal night club for unathorised drinks, gambling, non prescription medications, live entertainment, dancing and hookups
85 Criminal training area where young gang members are trained in secret
86 Terrorist cell headquarters with bunks, armoury and forgery equiptment
87 Criminal ID and hacking lab for fake ID and records
88 Criminal medical clinic for unauthorised injuries and cosmetic work
89 Criminal drug lab, brewery or distillery for a gang
90 Warren of shacks and passages in a infrastructure space inhabited by some shunned outcasts in secret
91 Secret cult temple with idols and religious paraphernalia usually for up to 30 persons
92 Hidden cult cathedral with idols and artwork and even crypts for burial and a great hall for ceremonies with over 100 participants
93 Great trash pits where some rogue scrap robots and hidden weirdos live. Others come here to scavenge and look for discarded information and records
94 Library sealed away with various forbidden and historical works that might explain the oragins of the system and information on what is outside
95 Hospital where hundreds of persons kept in float tanks experiencing re-education treatments, surprisingly a quiet place with few staff usually highly automated. Some keep brains in pods instead for data retrieval from dead 
96 Fully automated factory supposed to be sealed off
97 Cryonic vault with former inhabitants isolated and stored for some reason d4 1=plague 2=malcontents 3=back up population if mass exterminations required pr some disaster 4=stored in time of scarce resources and forgotten
98 Ancient worker tunnels with signs of cults, hermits and loner weirdoes and perhaps nonhuman creatures
99 Monitor station watching outside the complex
100 Gateway leading to unauthorised exit

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