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d100 Dirty Tricks of Dungeon Gods

Wow so i have a Kosmosaurs game on alt sunday that might turn into marvel or post apoc with several dads and sons which is interesting and probably good for me to be family-friendly. Possibly my game writing was a catharsis for when I was a child herder and being nice all day. Several of my players in customer service were the same. Possibly explains my sandbox mayhem and grimy settings.

My regular sun game-changing to sat evening and in transition and public holiday I might get a bonus few games in. Currently trying to run my Babylon game but we have had side treks into Horror on the Hill with new characters. We had some post-apoc and others going during last year's unable-to-all-be-in-same-room patch. Its good for my writing to game more.

Did most of BL1-2 The Ruined Hamlet/Terror in the Gloaming which has been for me and a friend playtesting my druid spells out. A few things have emerged from my druid system like the lots of spells that make 24 hour lasting healing beries, fire seeds, a pebble to boulder spell. Had a case where druid just dumped yesterdays and today's fireseeds on a monster and it was messy. I have come to quite like this adventure and am getting another print sequel on LuLu. 

So i have considered remastering my setting religion
-i do like my old RQ campaign gods from 90s as an older popular religion
it is very formal being the forced creation of an empire in a great elementalist heracy where elemental templars fitted all the empires gods into 4 pantheons of 12 and an evil 12 that were a bother in the 1st and second empire
-a more modern and active generation of gods I'm still writing for the 3rd age
-lots of demigods and saints often in service to upper tier gods many who lived in historic times
-lots of spirits lesser and greater everywhere all the time invisibly
-a bunch of outsider gods of the void even lots of local evil gods don't like or are using for power

OA while flawed in many ways as a book had lots of cool spells for dealing with spirits

Im considering some adventurer gods like:

Hrothgar a nasty murder hobo colonialist exploiter god all about plundering the frontier and being awful and being approved of by civilization. His nightmare shieldmaidens harpies to carry their souls to the underworld where that wage an eternal frontier war between the underworld and hell where they may kill anybody they want forever and get drunk on bloodwine. Worshippers call on him for bloodlust berserker powers or rage.

Yrilda a goddess of exploration, diplomacy, pets, trickery and luck. They also operate casinos, taverns, and gymnasiums. They bring peace to troubled places and solve mysteries. On death, adventurers are taken to a celestial tavern near the shattered lower levels of heaven meets the wilds of Arcadia and faerie land. There they recall old tales and drink ambrosia. Sometimes they may be sent to aid some foolish amateur adventurers.

There would have to be dungeon gods too and a host of dungeon spirits.

But the main point here is malicious dungeon spirits and entities may haunt adventurers with their awful pranks watching invisibly in the spirit world. They may aid local monsters who leave them bowls of blood and copper pieces in cracks in walls for them.

Clever adventurers might learn to make spirits offerings or develop magic protocols.

Roll a few in advance and apply in the worst situation for a dungeon. Most dungeon spirits will only bother a few times a day and many weak ones have limited uses of their power or to affect the mortal realm

Saves should help in many of these situations

d10 Quick Trick Types
1 Petty sabotage
2 Alarming antics
3 Demoralizing manners
4 Dabbling in death
5 Repulsive & Puerile
6 Serious sabotage
7 Dubious diplomacy
8 Vermin and filth
9 Dimension dilemmas
10 Dungeon animus

d100 Dirty Tricks of Dungeon Gods
01 Make a pair of boots or shoes lose a soul
02 Breaks a belt or strap so the victim drops something
03 Picks pocket and puts in own treasure hole
04 Glues something to something like a weapon to a scabbard
05 Dulls a blade and makes it rusty -1 damage until cleaned and sharpened
06 Something ignites spontaneously like map or hair (1hp damage) or a hotfoot while moving carefully
07 Blows out torch or lantern or replaces lamp oil with pee
08 Weakens ropes (possible in form of vermin damage)
09 Spoils rations or food
10 Non-magical weapon or item damaged by rust or rot and falls apart
11 WIll warn local wandering monsters enemies near
12 Bang some pots or anything noisy alerting locals
13 Making a strange noise that bewilders or scares strangers but locals know means trouble
14 WIll lock or bolt a door as they are about to be opened
15 Exaggerate party sounds like footsteps, breathing and voices for a while
16 Gives someone the hiccups for a d6 rounds unless they drink a teaspoon of vinegar
17 Causes party flatulence both smelly and noisy for a while 
18 Party members struck with belching and bloated gassy feelings
19 Musical instrument of gong sound from seemingly very close
11 Whisper a paranoid suggestion or command spell to a party member 
12 Strike someone with panic while doing something tricky or in a fight
13 Make someone drop their weapon embarrassingly for d4 rounds
14 Strange manifestation of wind or light stuns someone trying to do something
15 Intimidating evil laughter and some vague threatening phrase fills the corridor
16 Make strange lights and noises like ghosts
17 Wind blows out lamps and torches
18 Whispers from the walls of arcane chatter and malicious insults
19 Cause several litres of dirty smelly water to drain through the roof
20 Cover something with chilly cold slimy ectoplasm or leave a trail
21 Illusions of walls or floors undulating oddly and moving
22 Illusion of evil face for a moment in mirror or door or chest only one person sees it
23 Illusion of an ethereal phantom moves through party
24 Illusion of a bloody ghost with missing body parts, looks like an adventurer
25 Illusion of swarm of insects
26 Illusion of green slime or other ooze or mould 
27 Illusions of a trapped area that are harmless but scary
28 Hypnotic patterns that distract and delay party
29 Zone of magical darkness
30 Coloured scented mist floods area
31 A dead monster is reanimated, pronounces doom to all then falls dead
32 A dead body explodes into a swarm of bugs
33 A dead body explodes in a stinking cloud
34 A dead body explodes like a grenaide
35 A smaller monster bursts out of a dead monster
36 A dead monster revives as a zombie
37 Severed body parts reanimate and scuttle about
38 A spectral minion arises from a monster to attack who killed it
39 Any in the party who die reanimated as hostile zombies and attack comrades
40 Several corpses merge together into an undead beast
41 Put a sticky smelly slippery monster poop under someone's foot
42 Hurls or splatters monster poops at the party 
43 Bug flies up someone's nose making them wretch or panic a few rounds
44 Puts a full chamber pot over a doorway and dumps on unwary
45 Forms a monster from vomit and faeces in the dungeon
46 Someone is struck with the urge to use the bathroom, their newborn poop abuses them then runs away into a crack. It may appear to taunt their parent and humiliate them in the future (I never asked to be born - you not my real dad)
47 A sewer pipe bursts through a floor or wall showering passage in rancid filth
48 Form a water weird in leaking sewerage
49 Enlarges tapeworms to giant size 
50 Forms a laughing face from sewerage to taunt party about some doom or something
51 Turns a weapon or pole in hand into a live snake
52 Glues weapons so stick in hands and needs oil or vinegar to remove
53 Put contact poison on favorite tool or weapon or book
54 Plants a d4 tiny gremlin in a pack 
55 Lamp makes everyone else but yourself look undead (give players notes the party are all really undead but you)
56 Wooden non-magical goods infested by termites
57 Tiny baby rust monster swarm destroys non-magical metal and then flees
58 Tiny faeries steal lots of coins until caught, if harmed seek revenge
59 Poison waterskins
60 Put a frozen piece of troll flesh in a pack
61 Imitates characters voice to start a fight
62 While talking to strangers make an embarrassingly heroic fart for several rounds
63 Steals voice just as about to negotiate or talk
64 Confuses a conversation so both sides hear abusive insults
65 As you negotiate with strangers hear voices warning you and advising you to kill them quickly, sometimes advise both sides
66 During diplomacy a snake climbs up someone's leg possibly provoking them to draw a sword and start a fight by accident
67 While trying to negotiate to hear the buzzing of an insect swarm coming
68 Plants a false memory in mind during diplomacy enraging a participant, after they realised it never happened
69 Makes someone go berserk during negotiations
70 Makes the intent of the speaker sound opposite, peace becomes hate etc
71 Contaminates some foe's attacks with lycanthropy
72 Release a petty faerie, imp, gremlin or spirit to cause trouble
73 Releases shadows from the surrounding darkness or from some dead bodies
74 Sprinkle rot grubs or other perilous parasites in the area
75 Covers area with diseased miasma or fetid puddles to spread some illness
76 Poisons rations and water
77 Call a swarm of vermin to form and direct at strangers
78 Attracts thousands of bats to swarm through for at least 10 minutes of chaos and guano
79 Colony of giant vermin pour out of a hole d4 1=stirges 2=giant rats 3=giant leeches 4=giant bats 5=giant fleas 6=
80 Draws in a dungeon preditor that serves it and eats dungeon inhabitants in secret d6 1=carrion worm 2=mimic 3=trapper 4=lurker above 5=doppelgangers 6=lycanthropes
81 Conceal a teleporter pad to a lower level
82 Moves a wall or door for a while
83 Draw party into a pocket world inside a painting or artwork
84 Dilates time to increase wandering monsters and make spells and lights burn out faster for a while, will be surprised later to see how much time has past
85 Places area in loop of eternal recursion, lie a staircase or passage that goes on forever but return to the start as soon as you turn back
86 Bring in some changelings or doppelgangers from another world to cause mischief or just be offensive parodies of adventurers
87 Secret level of the dungeon is in another plane entry normally requires to detect magic or see invisible but the spirit might overlap portions briefly 
88 A sealed elemental gateway if opened by spirit releases some elemental beings and possibly mutates and taints local life
89 Gateway to the negaverse guarded by shadows and nightmare creatures in some dark place trying to influence whole dungeon
90 Hellgate in dungeon possibly in secret area brings in devils, imps and the occasional damned spirit. Here to buy souls for hell as dungeon bosses like it
91 Infects party with lycanthropy
92 Curses party and those who die in dungeon awake as undead of similar HD in a d4 rounds
93 Cursed with berserkerism as leave dungeon
94 Cursed to shun sunlight -2 to hit or spot trouble in light of the sun, grow pale
95 Allow a creature from beyond to enter reality through a puddle or mirror surface
96 Air pressure increases and beings from beyond are called through, a magical regenerating swarm of vermin from overspace who crave oranic matter especially moving meat ones
97 Contacts a faction boss or sub boss and directs them the the party location by magical means
98 Contacts the dungeon priesthoods and their guards are all called on by the dungeon spirit to rally against intruders
99 Animates a statue or steps from an artwork to attack to drive enemies away, if body destroyed takes a day to reform
100 The spirit in great fury calls on one of its relatives a deity for support. Mostly a lesser or demigod respond more often and sends reinforcements to aid the dungeon

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