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Abyss Oaths & Gifts

Had another play at B5 and a npc was eaten by a chameleon and a wizard scared I away with an illusion of a giant snake. Did find his legs and a hand. Turns out guy was miserable anyway and had funny dreams. Turns out he was mutating into a shoggoth so probably for the best.

So here is my chaotic evil demon fan oaths and boons. Some more powerful extra boons below but many will just make you a monster. Mayby I need to do a neutral evil Daemon or a more outer voids cult one as well. I think in my cosmology I will have daimons as a common spirit and numbers of those became devils, demons, daeomons and well as various good entities. Sort of proletariate petty godlings working for the cosmos and during early calamoties more extreme alighnments have developed. In my world alignment is mostly for fanatics and the alignment requirements of gods are arbitrary, unfair and imposed. Thats why most people struggle with it or reject it as a outmoded old religion.  

Abyss Oaths & Gifts
CE oaths for villains in league with Demons
Roll d12 on common oaths and if you get the same one you already had you can pick an oath from this list or roll on Rare oaths. If you have the first 12 oaths you may use the rare oaths table from then on.

Then there are the standard oaths in sets of four levels at a time that are what most diabolical cultists and bad managers adpot. You can swap any of the same set out really or roll a d4 as they will be of similar power creep. It makes better mooks have magic weapons that are possibly alignment locked and unusable to decent folk. 

d12 Common Oaths
1 Boast your superiority and terrible power to all
2 Hoard treasure and keep it hidden
3 Bring swift wrath to punish your enemies
Take what you covet if you are stronger
Pursue your lovers as a hunter hunts a beast
6 Sate yourself at every chance with food
7 Enjoy sloth and sleep at any chance
8 Slander and lie about your rivals and enemies
Threaten and intimidate strangers
10 Only eat stolen or wild food 
11 Draw blood daily for your demon patrons
12 Rule over the weak with pain

d12 Rare 
1 Eat only what you kill 
2 Betray others before they betray you
3 Eliminate enemies now to stop future conflict
4 Betray all promises made
 Destroy those who oppose your desires
6 Lie constantly to confuse your foes
7 Torture prisoners for hidden secrets
8 Consume the flesh of only intelligent beings
9 Always search for secret enemies and betrayal
10 Enslave those who fall under your power 
11 Leave no survivors on a battlefield
12 Always release imprisoned demons if you can 

d12 Boons of the Abyss
Minor cosmetic mutation of a table according to choice of a demon patron
2 +1 weapon made from abyssal metal usually a cruel blade or mace   
3 +1 Language spoken S or Written W d4 1=Abysall (CE) 2=Goblin 3= 4=Ogre 4=Troll
4 Arcane zero Lv Cantrip Spell  d4 1=Bugcharm  2=filth  3=Evil Eye  4=Vermin  
5 Major mutation of a table according to choice of a demon patron
6 +2 Weapon and if was a previous gift now also has the property of  +1 vs Law and +1 vs Good all stackable with other weapon pluses
7 Skill d4 1=Loot 2=Trap Lore  3=Bluff  4=Poison Lore
8 Arcane 1st Lv Spell d4 1=Spider Climb 2=Illusion  3=Darkness  4=Enlarge
9 Gain 12 idiotic manes demons to do your bidding or guard something
10 +3 Weapon and if was a previous gift now also has property only usable by CE as a cursed berserker blade to non chaotic evil users, has an evil spirit within it that communicate by empathy and tempts users to wickedness 
11 Gain a pet succubi or incubi follower 
12 Arcane 2nd Lv Spell d4 1=Acid Arrow  2=Alter Self 3=ESP 4=Mirror Image 
13 Can summon a type 1 demon per week
14 +4 Weapon and if was a previous gift now also telepathic to wielder has diabolic lore skill, +d3 venom damage, the spirit of the blade can poison unwanted users
15 Regenerate 1HP per round unless fire or acid, if already regenerates per round like a troll +1 per round instead. Any chopped off pieces may regrow as monsterous. The chopped off bits may become monsters
16 Arcane 3rd Lv Spell d4 1=Acid Cloud 2=Gaseous Form 3=Blink 4=Vampirism 
17 Can summon a type 3 demon per week 
18 +5 Weapon and if was a previous gift now also can speak and cast know alignment 3 times per day and gains extra +1 vs good or chaotic and +2 vs chaotic good, the weapon may cast suggestion once per day on any non-aligned wielder and will wait for the worse opportunity
19 Plane shift to your patron demons domain or back once per day
20 Arcane 4th Lv Spell d4 1=Confusion Ray  2=Dark Tentacles  3=Fear Ray 4=Wraithform

Bonus Petty Boons for Petty Cultists
Really some people are satisfied with less than an adventurer and don't want to power game through life

d12 Bonus Petty Boons for Petty Cultists
Soul dagger counts as magic and for each person killed it is +1 for an hour or can heal 1HP once per day (possible to upgrade plus at higher levels) 
2 An invisible demon makes an accident cause harm your enemy once a month
3 Daily receive a bucket of mysterious meat 2d4 kilos, appears in a puff of brimstone
4 Recieve a d4 unholy waters per day that can heal undead 2d4 damage 
5 A monthly visit from a demon lover 
6 Mystery package weekly d4 1=stolen goods worth 3d6gp 2=stolen goods from criminals 3d6gp 3=d4 berserker potions 4=one use wolf pelt turns you into a wolf till dawn (no effect on clothes or equipment)
7 Monthly a demon allows you to spy on someone for an hour. Might give you a dream or give a vision in a reflection or take you there as a phantom 
8 Feel no pain and immune to effects using pain -1 HP damage from non-magic weapons, many with this condition develop sadism as they resent others feeling sensations
9 Lycanthropy, a stranger brings you a magic pelt or ointment you use to become a powerful monster
10 Berserker, a stranger brings you a potion giving you the powers of psychotic rage 
11 You gain a single manes demon to serve your will, you must hide and feed it   
12 You are joined to a cell of demon cultists in a ritual and you all support each other serving your dark overlord in secret

*Petty Missions from Demons
Demons are not into giving you chores to corrupt you like devils are, they are more into straight-up fearless immediate action.

Petty Missions from Demons
1 Steal corpses for necromancers or ghouls or other monsters to eat
2 Kill and partially eat a target assigned by demon

3 Torture a target 
assigned by demon to near death
4 Put on a party for demon cultists and minions 
5 Leave mutilated animals at a location
6 Take a victim 
assigned by demon as a slave or prisoner
7 Start a brawl in a public place and ensure a certain person is injured
Curse or cast a spell vs a local leader or civic official
9 Poison a well or someones drink
10 Ritually murder a specially chosen victim with a d4 qualities 
11 Murder a random stranger and hide the corpse
12 Burn down a building with occupants inside

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