Thursday 29 December 2022

d12 Post Apoc Child Gangs

Hope you all had good unholydays and wish you all a good new year.

Ive been a bit of a slothmog this month in part due to lots of gaming, socializing, going out, playing oblivion and some other games on PC and enjoying some 37c days and attending my miniature frog zoo and garden. Life is pretty ok and have a stimulating social life and in 3 games so its helped me relax and will be looking to sell some of my crap over next month for space/cash and working on my property a bit. Will be looking for work or finish my last course or something again as cost of living has worsened of late but I'm still better off than most of my adult life so its all good as is my health.

I have 5-7 pieces I'm writing at moment and some reviews coming. Putting snooze on patreon work this month as life was busy. Regular service should resume in January.

d12 Post Apoc Child Gangs
1 The Feral Perils - gang made of runaways gang brats, tribal survivors and feral kids who formed a gang to get back at older teenage gangs abusing them. By clever guerilla tactics, slings, traps, spy holes and tunnels they managed to drive out older gangs. They expel anyone hitting puberty so some members take supplements to hold onto their childhood. Some chapters are cannibalistic and sadistic. Others charge travellers tolls or even trade 
2 Junior Defence League - were patriotic girls, a conservative paramilitary youth group, during the end times. Many rich chapters had their own bunkers and survived to the end times and managed to continue. With stockpiles of patriotic decor, uniforms and guns (often printed in bunker fabricators) they work to instil ancient pre-war values. Somehow mutant abuse became part of their dogma and all mutants are declared slaves and tattooed and dressed as clowns. Escaping clowns are hunted and shot at a favourite activity of the girls. Some older members flee when they want to grow up and question the gang but a few stay on as Den Mothers to train future generations. To join must pass a purity test to prove you are not a mutant. Plus you must always look pretty and be on your best behaviour
3 Planetary Scout Corp - many youths joined various scout-like orgs in pre-war years some in hopes their families might be selected to leave earth in a colony ship. Families with the best scores got the best chance so the planet scouts were part of this. They learned various archaic survival skills and other paramilitary activities. Many who didn't go to the stars did well in the military. Many had their own shelters or the skills to survive. Some adults remain to teach many to join mercenary or millitary outfits or militias. Some had own AI and robot teachers. The scouts may wear uniforms but also notorious for skinning unwanted adults in their territory and the dirty tricks they use on adult gangs. They collect merit badges including bushcraft, silent killing, torture and demolitions
4 Soapbox Racers - started by surviving youth gang from a gocart race track who captured more vehicles and became a serious menace. As the youngest roadgang they prefer small gocarts and buggies and fill the urban ruin streets with chokepoints that stop bigger vehicles. Bikers come to kidnap the kids for recruits sometimes. This has made thee kids more aggressive and adopt explosive drones and biker neck high wire traps that buggies go under. Older members join other road gangs but still help out with scrap parts and food and harming the kids will attract other roadgangs who will unite if their lil brothers and sisters are hurt
5 Howlers - feral wolf children who have been raised by telepathic wolves. Outsiders think the wolves are just their pets not their elders. They believe they are werewolves and wear skins and parts of wolves fallen in battle. Protective of their secret rites and territory. Have many rituals including howling at the moon, drinking blood to the wolf god and killing dogs and human livestock. Many don't reach old age and people have tried to get them to live with humans but the stories are mixed. Some remain as hermits or hunters or trappers and retain poor communications skills from their wolf upbringing. They believe they have magic werewolf powers
6 Goblincore - a feral child gang mostly of mutants or mutilated who revel in their ugliness and individuality. Humans all look the same to them. They often live in subways and caves trading in scrap they gather in areas too dangerous for most. In their own territory traps and secret tunnels are common and give them an edge against attacks. May have advanced tech items they have hung onto for defence. Many underestimate these goblin kids
7 Necrobrats - a necrovirus variant targeting children converting them over time into monsters with a hive mind. Gangs of these children in ruins will act in unison. Screaming when prey is seen, pointing judgemental and methodically eviscerating and sharing flesh of the untainted living. Children affected even at hidden early stages find undead don't attack or hunt them making undead areas safer. Children resist the psionic fear fields of some more advanced necromutants and no longer age or grow. Those tainted may exhibit gloominess, gallows humour, dark clothes and corpse makeup as they change from normal to fully undead monsters 
8 Skater Rats - feral ruin kids with any one type of wheeled rollerskates. skateboards, hoverboards or rollerblades and often some other theme. Notorious graffitists often work as couriers and messengers when not savaging scraps and stealing food. Tolerate adults in their ranks just the cool ones. Also play lots of combat sports and may challenge prisoners to a game as a bloodsport  
9 Youth Militia - grown as a trainee militia org for kids in farmlands some became independent when they survived massacres of their elders. Wear uniforms and carry well-cared-for weapons and fight in a disciplined manner. Members are fanatics so taking one kid will bring down all of them. They hijack and requisition goods from travellers towards the defence of their area. They may aid ordinary folk vs raiders in return for children given to them as new members
10 Billionaire Boys Club - wealthy brats of the rich in VIP bunkers cared for by robot servants. Will come to the service for the fun of killing and obliterating everything with their advanced weapons, drones and robots. Wounded enemies are taken home to be used as biomass or cyborg slaves. There is a billionaire Girls Club but they tend to compete and hate each other but won't use violence on each other. While in their bunkers they don't age until their parents return and the AI allows them to grow up
11 Cyberkids - cyborg children gathered from the waste of wounded and disabled children who are often abandoned. Their AI god NANNY saves them in return for servitude. Many are put to sleep in cryonic bays until the AI Nanny deems they are ready to attack. The target communities to kidnap their children by taking them to Nanny's surgery
12 Clone Corp Kids - a program to clone prewar children to mass produce them as replacements after the war. Different Child Banks had different policies some were nationalist or religious or other specialities. Each clone bank bunker has a dozen core children it mostly creates and programs with combat training as no parents have come to claim the children as planned hundreds of years ago. The clone kid bunker AI all have different ideas as to the best way to achieve their mission and some complexes become enemies

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