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d12 Terraforming Bioweapons To Discover On Bunker Exodus Day

I Am stuck doing a big magic coin piece I've been stuck on for over a year and determined to crack it. So in the meantime this.

So your apoc games could change what the mess was each new party or you could build a word around several of them of on a more gonzo game all would be operating. These are a bunch of crappy things to have happened on the outside.

Yes make a bunker to start in and grab some poor town and add some jetsons sf then the everything went to hell time and maybe a few of these simultaneously in an area overlaping or in distinct zones.

Any of these zones may have unique species, factions or varient species living in them or machine species

d12 Terraforming Bioweapons
To Discover On Bunker Exodus Day
1 Bioplague Warheads - the area has vast pits of skeletons and medical camp ruins d4 1=humans rare since 2=survivors gene modified resistant rest died 3=mutants developed resistance and dominate area 4=androids occupy human free area possibly disguised as humans
2 Alien Ecology Spores - have colonised the area with slimy, oozing, alien life. In some cases, it has merged with local life producing horrific mutations such as gigantism, tentacled polyps and extra body parts d4 1=mutant cult worships the alien zone 2=ecology is expanding and new weird flora & fauna appear each year as complexity grows 3=devolving all life increasingly into slime, ooze and crawling hungry protoplasms  4=evidence the spore pods came after the war from space and more coming
3 Insectoids Weapons - have been used for warfare and many species build hives and may have specialist slave species or subtypes d4 1=giant insects common and some humans that eat them suffer excessive often fatal growth and deformities 2=colony of insectoid abhumanoids and their domesticated species build vast hive complexes and wage war on other life to collect food for their hungry grubs 3=human thralls are enslaved by the hive with chemicals and pheromones 4=the hive can be bargained with and local survivors leave it offerings
5 Vegetatal Weapons - modified or mutant or possibly alien plants have been spreading d4 1=flowers cause narcotic addictive haze over the area and animals to protect the plants 2=crimson vines cover everything cooling other plants and sucking life from the soil. Its poison and useless 3=gigantic fungus cover the area and vast spore clouds 4=area seeded with ambulant killer plants like tri-fronds. pod plants and strangler vines
6 Nanite Colony - modifies local area into something new 1=turns humans into bestial abhumans often inborn with survival and firearms knowledge and a desire to exterminate humans. They fight among each other but most agree humans are the worst 2=turning everything organicprotoplasmic slime that sometimes moves 3=turns all machines hostile to humans 4=builds huge shiny crystalline pylon and 
polygon structures for eas
y harvesting
. Poisonous colourful pools in area will mineralises corpses in them rapidly
7 Protein Spores - biological infestation that absorbs biomass d4 1=Macroscopic life forms from the microscope grown to enormous size overgrowing region 2=Infested the food chain and now a collective consciousness that influences life from fever microbes to mega mutants 3=vast fleshy tumour with tentacles and other gigantic scale biological features. Strange hairless creatures native here only eat the meat of their vast cancerous god that covers the region 4=Mutagenic Plague - mutated people but allowed people to survive post-apocalyptic poison and radiation. As mutations increase some turn into hideous hybrid chimaeras then tentacled malleable flesh creatures. The creatures seek to infect and eat others and become increasingly mindless and savage 
8 Necrovirus Warheads - population killed or infected with necrovirus and the area seems quiet now. Many undead sleep awaiting sounds of machines or tools or the smell of exhaled breath can awaken them into hungry hordes d4 1=hoards of relentless shambling zombies 2=savage fast and cunning ghouls 3=hoardes of shambling undead seemingly controlled by more advanced types 4=locals who survived all carry the virus and become undead when they die 
9 Machine Swarm - cybernetic reproductive systems d4 1=machines constantly building sprawling empty city 2=recyclers collect materials to build factories to build more recyclers 3=AI dominated all the synthetics including AI, borgs, drones. robots and androids 4=reproducing machines are also modular and reconfigure selves into new bigger forms  
10 Machine Ecology - wild machines have overrun the area making life hard for organics d4 1=androids have declared the area their territory 2=robot revolutionaries hate human meatbags 3=machine animals gather resources while other specialists rob them. Robots have various weapons and defences in an evolutionary arms race 4=machines here make life into cyborgs and part of their network in service to an AI
11 Hallucinagenic Warheads - active buried warheads are causing mass hallucinations and making people experience shared alternate realities. Older weapons gas based but some holographic nanocolonies but the psychotronic later ones brain effecting electronic broadcast weapons and possibly manipulated by an AI d4 1=collective dreamlike landscapes influenced by moods of participants 2=mass hallucinations of UFOs and alien invasion 3=its a world of magic with wizards and fantastic monsters 4=world full of threats and danger like an endless nightmare where innocent objects turn into dangers like snakes, fire or monsters
12 Psychotronic Warheads - mind control weapons that bury themselves and have various mental effects beyond mere propaganda. Some can sense it happening or just re resistant d4 1=many locals or people who wander here operate as if patriotic military faction of the ancients with identical training camp memories and love of a long dead faction flag. Will improvise equitptment and assemble as a military unit with some ancient target designated which is now a crater 2=convinced they must collect and hoarde some ancient popular consumer product locals have made it and even its logo a currency. People will crave them and some become obsessed collectors willing to fight for them. It is ancient psychotronic marketing for long dead companies. Some try and repurpose this for cults 3=certain random people are imprinted as sabotuers, terrorists and possibly suicide squads. Targets may not realise they are doing these things and will often live a secret life in their sleep. Locals are paranoid because of this 4=pacification field keeps locals and even animals living placidly in contentment even though it might be crappy. The area is shunned most people especialy violent gangs. Slavers and bodyjackers though have been working on ways to snatch people from inside who remain comp,ieant for a while after being taken from the zone

This is a Test
So starting with a rural town near an airforce base and a large town in ruins there is a bunker for personnel families behind a range of hills from the base if destroyed. Planned and gated secure community with a golf club and swimming pool and other impressive public buildings was spered direct hits from destructive weapons.

The family come from the depths as the bunker has failing systems and needs someone to get parts.

So I'm rolling 3 times

The Surface is now under the FX of:
11:4 Haunted Zone - Psychotronic warheads active in area create zones where ordinary things become monsterous and threatening and experience hauntings and phantoms. People feal fear sensations approaching such areas
6:4 Plaza Wastes - Nanite colony has been stripping an area into polygons and pylons of crystaline minerals leaving areas a wasteland like a 1970s concrete plaza with weird sculptures. Such areas are barren but a few species use them briefly with a risk of being broken down into raw materials
7:3 Meatlands - A biological laboratory experienced the growth of a polypous mutant supertumour that engulfed the black labs that spawned it and has covered several kilometres with flesh and tentacles. Other ruins will be overgrown and many inhabitants mutated into hairless, carniveroius fleshy mutants.

So I could place these three zones on a map and have some points that overlap or conflict. Certainly will make for seriously messed up ruins and wastelands to battle in and explore when fresh out of the bunker.

Gangs will have types adapted to the zones. A dice and polygon mad gang the lucky66, the outcasts and mad Rejects who live in the haunted zones and the Butchers from the meatlands. Trade routes will avoid these zones. Dangerous nanite and crystaline life forms live in the wasteland plazas. Ruins overgrown with fleshy polyps are inhabited by dangerous tentacled and freakish mutants. The haunted zones occupants including many insane and broken people who have become resistant to the horrors. A secret synthetic brotherhood of  androids, cyborgs and machines help to keep humans down but not to obvious about it, They like the mineral stoclpiles left by nanites but they prefer to live in the haunted zones. They are concerned about the meatlands.

Bunker dwellers might have several exits and some might be in one of these hostile areas. 

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