Thursday, 3 September 2020

Those Damned Dirty Centaurs

Planing a Centaur war in my stone age game so finishing this thing sitting around for a few months. Got box of 1/72nd scale centaurs which helps.

Production Diary
I have 20 unfinished items sitting on blogger. Some are hard work. I almost got a pile of DnD5 books second hand but missed out. Watching pedantic rule debates over stuff online probably cured me of this. Theros book made me consider running it but I'm too scared really of complexity and fans and current culture (random psychic damage for upsetting DM type stuff is toxic).

Been so long since I ran straight dnd setting my imagination seldom goes there. The current Broken Hill book with fresh art on Patreon now. Letting it sit a while for minor corrections and see how artists go. Dan Smith wins for turn around and value so Id say I will use more of. Also got point of my lease offer which I got little response to (pay to use pre-existing art for a project vs commissioning and owning a work). I am meant to be working on My EMO rule book magic section which feels like work. Fathers day killing my next game so I have some prep time. I have an amazing bit of cover art done for the next version of stone age sorcery when I update next. Im updating murder hobo book too. I'm trying to get a bunch of stretch goal items for a KS campaign ready to go as I want it resolved in under 12 months. I have someone reprinting a bunch of my stuff for another KS sometime too. Finished big multi-layered map PDF which I only just figured out how to do and will do more.

d12 Centaur Tribes
1 Ungarans - savage tribe of brutes
2 Kurians - honour obsessed harsh warriors
3 Zarhangi - demonic chaos warriors
4 Astartans - amazons dedicated to arts of love and war
5 Belarad - tribal warriors who live for battle
6 Archeran - philosopher and scholars
7 Dorjan - devil worshiping 
8 Kayleran - zebra like, now hate humans
9 Unaran - wild cyclopses
10 Ramelos - nomad traders
11 Narangul - serve undeath & necromancy
12 Makula - wild but do trade

1 Ungarans (Chaotic & Neutral tendencies)
Wear: Dress in wild animal skins if at all
Stone weapons kit including darts, huge clubs, hammers or axes
Worship: ancestor and beast spirits
Nomads who follow herds, raid humans for mates, wine and food.
Humans are unwelcome rivals without divine blood
Brown and white piebald fur, brown skin, hairy and shaggy

2 Kurians  (Lawful & Evil tendencies)
Wear: bronze armour, helms and hoplite shields
Wield: bronze spears, javelins and sometimes dual wield short swords
Worship: gods of war and metalwork
Obsessed with honour and courage, always accept single combat from warriors
Enslave humans as slaves to build and toil and serve, they only respect the strong 
Chestnut furs and hair, olive skin, very clean

3 Zarhangi (Chaotic & Evil tendencies)
Wear: hideous living chaos armour, helms and shields
Wield: a variety of demonic weapons especially flails, chains and blades

Worship: demons, chaos entities and beings of the outer void
Rampage and murder for their obscene masters, bring about the apocalypse
Humans are for sacrifices, eating or making into mutants with ghastly flesh magic
Often mutated and carry cursed chaos items
Grey fur and pale skin they keep covered from sunlight

4 Astartans 
(Chaos & Good tendencies)
Wear: bronze armour, helms and crescent-shaped shields of hide
Wield: composite bows, lances, spears, javelins
Worship: frightening goddess war and love, sometimes bloody others beautiful

Perform deeds of heroism and evil monster-killing
All-female, kidnap lovers usually discard male ones after a while
White to tan fur, skin and hair colour varies 

5 Belarad (Chaos & Good tendencies)
Wear: bronze armour, ornate cap helms and large ornate oblong shields
Wield: spears, javelin, shortsword, axe
Worship: nature and forest gods
Work with other woodland beings to protect woods
Often work with elves or others protecting wilderness
Cosen warriors are berserks often wielding two axes
Ginger fur and hair, brown skin

6 Archiron (Lawful & Good tendencies)
Wear: linen togas and robes and wreaths of leaves
Wield: huge clubs and bows but often don't carry any in peacetime
Worship: various gods of earth and the sky

Scholars, healers and teachers who often aid and unite wild creatures
Often teach and advise humans who they have hopes for
Chestnut, fair-skinned, long braided hair and beards 

7 Dorjan (Lawful & Evil tendencies)
Wear: heavy iron armour, horned helms and spiked shields
Wield: morningstar maces, serrated swords, axes, and composite bows
Worship: the lords of hell and all have sold their souls, leaders have imps
Torment those who do not submit to sell their souls to hell
Humans must be tortured & harried, they must never settle or take root in the world
Black fur and hair, reddish skin, some horned with devil rune tatoos

8 Kayleran (Nuetral & Evil tendencies)
Wear: chain or plate armour suits with helms and shields, commoners none
Wield: nobles use lance, flail, sword, commoners use composite bows, javelins
Worship: ancestral spirits, increasingly darkness templar cults offering revenge

Formerly served law and good but let down by humans and now serve darkness
Leaders do the most fighting but commoners hunt with bows or javelins
Humans are base betrayers and all must die
Black and white zebra patterns and black mohawk hair styles

9 Celerete (Chaos & Nuetral tendencies)
Wear: hide, some have crude small wooden shields
Wield: blubs, rocks, slings, sickles
Worship: nature spirits and gods they regard as kin, gifted prophets
Cyclops tribe, live as simple herders with sheep
Cultivate berries, wines and cheeses
Avoid humans who think them hideous and stupid brutes
Spotted fur, dark hairy skin, big beards 

10 Ramelos (Chaos & Nuetral tendencies)
Wear: wear ornate merchant class clothes
Wield: short bows, throwing knives, swords, often with exotic martial skills
Worship: gods of travelling, luck and trade
Nomadic travellers with a reputation as shifty among other centaurs 
Live on the road in family groups, avid traders, speak many languages 
Hot blooded in love and easy to provoke to violence, practice divination and curses
Vary greatly in appearance due to travelling ways
Let other centaurs join them most readily and thus despised by other breeds

11 Narangul (Chaos & Evil tendencies)
Wear: heavy iron armour, pointy spiked helms and shields
Wield: Wear ancient armour and shields, with bows and lances
Worship: gods of death, often serve necromancers even beyond the grave
Served as cavalry mercenaries for a sunken civilization necromancers
Their skin and fur is grey and emaciated, features more orcish 

12 Makula (Chaos & Nuetral tendencies)
Wear: hide and wicker shields
Wield: spears and shields
Worship: spirits of nature
These mostly live with their herds in walled villages
They will take slaves and mates but will trade them back if asked
They wear ornate headdresses and body paint 
Tan hide and skin, beardless

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