Saturday, 26 September 2020

Random Adventurers for Thrice Cursed Megadungeon

So I'm trying to finish this project that is far bigger than I intended. A sprawling multi-faction megadungeon under a ruined city for Patreon. I should have a big chink done this month but probably another to finish. So here is a bit that I need for It.  

The ruins have an explorers guild outpost where the party can get drunk or high between adventures, sell off goods well below market goods, pay full price healing and meet other adventurer scum. Formating on blogger and random spaces I give up caring. Some other weird space issues im discovering and toolbar keeps coming and going.

d12 Adventurer Type 
1 Priest - here to fight cults and aid those fighting them to cleanse the ruin
2-3 Rogue - here to plunder possibly affiliated with the local guild
4-6 Warrior - here to fight and plunder
7 Wizard - seeking forbidden lost lore
10 Other classes d4 1=Bard 2=Druid 3=Monk 4=Sorcerer
11 Demihuman d4 1=Dwarf 2=Elf 3=Gnome 4=Halfling
12 Other races d4 1=Abhuman (beastfolk or orc) 2=Changeling 3=Giant 4=Tako

d12 Quick Back Story
1 Young and naive seeks easy wealth
2 Young and naive seeks glory
3 Young and naive wanting to save the world
4 Running away from family obligations
5 Running away from law and authority
6 Running away from enemies
7 Running away from love gone wrong
8 Mercenary for hire down on luck
9 Owes money to avoid painful murder
10 Ancestors came from here long ago
11 Looking for a missing person who came here
12 Vet murder hobo here to kill and rob the joint 

d20 Quick Dark Secret
1 Member of a fish cult (1in6 chance is a hybrid)
2 Demon cultist here on pilgrimage
3 Evil god cultist here to evaluate the area for cult schemes
4 Darkness cultist here seeking forbidden lore and relics
5 Member of local slavers here to evaluate possible gladiatorial slaves
6 Member of local bandit gang here to spy on adventurers
7 Thief here to spy on adventurers and steal
8 Secretly a mutant tainted by curse or chaos, guided here by dreams
Doppelganger in disguise, working for clan planning to eat and rob explorers 
10 From a cursed bloodline of the city - doubles wandering monster odds
11 In previous party they murdered fellow adventurers over money
12 Delights in murder, disembowelling, torture, poisoning and mutilation
13 Heard from scholar how one curse on the city can be lifted
14 Has a grudge against one of the local factions and here to kill them
15 Agent of a noble here to evaluate threats to the kingdom for a noble
16 Stalking someone they love who barley is aware they exist
17 Sent by a wizard to seek spell books and scrolls 
18 Sent by a church to recover a long lost relic
19 Sent by the church to evaluate cults festering in the ruins
20 Sent by merchant cartel to evaluate goods coming and going

So my need for d100 stuff has flatlined a bit as my current game thriving fine off content in my Stone age sorcery book and a few extras. Its a pleasantly uncomplex world. Not getting any classic dnd stuff and my real-world craft and art jobs taken over my free time. A Demon cult generator next. 

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