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Random "Cult of the Demon"

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So one feature of my current Megadungeon baby is the central dungeon is occupied by a demon cult which is left pretty ambiguous for DM to use favourite cult or use this....

Demon Cult Generator
So the thrice-cursed city in the middle has a ruined temple of a forgotten war like evil god. Under this is a subterranean temple which is a bottleneck for all the factions in the undercity. This cult is kept loosely goosey so you can put in your favourite or use these tables. You could also combine these options or if adventurers murder a faction without stopping the curses new demon cults might arise. It is part of the curse and the bandits are currently being influenced to become a new cult.

d12 Form of the Demon
A demon may have a d3 forms but small cults might know only one
1 Beastial featured humanoid
2 Hybrid chimaera with a human face
3 Charming smiling human
4 Human with horns, bat wings and tail
5 Huge floating face or head
6 Protoplasmic mass with eyes and mouths
7 Tentacled mass
 with eyes and mouths
8 Arthropod horror (spider, bug, crab)
9 Sucking void
10 Mutated humanoid
11 Child or baby
12 Wizened old person

d12 Additional Features
Magical auras and powers depicted in art
1 Mist and vapour
2 Arcs of electricity
3 Icicles and frosty wind
4 Fire and smell of brimstone
5 Shadows, darkness or the void
6 Liquid like water, slime, blood, venom or acid
7 Eldrich mysterious elder powers from beyond 
8 Necrotic underworld powers of undeath
9 Disease, filth and decay
10 Magical glowing sigils or symbol
11 Earth and rock
12 Crystalline

d12 Companion
Bigger demon cults often have up to d3 companions in depictions
1 Supernatural steed
2 Faithful household servant
3 Horrible titanic monster
4 Familiar demons
5 Crawling with vermin
6 Chained naked slaves
7 Swarm of flies, bats or birds
8 Famous cult leader 
9 Succubi, Incubi or another lover
10 An elderly nagging parent
11 Pet beast for hunting
12 Famous demon bodyguards

d12 Colour
Most demons have unnatural colours, magical auras and blood may differ
1 Magenta
2 Scarlet
3 Tangerine
4 Cyan
5 Tangerine
6 Yellow
7 Green (light green)
8 Emerald (dark green)
9 Violet
10 Lapis (night blue)
11 Jet
12 Ivory

d12 Ornaments
Many demons have d3 distinctive ornaments
1 Weapon
2 Sceptre or staff or rod
3 Medalion
4 Skull
5 Heart
6 Pet (Snake, vermin, etc)
7 Gem
8 Chains
9 Tool (callipers, hammer, shears, sickle)
10 Musical Instrument
11 Aurora or halo
12 Crown or horns

d12 Demonic Demiplane (
world fragment lost in the abyss)
Many important demons have a distinctive home where they keep the treasure, minions, keep souls captive to hoard larvae formed from the greatest damned to trade or change into lesser demons. These homes are depicted in art but might be linked by a gate to a temple
1 Dungeon complex full of monsters and souls prisoners, eternally recursive
2 Sprawling palace, mostly abandoned and spoiled, eternally recursive
3 Cavern labyrinth with forgotten chambers and lost souls, eternally recursive 
Mighty fortress on a floating rock 
Ruin in a horrible wilderness of demonic beasts
6 Corrupted elemental fragment with evil demon tainted elementals
7 Howling inhospitable wasteland with pits of damned souls and larvae
8 Sprawling crumbling semi occupied city
, eternally recursive 
9 Huge monument semi-complete, a few pockets ow slaves work on complex
10 Formed from the mass of petrified souls contorted in pain, floating rock in void
11 Island surrounded by a savage sea with the sprawling citadel tower reaching the sky
12 Magical tesseract labyrinth
, eternally recursive 

d12 Demon Deeds
Interests of the demon in myths and art
1 War, hate, and violence, the spread of conflict
2 Betrayal and plotting against other demons
3 Spreading corrupt cults in infect society
4 Corrupt innocent into the life of evil
5 Nurture the wicked into greater villainy
6 Hunted the damned who escape hells for bounties from devils
7 Spread hidden dungeons and influence dungeon factions
8 Torment and spread suffering to make mortals give up hope
9 Tool (callipers, hammer, shears, sickle)
10 Spread forces of death, decay, and entropy
11 Rage constant war on planar powers  of angelics or devildom
12 Activate certain artefacts and places of evil to break the world

d12 Temple Ornaments
Many temples have distinctive ornaments, possibly every chamber
1 Sacred pool or pit, often with dangerous contents or a prisoner
2 Shrines of sub cults and allied cults with idols
3 Library or collection of forbidden lore, tablets, and idols
4 Menagerie where cult pet or monsters are kept in a cage or lair
5 Cells for sacrifice victims, hostages, and punished recruits
6 Candleabra or altar decorated with at least a hundred candles and human bones
7 Column, pillar, or statue up to the ceiling, often ornate
8 Ritual orgy chamber or bed with spy holes and luxury items
9 Crypt or stone sarcophagi of old priests the cult or ossuaries of cultists bones
10 Magical symbols on walls, floors, and doors and some magic traps or seals
11 Exotic cult weapon or ceremonial item display often trapped or guarded
11 Throne chair highly ornate for leaders or rituals
12 Altar for sacrifices, simple stone slab to ornate and carved

d12 Temple Perils
Many temples have an additional peril or certain secret or sacred areas with defences
1 Undead or some kind of guardians require a secret word to pass
2 Doors or chests sealed with magic
3 Doors or chests sealed with traps
4 Baited traps are set for unwary
5 Beast or monster wanders the halls
6 Temple is haunted by spirits of evil or past victims like a poltergeist or spectral minions
7 Mutagenic fluids are collected in pools or bottles
8 Narcotic vapours affect intruders, locals addicted to it and unaffected
9 Some cultists really doppelganger, lycanthrope, hybrids or other shapeshifters
10 Temple is spied on from demons home by some magic power or device
11 In event of threat a demon is assigned to be called by senior cultists
12 The temple is a vector for disease sacred to the cult that cult thrives on

d12 Cultist Rubbish and Trinkets
Usable in any cultists belongings or trunk or desk
1 Unholy secret symbol of a demon cult 
2 cultist dagger
3 Scroll or prayer book possibly disguised or coded
4 Clay figurine of some cult spirit or servitor 
5 Coin with sigils of the demon cult
6 Necklace of human ears or fingers or teeth
7 Tiny diary of life as a cultist
8 Pouch with clay pipe and d6 doses of dream lotus resin
9 Map badly scrawled 1in6 shows some secret
10 Letter to or from someone in cult or outside
11 Dried and cured meat, possibly human or monster flesh
11 Scroll of demonic pornography some cursed
12 Magical protection like silver or cold iron knife, wolfsbane, mirror, salt, etc

d12 Cultist Ceremonial Costumes
Most cults wear full robes or hooded cloaks that can hide them if seen
1 Mask of wood or brass or silver or gold
2 Belt with weighted sash a cult weapon of assassination
3 Curved or wavy bladed or another exotic dagger for sacrifices and cult fights
4 Jewellery such as rings, necklaces, torcs, armbands 
5 Secret tattoo, scar, branding or piercing  
6 Bottle of unholy water to heal undead or defile holy places
7 Mutation or hybrid deformity mostly hidden and minor
8 Staff or rod or club depending on rank, also for cult duels and beatings
9 Lamp or torch or candle
10 Fanciful cult hat, higher the rank bigger the hat
11 Cult weapon of choice, a specialisation often inspired by the demon
11 A small book where cultist writes lore and prayers and duties and rules
12 Wigs or headpiece, fake beards

d12 Quick Cultist Backstories
Most cults wear full robes or hooded cloaks that can hide them if seen
1 Saved from streets as a child by cult
2 Accused of a crime they never did now hunted
3 Abused by spouse or family
4 Wanted success in business or work
5 Escaped some tragedy and aided by cult
6 Hiding a mutation
7 Attracted by vice and depravity
8 Loves secrets, gossip and lore
9 Joined to be with a lover
10 Blackmailed at first
11 Spoiled bored merchant youths from the city
11 Greedy merchant or tradesman wants power and influence 
12 Born into the cult for generations 

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