Monday, 8 June 2020

SF Timeline Notes

Had been wanting to work on some setting timelines again and had a play with my sf one a bit. Might surprise ppl that SF i prefer to fantasy mostly. I like fantasy for it's referencing to history and archaeology rather than high fantasy tropes of crystals and flying ships. 

So while crunching this I considered If I did a SF product I think space archaeology campaign would be what I would do as It is a theme not focused on yet is common in SF and even SF adventures. Old traveller black book had an ancient pyramid that I liked and the concept art of original alien film which was kind of used later. 

Have run using DnD, BRP and my old homebrew d100 system I used 84-89. It started inspired by Top Secret SI and Starfrontiers and evolved more towards BRP so I just changed to that. Ringworld RPG and GURPS probably a huge influence too. I have my setting notes but not many mechanic notes or the huge spell lists I made for the fantasy version.

I might try a spacial map to go with this to show early periods only a few hundred light-years across to being 

So some notes on this setting (I have played various past periods) 
  • Technology templates used by colony ships are standard like the way most of planet use metric. Some colonies have alternate tech and specializations they have developed that is associated with more advanced tech
  • Colonies were equipped with templates to limit them and keep them thralls to their homes
  • Various peoples of Sol (Martian, Venusian, Selinites, Jovian, Terran, Belter) were influences on early colonies 
  • Earliest colonies were isolated for up to a century and developed distinct culture and genotypes 
  • Sol is far away and forgotten. It withdrew from communication with an interdiction field and built a Dyson sphere. Centuries later it vanished, withdrawn into hyperspace. Many old peoples of Sol left the system before this. Sol is mostly a myth to most of the galaxy. The old core colonies are closed to less advanced visitors
  • Those aliens you see, most used to be human. Humanity is allied with starfish and cephalopods. Once Terra faked an alien race "Proximen" to keep colonies united. Real aliens are rare. Some are leftovers of ancients now mostly primitive
  • Ancients left bioweapons and machines and ruins that are a threat to explorers and security of the whole sectors. Quarantine planets are common
  • Humanity and allies control about 2/3 of the galaxy loosely. Together they prevent virulent swarm outbreaks and excesses of pocket empires. Many warlords feel the great civilisations are impotent uncaring as long as you keep low tech
  • There are individuals who have survived thousands of years in cryonics accidents or become synthetics or reconstructed from data by AIs
  • Although Sol is gone, many who departed It before the end and operated at Template3 came to aid the mass of humanity as crusaders who came to wage war on threats against humanity. The last of them died fighting Makkara host from another galaxy
  • Using most advanced tech attracts trouble from lotechs who want it or worse awaken the advanced remnants of ancient weapon systems 

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