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Know Your Reptilians

Boring plain lizard men? 
DnD water breathing generic lizard men always bothered me
I'm ok with holding the breath for 40 minutes but not breathing water
Plus I like the variety 

Stupid format stuff here that look fine writing it but the final and PDF come out wonky sorry. I have moved the PDF button on my page higher up on sidebar cos I use it plenty and some of you will find it more readable. Ive revised this several times in a short period.

Feel free to declare in the comments box which is the one try reptilian faith!

d12 Common Reptilian Folk
1 Marine iguana folk - can hold breath and graze underwater salt or fresh or wetlands
2 Goanna folk - track relentlessly and use diseased missile weapons that slow prey
3 Chameleon folk - alert experts at climbing and camouflage live in forest and jungles
4 Gekko folk - night fighting climbers and skirmishers like forests and rocky areas
5 Frill neck folk - forest and grassland dwellers, when angry erect large frill 
6 Blue Tongues - large skink folk come in many colours and patterns and climates
7 Basilisk folk - lizardfolk who have large crests live near water and forests  
8 Snake folk - ophidian snake folk who claim to have invented wizardry
9 Firenewt folk - fire-spitting black-skinned, live in volcanic areas and deserts
10 Turtle folk - with armoured plastrons, tribes found in a variety of climates 
11 Crocodile folk - huge with savage jaws, hunt in coasts, rivers and wetlands
12 Gila folk - desert dwellers with a venomous bite and stumpy tails prefer peace

d12 Rare Reptilian Folk
1 Triceratops folk - with three horns and bony shield neck frill, vegetarians
2 Tylosaur folk  - snapping gobbling marine race who terrorise seas
3 Pterasaur folk - winged reptilians with membranes, various beak and head crests
4 Stegosaur folk - plated crests on backs and a spiked tail
5 Velociraptor folk - cunning hunters in a variety of areas, impulsive and fast
6 Ankylosaur folk - with armoured plastron, spikes and clubbed tail
7 Sauropod folk - with long necks and tails who graze on normally out of reach plants
8 Moschops folk* -bulky plodding grazers deep in thought and hum in unison
Dimetrodon folk* - huge crest on the back helps food intake and for signalling
10 Skutosaur folk* - bulky with knobbly plated hide, plodding herbivores (turtle ancestor)
11 Wyrmfolk - serpentine and winged elder kin of great dragon bloodlines
12 Dragon folk - dragons experimented with blood aligned thrall races long ago

*Later Synapsids were caught growing hair and thrown out of the reptilian clan but early ones retained inclusion with reptilians and treated as elders

d20 Major Reptilian Cults
1 The Perfect Ones - we are why the universe is here
Symbol: circle sometimes with image of lizard from above inside or gold egg
We: are the original race the universe was made for us first and it was usurped be evil
Reptilians: lesser thralls, pets and property
Everybody else: worse than bacteria
Standard Type: Cold aloof alien lizardfolk abhumans often with strange elder magic 

2 Celestial - cosmic dragons were the first beings and we are their heirs
Symbol: A dragon silhouette or head 
We: we are the scions of the great dragons who made all life and allot all fates
Reptilians: they are our kin though some stray from draconic illumination
Everybody else: lesser beings born of rebels against the dragons but still our kin
Standard Type: dragons and draconian abhumans other reptiles and humans possible

3 Saurian - great thunder lizards ruled the earth long ago
Symbol: A dinosaur skull with triceratops being popular and impressive
We: are worship and are kin to the great ones who walked once and call on them still
Reptilians: are confused and lost from the great saurian spirit banished to underworld
Everybody else: don't matter, amphibians are slaves, mammals are usurpurs
Standard Type: Dinoasaur reptilian abhumans or saurians

4 Serpentine - snakefolk in service of their god ruled once and hope to again
Symbol: snake in circle or figure eight or two-headed snake
We: are the master race who once ruled once and plan to return, we invented wizardry
Reptilians:lesser beings but worthy servants
Everybody else: live mammals are food, humans made to sacrifice or for spell components
Standard Type: hibernating wizard often in command of degenerate devolved snakefolk

5 Ningizzida - Grandfather Hydra, lord of underworld wisdom, father of reptile gods
Symbol: hydra or snake in tree of life or horned adder with a lapis beard
We: serve grandfather hydra and help keep the world order and preserve wisdom
Reptilians: all reptilians are our brothers and welcome to live among us
Everybody else: the hydra prefers to heal than kill but must be wary of enemies of life
Standard Type: Most cosmopolitan of reptilian cultures welcomes all to mix

6 Naga - mystical servants of divine snakes who protect the worthy from harm
Symbol: cobra with hood often protecting follower or in a coil, some have human heads
We: serve the naga, divine serpents spirits of waterways, forests and land features
Reptilians:are our kin and deserve respect but some do not follow the naga way
Everybody else: naga have been persecuted and hunted so are wary and some bitter
Standard Type: naga mostly good accept worship of reptilians or humans, evil prefer humanoid and abhuman worshipers and slaves

7 Tarrasque - serve gargantuan unkillable monster who protects and gives his flesh
Symbol: tarrasque siloutte
We: seek to find awaken and direct the terrasque so out holy empire can win again
Reptilians:all soldiers in the great war against enemies but don't let them twist our will
Everybody else: food animals to be trodden underfoot or enslaved
Standard Type: Most military obsessed reptilians of all types and other races can join 

8 Sebek - the crocodile god, fierce guardian, protective parent and healer
Symbol: a crocodile often with a crown and holy symbol or a crocodile headed human
We: serve the crocodile god and receive his blessings and protection
Reptilians: Sebek protects kin but he may take what he pleases in treasure or love
Everybody else: mostly food but surrendering to Sebek and food offerings are accepted
Standard Type: crocfolk abhumans and lycanthropes but other reptiles and humans

9 Leviathan - the great sea dragon and mother of marine reptiles
Symbol: dragon head or silhouette of a tylosaur or kronosaur or sea serpant
We: were a lost empire who ruled the sea and used sea monsters as ships
Reptilians:marine types preferred but others are kin
Everybody else: victims for piracy or conquest but trade and friendship possible
Standard Type: Sea serpents, any marine reptiles or dinosaurs and abhumans forms

10 Typhon - imprisoned father of monsters punished for waging war against the gods 
Symbol: storm cloud or a sickle, sometimes a hand with snake fingers
We: we must avenge or free typhon and those who offend the dragon mother 
Reptilians:must join our crusade against the humans and their gods
Everybody else: our enemies or food, victims of our wrath who will all die in fire
Standard Type: Any reptilian type often humans with reptilian taints join 

11 Great Turtle: serene being soared through the sea of stars in the night sky
Symbol: turtle or a tortoise possibly with a star
We: protect the wisdom of the great one who in turn shields us with her plastron
Reptilians: those without shells are to be pitied but may work with us in peace
Everybody else: ignore impatient scurryings of infantile children unknowingly thwarting us
Standard Type: turtles and tortoises mostly but some other reptiles and humans in islands

12 Mother Lamia - vampiric reptilian demon goddess who seeks to cull humanity
Symbol: reptilian woman or human with snake tail from waste down
We: are the master race who once ruled once and plan to return, we invented wizardry
Reptilians:all who serve have a special place in her empire
Everybody else: Slavery, sacrifices or food, everyone hates us
Standard Type:  Any reptilian type often humans with reptilian taints join to serve a lamia

13 Father Salamander - lord of the fire elementals who gives fire to 
Symbol: a flaming lizard 
We: serve the ever-burning one father salamander the fire elemental emperor
Reptilians: all reptilians are welcome but those who like heat and deserts thrive
Everybody else: other must bow before the lord of fire and his minions
Standard Type: Fire newts are a reptilian tribe who spit fire and ride strider birds

14 Feathered Serpent - lord the feathered serpents and holy lord of the sky
Symbol: a feathered serpent sometimes a snake with horns 
We: serve the holy high snake lord who gives us knowledge and good weather
Reptilians: all welcome but feathered types given higher status
Everybody else: other beings should worship this god for they lack feathers and scales
Standard Type: feathered reptilians sometimes with winged snakes or dinosaurs

15 NIdhog Nagar - a great doom drake in the underworld who gnaws at the tree of life
Symbol: dragon gnawing on roots of tree or curled among roots 
We: serve and aid the dragon's quest for eternal death and night for forbidden black lore 
Reptilians: all welcome even those that have died and become undead
Everybody else: all will die eventually but there is now hurry
Standard Type: men worship as dragon templars and evil reptilians of all types welcome

17 King Sarthis - vampire lizard king, a necromancer who led mighty armies
Symbol: trident, fanged lizard head with a crown 
We: serve the master preparing for his return and to aid his lieutenants
Reptilians: all are welcome 
Everybody else: lesser thrills may join armies as living dead or undead slaves
Standard Type: a heretical sect of marine iguanas with some vampire leaders

18 King Basilisk - a tyrannical monster created by chaos, lead chaos reptile armies
Symbol: Basilisk silhouette, a skull with one eye and a horn 
We: serve king basilisk and the lizardfolk most resembling him are favoured most
Reptilians: all may serve king basilisk
Everybody else: may serve or be eaten or destroyed or slain by the basilisks gaze 
Standard Type: all kinds of reptilians and humans with reptilian mutations

19 Mother Gorgon - hideous cursed by the gods and mother of monsters
Symbol: snake-haired, hideous tusked humanoid with wings (archaic greek medusa) 
We: stand with her against the gods who cursed her and willingly use chaos
Reptilians: all are welcome against humans and their gods
Everybody else: humans hated most and exterminated, other creatures can be thralls
Standard Type: various reptilians with monster pets and leaders spawned by goddess

20 Tiamat: Great mother dragon of chaos, empress of the bitter primal waters
Symbol: dragon 
We: we server Tiamat the only source of authority and wars against the upstart gods
Reptilians: Reptilians are welcome but draconic is held in high esteem
Everybody else: is either the servant of Tiamat or serves her enemies
Standard Type: All kinds of draconic beings and humanoid dragon folk

Other Reptile Cults
Tsarsaggothan - elder alien amphibian teaches communion with the 
darkness of the outer void, lore is shunned by many reptilians but most popular with Serpantfolk wizards 
2 Ancestral cult to recent forebears but often leads to obeying older reptilian breeds
3 Hell has employed dragons and reptilians to its service 
4 Demonic entities with reptilian parts or properties often get reptilian followers
5 Fire elementals particularly the minor neutral ones not ruled by great powers
Air elementals particularly the minor neutral ones not ruled by great powers
Earth elementals particularly the minor neutral ones not ruled by great powers
Water elementals particularly the minor neutral ones not ruled by great powers
 Sundragon - human solar cult but god in the form of a reptilian or dragon
10 Moondragon - human lunar cult but god in the form of a reptilian or dragon
11 Seadragon - human  cult but god in the form of a reptilian or dragon
12 Stormdragon - human air storm cult but god in the form of a reptilian or dragon
Use this to humiliate child dinosaur fans with cold facts


  1. What are theessssse heresiessss doing here? We all know sleestaks are the prime and pinacle of repltiliann life!

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