Saturday 2 May 2020

Youll die for this adorable monster...faeirie worm

These adorable furry worms have caterpillar-like bodies and cute faces. They appear friendly and happy. If they are not being carried by a pet human they would like to shortly.

Faerie Worm magical faerie animal Chaotic Nuetral
AC Leather HD 2 Bite d4+charm person Mov 9 (as spider climb)
Cast sleep spell once per day mostly to escape or to make victims easy to bite
Bite causes an intelligent humanoid mammal fall in love with it treating it as an adorable baby and desiring to carry and protect it. After 24 hours (get a save per 24 hours) the charmed person begins to lactate so they can feed the caterpillar hourly when it cries. If it has nipples the caterpillar magic will make it lactate. If they fail a save a day for a week they remain enthralled till worm dead or they are kept away from it's pheromones for a month,

These creatures are left out by fairies and elves as a cruel prank and slow human breeding. These creatures smell and crave the company of mammals, especially intelligent humanoids it can charm. Caterpillars in sufficient numbers will overrun a community and have everyone reduced to dairy cattle in their service. Even a single one is dangerous and they can be cunning. A small one in 30-60cm (1-2 foot) and larger one's human sizes before going into a cacoon
 at d4+1 years. After 7 months they hatch as a faerie bugbear with butterfly wings (Fly 15). In this form, they eat humans or goblins or anyone and will use charm to find a mate to produce more caterpillars. They are born as eggs for 3 months before hatching a cluster of a d4.

Elves encourage faerie bugbears to bring them caterpillars to use as they see fit so bugbears can return to work. Elves breed them with goblins on their farms and use slaves as wetnurses. Worms help keep human slaves of elves unwilling to leave home. While cute these are a living weapon made to help elves work around humans birth rate.

1in6 can cast reduce once per day
1in6 can cast enlarge once a day
1in6 can cast sleep 3 times a day  
1in6 can cast invisibility once per day
1in6 can cast fog once per day
1in6 can cast shocking grasp
1in6 has a spinnerette and can drop a rope-like silk line up to ten stories
1in8 can talk as well as an upbeat 4-year-old child "can I be your friend"
1in8 after a week in area giant mushrooms and fungus start to grow
1in8 cacoon will burst open with 2d6 idiotic but happy goblins
1in8 armoured segments as chainmail
1in8 drain attribute points 1 a day that helps them grow faster from the thrall wetnurses
1in12 can cast web once per day
1in12 requires cold iron or magic to hurt, a sprinkle of iron filings cause 1hp, d4 a handful
 1in12 can cast burning hands once per day
1in12 are necrotic and if bitten and fail to save become undead if you die
1in12 can cast insect swarm once per day
1in12 can sprout wings in a crisis and fly 15 for CON in rounds a day
1in12 has a magical hookah of alien spores it likes to smoke, from with magical effect
1in12 it's cacoon it will burst open and release a d6 dark creepy hobgoblins
1in20 cocoons burst to release a formarian giant dedicated to chaos
1in20 body of worm has been occupied by an evil wizard using magic 7+d6 level evil bastard, worm body was temporary but has decided to keep it for the charm powers. Will remain as a juvenile forever and try to carve out an empire or own magic research bunker

d12 Faerie Worm Adventures1 Come across adorable worm thing on road seems harmless like playful nipping
2 A village of starving wretched emaciated persons carrying worms beg strangers for help and hope to trick them into becoming new worm thralls to replace these wretches
3 A farmhouse in wild has not been heard of could someone check it out? Turns out farmstead feeding a brood of worms. A faerie bugbear lurks in the area is the parent and will want revenge on any who harm babies
4  An important person is suckling a worm and all are horrified and unsure what to do about leaders bold new plan to go looking for worms near faerie places
5 A private prison for rich debtors and hostages has been quiet and turns out now it is a worm farm for faeries with goblins, hobgoblins and a few faerie bugbears replacing prison staff who are now inside feeding baby grubs
6 A village has been taken over by a horrible formarian giant, it hatched from a cacoon as did several other goblinoids of late and now population rounded up as food and nurses for caterpillars. The formarian wallows in a huge pit of filth and human and animal body parts. Humans servants don't want to leave their worm babies so stay on
7 An opium den has been infiltrated by mischievous changelings who left caterpillars to enslave the guests and staff who now only crave worm love not drugs
8 A huge ancient talking worm requires lots of magical ingredients (honestly I didn't know that was a drug) and offer potions in return for some of these special things. Keeps this evil wizard in worm bodies going so they can work in their lab to getting a better body at the right time
9 Dryads have always bad enough but now they send charmed thralls home with greedy caterpillar babies
10 A strange youth is selling baby worms as adorable pets for children but will give a few to poor kids so all the local kids want one, the worms will try to get adults to be slaves to feed them
11 A workshop making pickled cabbage has had no goods come out 
but food go in for a while. Live-in workers inside are now all working in a faerie worm dairy
12 A faerie needs help feeding her children and begs the party to feed her children for a few days and she will give them performance-enhancing potions on her return. She says she will undo any of her babies mischievous magic when she returns. Her worm babies prefer human milk best but might be tricked into cow or goat milk by an expert baby wrangler  

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