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Frontier Murderhobo Town Streets

So in murder hobo town new people arrive almost daily to start trouble.
Life on the frontier is lawless and brutal.
Every day people throw done tools and travel to the frontier.
Dream of adventuring wealth and fame and a easy life.
Plan on looting the ruins, tombs and dungeons on humanoid holy lands.
Most die, some flee now broken, a few remain.
Maybe those humanoids are fighting for something?

New rivals are scrutinised by criminal factions as new people to exploit.
Other grifters or do gooders might speak to strangers.
Guilds don't like each other but missionaries are a pain stealing possible victims.
Some orphans and drunks offer to be guides for a copper.

As towns grow the beggars get competitive and start own guild or become taken over by crime. New "beggars" are driven away and eventually start Beggerton.

d12 Random nice stranger problems

1 An orphan has lost all family and everything
2 Looking for a lost relative or loved one possibly a hostage or was meant to meet here
3 Just had a narrow escape from an evildoer d4 1=kidnapping 2=stabbing 3=sacrifice 4=cannibal or non-humans
4 Lost a recent travelling companion hoped to meet here
5 Robbed and lost all valuables d4 1=bandits 2=robber knights 3=goblins 4=orcs
6 Vermin infested d4 1=fleas 2=rat bites 5% chance of plague 3=worms 4=skin rash
7 Stalked by a creep d4 1=crimminal 2=pervert 3=serial killer 4=murder hobo thinks they is heaps purdy and wants to buy them or touch them and stares at them
9 Hired a dodgy guide d4 1=urchin works for thieves guild 2=kobold they bought cheaply from a guy 3=beggar wants to attach self to prosperous betters as servant keeps away other possible parasites 4=beggar works for a cult needing sacrifices
10 A criminal gang leader takes an interest in life and tries to corrupt them
11 Faction interested in them
12 Being nice and naive is a front, have a secret accomplice to steal money

d12 Random nasty stranger problems
1 Horrible alcoholic smells and staggers 
2 Needs a fix of drugs and would sell their own mother to get more
3 Mildly blazed and relaxed or serene high of drugs, perspiring
4 Loves to gamble and would sell children to keep gambling
5 Thinks people are snooty or mocking will knife them if they keep doing it
6 Keeps thinking about people they once ate while talking to people
7 Always looking to exploit, scam, lie or achieve the goal with ease and deceit
8 Likes to spy on people for a chance to murder and rob them
9 Reports to a faction, often overly cocky and haughty "don't you know who I am?"
10 Reports in secret to a faction, nosy for information, befriends strangers
11 Member of a horrible cult who occasionally murder and recruit
12 Goes berserk in a fight +2 Attack, damage, fights into negative HP to death anyone they can reach once they become enraged 

d10 Quick Encounter Types

1 Losers - those who came to adventure but got chewed up here
2 Innocents - naive fresh meat like runaways or orphans seeking lost dad 
3 Grifters - looking to recruit, exploit and scam 
4 Dreamers - idealists come here to become rich
5 Missionaries - come to save souls and help the fallen
6 Soapbox - ranters, ravers, spruikers and rabble rousers

7 Criminal - loners, gangs and guilds 
8 Spies - all kinds of outsiders want to know what goes on here
9 Madmen - fugitives and wanted coming here to hide in unwashed masses
10 Murder Hobos - grisly dungeon veterans here to kill or rest between killing

d100 People on frontier murder hobo town streets

1 Former adventurer lost d4 limbs, begging to afford artificial limbs or a cart
2 Scrawny filth covered beggar shows badly bandaged stab wound needs doctorin
3 Addict former wizard apprentice now stoned on wizard weed and lotus sells drugs
4 Former thief lost hands d4 1=guild business 2=trap accident 3=caught stealing 4=captured by monsters 
5 Begger with holy symbol preys all day 1in6 has a pet that also preys by begging bowl 
6 Monk with bowl, stick and robe sits quietly watching except when goes to the forest to train
7 Beggar with a curse d4 1=blind 2=mute 3=flatulant 4=hideous
8 Village idiot hit hard times back home with newer idiot routines
9 Bard with a flute, mostly paid in booze and adventurer trinkets 
10 Wounded man in bloody bandages needs healing so can go back to dungeon
11 Brother and sister here looking for dad as mom recently died and now all alone
12 Happy blind link boy sure adventuring party will return to take care of his pension
13 Young group of street kids from city stole some supplies and now want to rob a dungeon
14 Woman here looking for husband to bring him home to family
15 Group of country bumpkin youths here looking to get that free dungeon gold they heard of 
16 Child looking for parent who left them here when they joining a party in a dungeon yesterday
17 Escaped slave wearing rags to cover tattoos has no idea where they are
18 Wandering tinkerer has come here by accident and warily looking around for work
19 Orphan escaped a wicked abuser and wound up here
20 Several halflings have come out of curiosity but at least a few look interested
21 Man in university scholars robe selling coloured miracle potions just for today
22 Kobold seller offering cheap obedient kobolds who rob purchaser and return to store
23 Selling cheap booze from a barrel with snake heads and worse mixed with strong grog 
24 Woman claims to be widow selling dungeon map and claims "from her dead husband" 
25 Old drunk offers secret ways in the local dungeon only monsters use normally
26 Adventurer leaving town selling cheap cursed magic items before leaving 
27 Thugs try to take a map from a orphan, really she is their boss and uses them to ad credibility to her map selling racket and other scams
28 Madame Zora can tell future with petty divination spells and skills but claims extraordinary magic powers including local betting tips with her brother in pub 
29 Man selling fake fragment of  famous artifact. "Dont know what it is but i reckon 30gp would sort me right". It has a magic sling stone inside to detect as magic 
30 Man offers you a chance to see a naked dryad for 10gp, takes you into woods where dryad charms new mooks for her gang to go and get more guys to charm
31 Runaway farm boy come here to seek adventurers to join brave heroes on a quest
32 Farmer has come here for some easy gold to save farm from debt

33 Mutant has come here to make money to remove their deformity
34 Girl has come here escaping bad arranged marriage to meet her true love
35 Scribe from city thrown away a boring job to meet elves and barbarians as an adventurer
36 Has come to buy monster bodyparts they take to city to sell wizards, it cant fail
37 Tinkerer has come here to start a new store supplying adventurers
38 Plucky young urchin from the city come to get a job serving adventurers
39 Farm youth fled work and wants to kill goblins and orcs 
40 Youth runaway hopes to make money to impress sweetheart of higher class
41 Pilgrim has tourist has come seeking holy souvenirs
42 Preacher warns about gambling and drinking, lectures locals about wasting all the blood spilled for grog is a sin that hell loves
43 Missionary has come to save all the sex workers and the gangs glare angrily at the attractive well-funded preacher
44 Priest investigating to see if church needs a shrine or church here
45 Inquisitor hunting for cults, witches or heretics among the camp
46 Healer has come to help crippled adventurers and find them work
48 Missionary come to raise money for orphans and collect stray children
49 Templar has come seeking a relic, wants to join adventurers
50 Drunken friar wants to kill undead former friends in a dungeon & heal the poor
51 Village idiot arrives and argues with a duck (a shapeshifting druid friend) 

52 Troublemaker preaches against treason to king and law
53 Filthy old bard singing about the murder hobo life with a big crowd
54 Woman complaining adventurers here abandoning wives and children is evil
55 Local tavern owner and gang leader propose town needs a new feature
56 Merchant spruiking new wares d4 1=new weapons & armour 2=latest lamps & climbing gear 3=new sex workers 4=drugs and grog arrival
57 Medicine show selling potions and herbal brews for baldness, libido and VD
58 Puppet show with drunken adventurers having sex with monsters and killing them
59 Bard lampooning local aristocrats and lawmen in front of laughing crowd
60 Bard offering coin for tales of daring and seeling a party to join for inspiration
61 New pick pocket has no idea local crooks will want a cut and membership fees
62 Begger with fake bandages and dungeon treasure maps for sale
63 Shifty looking fellow gasps, staggers and falls dead for breaking a gang code
64 Hulking brute with a dent in the skull and a big knife looking for work
65 Fancy dressed oik looking around town scouting for gang considering moving in and local gangs want this person beaten up
66 Shifty man in black cloak and hat with many knives just want a quiet private room is asking around, wants to hide until gets an assassination contract

67 Bounty hunter with manacles and dogs needs men to help catch bandits robbing drunken murder hobos which is actually a tax evasion scam
68 Lady bard a famous dancer and courtesan for nobles wants her own floorshow in a tavern and local mob overjoyed treating her as a hero, a d4 ex noble lovers soon follow
69 Attractive woman looking for murder hobo husband she can marry and murder for money
70 Desperate stab and grab thief arrived and can't wait to shank someone to get drinking money, skilled at doing in a crowd even will pretend to help a 'sick' victim 
71 A secret policeman from city here to see if city needs to annex this place and check for sedition as rumours of lawlessness get worse
72 Old sergeant of a lord has come to see what criminals and commerce here might need more policing
73 Tax agent here secretly recording who seems to have lots of cash and messages larger towns tax offices with pigeons every few days 
74 Merchant guild agent looking at the local economy to see if guilds need to move in or if non-guild workers are here 
75 Cultist here to recruit and locate lost evil relics sold by adventurers
76 A bandit working for an orc gang here for an alliance of humanoids who want town destroyed
77 Cannibal gang member pretends to be an adventurer and has a cool map of cave of redneck cannibal clan
78 Goblin magician hidden as a human by a spell for a while investigating murder hobo weaknesses and destinations
79 A bhut works in village spying by night is a horrible monster aiding cultists and monsters with adventurer secrets. Gets lots of adventurers drunk and talking
80 A were rat spies on town and investigating drains and other ratty hiding places. Uses rats for information it trades with other monsters and evil beings
81 Crazy man with missing legs begs to be taken in the dungeon for the last fight
82 Crazed widow mad with grief sobs all day looking crazy and tugging hair
83 Muttering drunk complaining always covered in blood when it is mostly just mud and shit
84 Mad surgeon come here makes drinking money on adventurers after lost licence for drinking. Late at night likes to murder drunks on the street and uses corpses for necromancy experiments
85 Mad widow sure adventurer is her long-missing husband has a d4 scared hungry children
86 Mad rich drunk boasts of unlikley adventures imagine they have had
87 Crazy old murder hobo happy to give tips and dungeon locations for beer and pub meals of mostly meat. At least half stories are true
88 Murder hobo with axe in the head wound now walks around naked warning of the burrowers under the street and the eyes in the trees and spies everywhere
89 Mad old woman talks to all the goats about town who seem to whisper back
90 Mad old prospector locates dungeons and sells maps to younger men with notes on main monsters. Love only mule and crossbow he talks too. Sells furs and monster scalps too
91 Murder hobo empties a sack of goblin scalps in the street and cheers, giving away beer from a keg

92 Murder hobo carrying the corpse of a child camp follower to the priest for burial and looks pretty grim
93 Murder hobo with goblin arrows staggers into town with sack of coins and passes out, some locals get out their shanks to finish them off
94 Murder hobo boasting about recent dungeon trip offers to sell map with left over rooms for 25gp 
95 Murder hobo with chained up kobolds offers to sell as untrained slaves as a lot 
96 Murder hobo showing off a dryad head in a sack and magic items her enthralled lovers had
97 Murder hobo drunken berserker with twitching eyes and hands
98 Murder hobo wizard lloking for couriers to get jars of monster organs to the wizards guild in the city before they spoil
99 Murder hobo enetratining urchins with candy, a monster face skin mask and his orc finger necklace. He gives away kobold dollies and monster knucklebones for the kids once a week
100 Murder hobo claims they are best at everything in fact they are high level slumming it and being a jerk. Annoyingly follows parties, kills everything and demands 90% treasure. Young adventurers roll their eyes when he comes near. Actually serves a demon lord messing with adventurers through this jerk. Oddly undead wont target him


  1. 100 - I met that one in Hommlet.

    1. i met in wargaming clubs, schools, libraries

      ive seen skits on comedey TV detailing this


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