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Skills Refreshing

So started evaluating which skills are useless or need renames because they are not really doing what they should and some cases of repetition. So I have had fun with weird magic and fighting arts in play but got up early in the morning and found bugs on my list. Also adding a Common skills list with all the saving throw improving skills and basic sensory skills together so anyone can take them. Hopefully, it doesn't upset my page layout...

A few renamed because currently underused. I'm thinking Forbidden Lore sounds spicier than occult lore and a few other lore replacements.

I hope to do a booklet with all skills and spells but for now, this is my basic skills. The main note is that I'm using stat-based rolls and some difficulty x1/2 mods based on skill and difficulty on a simple table. Also, thief skills were rolled over into my proficiency system and they get lots of skills. So Will do Magic Skills and Arms skills later this is everything else.

Activating Special FX fighting skills - 3 possible methods

Some of the mechanics inconsistent and are infrequent use abilities to infrequent or could be stackable.

1) Critical hit needed to activate FX instead of normal extra dice of damage
In my game, a fighter can buy extra critical hit scores on top of "20"
Some other characters can buy "20"=critical skill but lots don't get it
So not common and rare if not a fighter...

2) Enemy fumbles to activate FX
I don't like fumbles but some weapons it seems plausible. Using nunchucks with no skill is dangerous I've seen it and I've done it. Flails and black powder weapons maybe nets etc perhaps a 1in20 is plausible for an unskilled user for disaster. But I like the idea some skills that make it possible for the incoming attacker to fumble on a 1 but normally wouldn't fumble. Possibly some riposte or disarm skills could use this mechanic.
Makes several similar skills redundant and 5% by chance thing

A fumble is a specific effect from a spell (!) or a skill that makes victim fumble I think is more plausible than 5% all d20 rolls have something wacky happen. Maybe an area fx on a battlefield spell makes a fumble possible or a curse.

3) Activate special FX by replacing attack with -4 to hit to activate
attack on -4 which makes fighters having more of these skills and huge plusses to use them more especially on mooks. Imagine being good enough you just stun or disarm a bunch of guys instead of murdering them all. This is biased to fighters but not far off shooting long-range or target in cover. Odds are you won't try fancy actions on someone you cant hit and I like the idea that a skilled fighter might be able to rely on combat moves to win not kills.  Fighters getting multiple attacks make sacrificing one easy. I think this method sounds like it has good frequency and availability and makes fighters fancier which is an ok outcome.

Concentration improves will based saving throws vs mind control spells, fear, torture, and tests of persistence or self-control
Diplomacy improves charm 
based saving throws vs negative encounter reactions, recruiting followers or rallying followers whose morale has been lost 
Evade improves agility based saving throws vs mechanical traps, explosions, and tests to get out of the way of a threat
First Aid allows with a roll to heal 1HP lost in the fight or stop bleeding in one round as well as revive a drowned or unconscious person. With skill, you take one round to do first aid, without a skill this takes a turn minimum. Need at least improvised bandages each use
Fortitude improves vigor based saving throws vs disease, poison, exhaustion or to hold your breath to its limits
Illumination improves talent based saving throws vs illusions, confusion, puzzles or riddles
Listen improved at hearing others talking or sneaking
Muscle improves might based saving throws vs breaking down doors, lifting weight like a person quickly or bending bars or breaking ropes
Spot used to find hidden things or spot hidden enemies
Taste accurately identify things with small taste especially if poisoned, diseased or tainted

Acrobatics for swinging, mid-air contortions, perform aerial feats, catch yourself falling, make spectacular dives, help your body clear obstacles easily
for walking or even fighting on a narrow ledge or even a tightrope
for scaling walls, trees, rocks or cliffs without falling with or without ropes
Dance perform dances or make any athletic or combat feats look stylish
Drinking can drink double most in a drinking contest and once a day you can gain 1hp by drinking for an hour
can drink double most in an eating contest and once a day you can gain 1hp by gorging on food for an hour
Endurance can labour or march +50% more in a day before fatigue check
Flee one round per level per day 50% faster
Juggling can perform with juggling objects even dangerous ones like torches or knives
Jumping can jump with accuracy at your extreme range more easily
Pole Vault can vault with a pole and add it's length to how far you can make a running jump
Running* add +1 Move per rank, anyone can buy multiple ranks and stack to move faster
Tumbling perform flips, falls and somersaults and cartwheels allowing you with a roll stand instantly, reduce two floors from fall damage, avoid attacks of opportunity
Wall Running can run one yard per level up a wall and then possibly start to climb or leap or swing or scale a wall quickly

Appraise can assess the value of trade goods by recent market prices and where the best place to sell the items
Armourer can make armour from a variety of materials and in a variety of styles
Artist makes 2d and 3d artistic representations of things and use to ad ornament and realism to other craft projects. Can make a recognizable portrait or sculpture or diagram
Baker make bread and baked goods for a living
Barber can cut and style hair, pull bad teeth and sew up cuts +1HP with hour surgery
Blacksmith can work iron and steel to make tools, shoe horses, and crude weapons. A redsmith works bronze and copper, silversmiths and goldsmiths with precious metals
Bowyer-Fletcher can make bows or arrows. Can improvise a small bow quickly but most bows take up to a year to make for a composite or longbow. Arrows are less demanding and you can make a dozen a day or a few at camp each night
Brewing can brew and ferment drinks like beer and mead or specialize in wine
Builder can build improvised shelters, homes and other buildings with materials and tools
Butcher can butcher an animal to divide among others according to customs as well as cure and preserve meats for storage and cut skins neatly for a tanner
Carpenter can build and carve objects using wood including furniture, house fittings, doors and some simple weapons
Cook able to cook delicious and economical meals, making food go further, be more nutritious, make food decorative and preserve foods for the future
Grooming grooms are servants who make their employers look their best with at least an hour of trimming, dyeing, manicuring and dressing per day. Some use on themselves or might only get to work on livestock. Grooms are aware of the latest fashions and styles

Gunsmith can make black powder weapons suck as handgun, muskets or cannon sometimes making them on the battlefield with improvised materials
Innkeeper can operate an inn or tavern for a living and understand the comings and goings or such establishments and money-saving secrets
Jeweler can identify, value and make jewellery from precious metals and gems

Leatherwork make leather items from animal skins including clothes, shoes, light armour, bags and many more items
 can work in stone to make structures and monuments
Mechanics understand basic mechanical devices such as water wheels, windmills, pumps, pulleys, cranes, treadmills, clocks, cogs, and other modern engineering wonders
Mining able to identify likely mine sites and mineral types, dig rapidly, smelt basic metals and deal with problems of working underground
Mortician can prepare corpses for burial provide burials according to customs
Repair can improvise temporary repairs on all kinds of goods to make usable for at least one use with improvised parts longer with tools and quality scrap or parts
Ropework expert using ropes and knots. Can tie a person in one round, build structures or hammocks, secure or untie goods rapidly, know special trick knots
Tailor works with clothing and cloth, able to make a living making wearable garments
Taxidermy stuff dead animals as trophies and artworks and try to keep their dignity
Tattooist create artistic ink designs on bodies of others for a living or just for your secret cult
Weaponsmith can make a wide variety of weapons from various materials and in varied styles
Weaver with fibres from plants of animal hair can make clothes, cloth, mats, baskets, string, rope and many household items. It is possible to build rafts and even houses by weaving 


Beast Lore know about animals and monsters, their properties and how they live according to bestiaries from scholars and sages of natural history through the ages 
Beast Handler able to herd, calm, tame, train animals from domestic to wild. Animals always respond better and cooperate more with skill users. Useful for teams of oxen or mule trains. With time can train animals tricks or chores but most specialise in a favourite type
Boating can make and operate oar and rowing powered vessels from a raft to a galley. A skilled pilot can help a boat survive catastrophes or outperform rival vessels and instruct unskilled sailors what to do
Driving able do drive animal pulled vehicles like an ox cart or a horse-drawn chariot or a reindeer sled. Skilled drivers can drive faster with less risk and make dangerous manoeuvres or even drive one-handed or might hold reigns in their teeth
Farming able to grow crops for food and operate basic animal husbandry for a living
Fishing able to catch fish using basic lines, nets, spears, or traps. Understand tides, bait and best locations in any water source
Fungus Lore can identify and cultivate any edible, poisonous or magical fungus. Recognize fungus creatures and treat fungus related poisons or infections or illnesses
Herbalist can gather a d4 herbal treatments a day with a roll that can be used to gain +1HP to first aid, 
+1HP to daily healing or +1 save vs disease or poison saves if ailment diagnosed by a healer. Can preserve and identify plants and quality for medicine and magic 
Hold Breath can hold your breath one round per level with a skill roll on top of one plus Vigor bonus a normal person would get useful underwater or in poison gas
Hunting can find most likely game, build appropriate snares and ambushes to obtain food easier
Marching can make long march in a day without any risk of fatigue checks
Nature Lore understands natural terrain, ecosystems, seasons, weather and other features of the natural world and some ideas on the ancient past. An expert can assess how long natural resources can be sustained and the health of an environment
Packrat can carry 10 enc of items without penalty as long as they are one or fewer items
Plant Lore knows about plants and plant creatures as well as how to cultivate and care for them. Can recognize plant-based medical conditions civilization
Porter gain Might in additional enc points not counted for encumbrance penalties
Quartermaster outfit and manage equipment and transport for expeditions of all sizes at the best price. Resource scarce items, manage labourers and ongoing supply needs
Riding use a breed of an animal usually a horse for humans. Mostly the rich ride
Sailing can operate a wind-powered sailboat or ship and can direct others
Scout can explore and search wilderness areas identifying possible enemy campsite,
 finding the best travel route for a party, locating water, crossings, and other features. WIth scout roll can half terrain penalties for a day of travel
Sense Direction uncanny sense of north up and down with a roll
Sense Weather bones ache a day before a big weather change
Survival can survive in the wilderness and a roll provides a day of food. If you have this skill is operates best in a specific terrain type. Skill includes many other crude methods of building, navigating, finding food or water
most people swim poorly but with a swim skill you can cope with currents, dives, underwater activity or just reaching 1/3 your move score (unskilled Mov becomes 1 in water)
Track can follow a person for days from a trail or make it harder to be tracked

Arcane Lore an expert on the lore and history of magic, wizardry and sorcery
 knows processes and lore of alchemy, can identify common potions with a test kit in one turn and a roll. M
akes spells using apparatus, laboratories, golems or magical life cheaper and easier. Surprisingly primitive peoples manage to do alchemy
-Acid Lore brew aqua regia and other acids to dissolve metal locks, make cruel traps, dissolve corpses or even industrial processes like refining minerals and etching
-Apothecary similar to herbalism but uses on mineral-based cures rather than plant-based treatments which often come as potions or ointment or pills. These medicines keep longer but require more expensive materials and laboratories
Black Powder expert at making and using gunpowder halving the time to load and fire any guns or cannons and gunpowder fumbles on a hit roll of 1 are misfires not d6 explosions. Can make gunpowder from raw materials of good quality as well as firecrackers, grenades and rockets as the
-Glassblower can make and blow glass to make bottles, jars, windows, lamps or laboratory apparatus. A furnace is required but some etching with tools or acid might be possible with less equipment
-Incendiary Lore
 expert at starting fires with minimal tools easily, making matches, lamp oil, burning oil weapons, brewing superior fuels and also how to burn buildings or 
bodies properly, keep furnaces hotter for longer, and use wildfires to create havoc or for hunting. Predicting fire can also help to fight blazes and prevent unwanted ones 
-Poison Lore knowledge of various poison recipes and how to apply and if needed make antidotes for them. Come from plants, minerals and animals and the worse use multiple types. Poisons come in contact (touch) venom (blade or arrow or bite) ingested (eat or drink) or vapour (gas). Can keep a person at death's door from poison for hours till they get magic or better care. If the poison is known type can research and make an antidote
Ancient Lore knowledge of ancient civilisations in the past and the ruins and monuments they left behind and recognising makers of found treasures and artworks  
Astrology art of divination based on stars and constellations and the movements of celestial beings. Given a birth date can provide a simple reading with a day of checking with star charts and books warning of approaching problems. Includes theatrics for clients
Bureaucracy expert with navigating government legal red tape and administration and searches for information in records found in temples, guilds and government
Dragon Lore history of dragon kind and their dinosaur and reptilian kin who ruled long ago
Dungeon Lore theory and methodology and traditions of looting dungeons and killing inhabitants and making money out of every scrap and claim the land
Dwarf Lore history of dwarf kind and their civilizations long ago and deep in the earth
Engineering knowledge and theory of applying crafts to the large scale of manufacturing and construction, bringing personal scale crafts to large public scale projects like a bridge, mill or building a complex siege weapon. Used with mining to build huge efficient projects
Faerie Lore history of elf 
kind and their faerie and sylvan kin who ruled long ago and still do in wild places in woods and meadows 
Folk Lore knowledge of common folk their lives, how they live and eat and play. To the rich, it is just a theory of how the poor life. For commoners, folklorists are wise in customs, festivals, omens, popular stories and legends of local supernatural beings and places  
Forbidden Lore knowledge banned and best forgotten by humans mostly dealing with prehuman races who ruled by black magic. These evil beings worshipped demons and outre beings from the void beyond and today secretive cults are hidden persisting in unlawful magic and spreading forbidden lore. The best way to stop evil lore spreading is to learn more evil lore, it's common sense. But only the purest and brave ought to try with approval from the state and church who keep libraries of these banned works
Giant Lore history of a giant kind and their ogrish and troll kin who ruled long ago and still do in wild places in mountains and great caverns
Healing can once a day perform a one-hour surgery to heal a d3 damage with stitches and binding with bandages. With a severe life-saving surgery like amputation or removing a growth or infected arrowhead, the victim gets a save to live. A skilled healer may also add a d3 if nursing a patient to their daily healing instead of just +1 like an unskilled person (a person per Charm score per day). A healer nursing a victim of poison or disease for at least a day gives the patient an extra saving throw
Heraldry recognises heraldic designs of knights, nobles, cities and institutions and can follow the history of families and bloodlines enough to support legal cases. Might recognise famous foes or families on the battlefield and is important for knights, nobles and scholars
Holy Lore knows the religious accounts for the creation of the cosmos, the lives of the gods and their representative heroes, saints and martyrs. Recognise religious decorations and sects and familiar with sacred scriptures and mythology enough to spot heretics
Kingdom Lore know the history of various regions, states, countries and who rules them and recognise their soldiers and costumes and famous customs
Numeracy master of accounting, finger counting into tens of thousands and abacus use into millions. Expert at mathematical problems and formula
Map Lore expert at reading and making maps, familiar with geographical natural features and hoe influences people, travel and trade. Knows all the commonly known world maps and some of the rare ones. Help make maps on the fly exploring dungeons easier
Memorise able to learn and repeat lineages, scriptures, litanies and scribal lists with ease and finds it easier to remember details about names and conversations and events. Often used by actors, epic poets and leaders making public speeches
Merchant understands buying and selling goods for money, knows local and global trade routes, can operate a profitable business and know where best deals are
Ocean Lore history of sea empires and undersea kingdoms and how they have warred and traded with the surface world for aeons. Familiar with mermaids, nymphs, sea monsters, fish folk, squid demons and other mysterious denizens of the sea as well as pirates and navy forces
Planar Lore
knows the history of the multiverse from the formation from primal elemental and outer planes, mysteries of the outer void and faerie land. Recognise planar beings and some know something of what outer planes are like
Scribe arts of professional literacy including fine calligraphy and illumination of written texts. Most work as a secretary or read and write for the illiterate. Scribes also know how to make paper, vellum and papyrus and prepare clay tablets as well as bookbinding, stylus and ink making. Scribal arts are the gateway to all the learned arts and lore schools
Siege Lore knowledge of managing siege warfare, 
including defence and offence, improvised siege weapons attempts, sapping and developing cunning plans. Mostly applied to attack a building but could be applied to a region or a whole country. Know of famous sieges and battles of history and for design. You can build a basic catapult, ram or ladder  but Mechanics and Engineering help you build more ingenious weapons
Steward art of managing an estate, property or farm often their own or hired to caretake for someone who does own it. Most knight households have one some have several. A good steward improves the wealth of a property and ensures it for future growth
Underland Lore history of underground kingdoms and people and tales of how they have warred and traded with the surface world for aeons. Gnomes, trolls, giants, dwarves, elves all wage war in the deep with humanoids and monsters

Bargain an expert at haggling and making deals to get the best value trades
Begging can earn a living begging on the streets or able to convince enemies to spare you or you might be useful, stop lovers from leaving you, appeal to the court for mercy and other forms of degrading snivelling. Beggers often form guilds and share information and keep the best spots for friends
Bluff able to make quick boring plausible lies or half-truths to manipulate others. Often used to evade authorities or suspicions or to dupe some idiot with a scam or dodgy goods
Bribe expert at flattering guards and authorities with gifts of thanks to cut through red tape or find corrupt authorities without suspicion or embarrassment. Can find who requires bribe and finds the best gift
Carousing able to be the centre of the party for possibly days at a time. Able to assimilate yourself with locals or into groups through drinking and vice and make friends. You can always find the best vice, parties and forbidden delights
Etiquette has refined manners and the good sense to listen and copy other where manners and customs vary from your own. Fit to dine with refined nobility
Follower gain an extra basic follower slot
Gaming expert at various games of strategy like chess or backgammon. Familiar with gambling games based on skill and assess the house odds and honesty in a gambling den. You can spot cheats and hide your own cheating
Gossip you quickly pick up all the best and local gossip able to find rumours on anything given time. Can also use to spread slander or lampoon some feckless rival
Insight able to assess if someone is telling a known lie or omitting the truth, especially with some conversation and prodding. While you can get it wrong you spot a grifter or a guilty person better than most
Intimidate expert on bullying and scaring others with physical size, weapons, threats of violence and intimidation. Serious professional bullies charge protection and exploit their victims or make them back down. Bullying the law or a gang on home turf takes more effort and a more credible threat. Interrogation an uncooperative witness is a common use
Leadership add 1 to your command radius per level when influencing your subordinates on the battlefield, rally a panicked unit to return to battle or convince badly-behaved troops looting or killing civilians without permission to stop
Music Lore can play a variety of instruments and know many pieces of music and songs to perform to entertain others or sometimes a song records important lore of history or a clue. Have composed some original tunes and can play with others. One instrument is your prefered type like a lute, harp, flute, drum, horn
Poetry can compose poems on various subjects or speak in verse to be employed or gain a reputation as a serious talent. Make ordinary stories and speeches have pizzaz
Preach used for recruiting others into a church or cult. By proselytising on a box in the market or in peoples homes or sometimes performing acts of charity or healing you can recruit new acolytes. Works best on needy and those wanting a new life. Impressive at public speaking and emotive debates
Seduce use sex appeal to persuade others, find dates and make new lovers
Sing an able vocal performer who knows lots of songs and attracts admirers
Taunt persuade others by provoking them usually to break ranks and attack you or goad them into some foolish act with a challenge or a duel. Expert in vile personal attacks and what to say to offend people of many faiths and races the most effectively
Voice able to be louder than most people when singing or speaking and can drown out lesser voices. Screams and yells can be heard from twice as far away
Whistling can make very loud whistles that can be heard possibly over a kilometre away and can be used to assess the size of caverns and spaces by the echoes. Also, entertain an audience, tease birds and whistle all day long making you the most popular party member    

Cryptography decode and create cyphers for sending secret messages
Conceal art of hiding things often using other materials or building features as camouflage. Can make secret hiding places in crafted items or secret doors or compartments. Can improvise camouflage in a hurry to hide a small shack in woods. Can smuggle goods under 30cm on your person to get past searches for drugs or weapons
Disguise able to make disguises with time and parts can make prosthetics, props and develop an identity. Can quickly improvise props from available materials in a hurry
Escapology able to escape from manacles, ropes, sacks, chains and other restraints and gifted at escaping custody from prison or slavery. Can dislocate and contort body to facilitate. If you fail the first attempt you might take 1hp damage
Forgery able to create forged legal documents, copy handwriting styles, fake old records and possibly make counterfeit money and clip coins and other criminals scams
Fortune Teller convince others you can tell the future with theatrical panache and by cold reading subjects to perform amazing feats. Also good for talking to fake spirits and other occult performances. If you can really tell fortunes this helps you make more money
Gambling makes a living as a gambler picking victims, playing dumb and
 fleecing idiots. Can spot others cheating and can hide your own efforts as well as tricks like counting cards. You can also make your scam games seem appealing and just bad luck when rubes lose 
Hide can hide in shadows and move about unseen for ambushes or crime
Lip Reading can read lips without sound to eavesdrop on others talking
Lock Lore can pick and make locks using tools or can improvise tools
Looting art of stripping victims and locations quickly. Can grab most obvious loot from a room of a victim in a combat round and move onto next. Might miss secrets and swallowed gems but lets you grab stuff and get out faster
Night Sight penalties for fighting by night halved and your ability to spot threats or find things in the dark is improved. Need some ambient light does not work in the absolute dark
Mimic copy voices of others or animal noises for humourous pranks or deceptions
Quack Healer convince others you are a healer and sell them fake medicine and scam treatments for money. If you can really heal this helps you make more money
Shadow lets you follow others discretely without them knowing or tell if someone is surveilling you. Works best in crowded urban streets where failure is more forgiving. Intended for stalking and surveillance but also helps chasing targets
Sleight can perform various feats of prestidigitation like picking pockets, pulling coins from children's ears, shoplifting, swapping items, shell games and other distracting feats
Streetwise can contact various speciality criminals especially for sale or purchase of illegal goods and services. In your hometown, you know all the gangs and players in your area but anywhere you live you learn about the underworld scene fast. Good for information and recruiting specialists or getting criminal work
Torture familiar with torture equipment and methodology and use of pain for interrogation. Can improvise without tools and in some cases, the victim gets a will save to resist or possibly a saving throw to survive if prolonged. Most codes of premodern justice include torture as part of prison even id innocence is uncertain
Trap Lore can detect and bypass traps or construct them using tools or improvising them
Ventriloquism can throw voice which is mostly not using your lips giving impression voice comes from elsewhere like a puppet or a box or a window. A useful distraction. With mimic, you can easily start fights between strangers or make a two-headed dim-witted giant decapitate itself

Glad I spotted those mistakes and seldom-used skills taking up space on my book spreads. I guess responding to stuff players do so certain types of things happen more is a good thing. 

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