Monday, 18 May 2020

Stone Age Sorcery Sessions Restart

Campaign back on, hoping can be fortnightly. Managed to finish the mountain crossing point crawl I posted about prior and use my elder god city where rooms contents change and other stuff I had prepped which is good. About a third of everyone I know not online and not contactable. My 3+ year old Cthulhu team mostly awol. But as no local infections in some time state is opening up again.

The Tribe 
The Elders
Granny Druid Lv4 npc age 65
Leader Warrior Lv4 npc age 34
The Party
Warrior -  woodsman sworn to Law (Dallas) age 16
Halfling - rock chucker and cook (Matt) age 32
-farmer follower 16
Elf - trickster archer troublemaker (Richard) age 150?
Wizard - master of prehistoric mystic arts (Hugh) age 21
Abhuman - Pteradactyl Eastman (Doug)  age 16

Previously left the valley of the god eaters and had found a strange valley where humans seemed to have abandoned. Found an empty community and last six residents who remained were killed and decapitated by a vampire who lived to the north and possibly once part of a vampire kingdom in the old days.

Next valley found valley and could see a settlement and forest with a white patch and a funny pointy mountain. As they slept that night four painted men, scouts for a giant spider mage attacked. The elf woke and alerted all casting sleep on all of the humans. The cowardly spider fled even though was bigger than a cow and a wizard. Interrogated a charmed prisoner to learn the spider tribe worshipped spiders who made and rule the world. Non spider spell users are demons who must be fed to spiders. Seemed convinced the spiders benefited them and spiders extra kind recently and only ate newcomer prisoners. Those fleeing vampire had been caught and four women and four children were in a pen. Warrior realised white forest neat the village was web covered. Most of the tribe hid to watch granny and the prisoners.

Warrior, elf and halfling spied on the village and saw no spiders but did see prisoners. As sunset two spider+4 man recon teams departed to find their missing four men. Party chased them and attacked from behind in a fierce battle. Warrior got nasty bites twice and killed a spider. Lucky one spider was a coward after men fell. Tough fight but they won then went back to the village. Elf used mask spell and entered the village giving prisoners daggers from the 12 spider warriors they had defeated. Sent village on a wild goose chase while led free prisoners other direction to others. All returned to tribe with 8 new members. Elf realised the funny mountain past the spider forest was a Ziggurat. 

Travelled through the wilderness as far from spiders as they could which was slow but spider free. Found a dwarf ruin they dug in and found entry to a dwarf underground outpost. Faught some undead and explored strange carved caves with straight lines. Found stone hatchets and battle-axes but oldest undead they met had cold iron hatchets in poor condition. Warrior happily adopted these and party found they could retreat from undead and use missiles fairly well. Found an ivory throwing stick (boomerang). Burned some dead and coal in an indoor fire pit in wonderous stone tree trunk chimneys where dwarves forged metal once. Turned out burning undead upset spirits and released more undead and Granny calmed spirits down. Turns up the party have adopted a skirmish and mostly missile attack style which is fine.

Finally escaped spiderland and came to a strange valley of slick lichen and mounts of rock and slate. Only giant snails and isopods and centipedes seemed to thrive. On a cliff atop a slope, they saw caves. Climbed uphill and crossed meltwater stream in ice. Climbed up cyclopean stairs and entered citadel outpost of the elder ones, the star crinoids who swam through the void. Explored and saw wonders and strange things. At one stage they were all hypnotised for six hours by lights in crystals. Found a mysterious natural pit to darkness. Got blood noses from playing tuning forks and found open crystal coffins and dead cannibal cave folk. Adopted a one-eyed snot covered mutant who joined the tribe and seems harmless once offered food. Messed with an altar by a statue of an elder sea demon and it began to move so put seal back. Decided this bad place and left but room contents had changed on way back. I forgot to give them a horrible magic "treasure".

Got to choose two paths out of the valley and managed to pick right one to the tundra. Found a cliff shelter and settled in. Got to Level 4. Leader and warrior made efforts towards the new women and the younger one failed to get his love interest and tried next one like a jerk then failed again. One of the women scares everybody with her deformities and anger (possibly sick of everyone). Granny accepted her as a druid assistant. Granny swore to never go through mountains again and demands a good home base,

Next, hope to get to meet local tribes and hunt those delicious easy to eat monsters that roam the plateau everyone has heard of. Have a dozen tribes generated for this already. Lots of the places they visited and fled from will make great places to return to in future quests. Eventually, they might clean some valleys and colonise a trade route to the sea. They will have to get some help from other tribes and have seen lots of technology they now know exists including magical methodologies. Not a great place for crops and roots but seasonal grasses and wood and swamp patches but often frozen over and snow-covered in dark for three months.

New Tribe Members

Vara - strong, hardy, clumsy and dim with heart of gold 1st Lv Warrior  +1yo M child 14CHA
Atan - more average and dim and cute 1st Lv rogue +5yo F child  13CHA
Kalek - hardy, angry, scarred, 1st Lv Druid + 4yo M child 6CHA
Mora - average, practical, unimaginative, good provider 1st Lv Warrior  +5yo M child 

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