Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Treasure Frogs

Treasure Frog
Small d8 HD AC as leather Bite d6 Mov 9 Swim 12 Hop 1 carries d4x100sp
Medeum 2d8 HD AC as leather Bite 2d4 Mov 12 Swim 12 Hop 2 carries d3x100gp
Large 4d8 HD AC as chain Bite 2d6 Mov 12 Swim 9 Hop 3 carries d6x100gp
Huge 8d8 HD AC as plate Bite 3d6* Mov 12 Swim 9 Hop 3 carries 2d4x100gp
hit rolls 20+ swallows victim whole and flees crushing them for d6/round
**hit rolls 17+ swallows victim whole and flees crushing them for 2d6/round

Treasure frogs are used by frog folk to carry valuables but as they live for centuries they often carry loot long forgotten. They also smell treasure and dungeons near swamps often attract them. Some semi flooded dungeons are infested with them. Frog folk often use the frogs to find more treasure who can sniff precious stones and metal. A speciality skill is required to train and handle frogs who are experts at escaping and often escape. Each frog has a command word to disgorge loot but they forget them after fifty years or so. Frogs Some frog folk tribes keep their untrained frogs locked in a room. If your not careful frogs will all pour out bouncing everywhere and flee. Frogs mostly only try to eat smaller creatures but treasure carriers makes them feisty enough to attack, especially in large numbers. Frog folk can tell individual frogs apart but humans can't.

Small carries d4x100sp 1in6 chance of a semiprecious stone worth 10gp
+ d4 1=15gp silver ring 2=20gp carved agate seal
3=cat skull  4=semi digested fish

Medeum carries d3x100gp d4x semiprecious stones worth 10gp
+ d4 1=45gp gold ring 2=100gp jade idol
3=kobold skeleton 4=bottle of beer

Large carries d6x100gp d4x semiprecious stones worth d3x10gp
+ d4 1=100gp ruby gold ring 2=2d4 healing potion
3=knights helmet 4=
rotten goat corpse

carries 2d4x100gp 2d4x semiprecious stones worth d3x10gp
+ d4 1=500gp diamond ring 2=crate of beer
+1 dagger in scabbard 4=dead semi digested adventurer

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