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Supernatural animal N Morale 7 or 10 with calves
AC +3
HD 10
Mov 12 ground
Trample 3d6 (trample multiple targets in line with 30 foot charge)
or Buttx2 d8 (on a 20 to hit, target save or knockback 2d4 yards)

The beast also called Tarandrus can change its colour, so that it can conceal itself by taking on the appearance of its surroundings. It is normally dun like a bear but is the size of an ox and has long hair. It has the head of a stag with branching horns, and has cloven hoofs. Mostly they live in far away lands but you might find some any distant wilderness. The creature is very shy and is surprised on a 1in6 and surprises on 4in6 chance due to camouflage. It's scent and trail are harder to hide but it will use water or rocky outcrops like a cunning animal to throw off hunters.

The creature is mostly a peaceful herbivore but if spooked it will hide and possible ambush anything that comes close. A mated pair with calves are more aggressive and babies will hide if left by parents. Most are loners most of the time. When the animal feels safe it will communicate with others of it's kind with wild colour displays especially when mating or driving off rivals. Once they have given up hiding they will use spectacular colours to scare opponents. Elves keep them as cattle and Their pelts can be used to make elven cloaks and long fur used by elves and somehow they train them to change colour as being shorn. Elves and gods might keep herds of them in sacred wilderness reserves. These unnaturally large herds are often guarded by supernatural beings and curses.

1in6 reflect any chromatic or prismatic or colour spray spells
1in6 has huge horns that inflict d12 each with a butt
1in6 have horns that cut off a limb on a natural 20 to hit instead of knockback
1in6 smell wonderful thanks to a musk gland worth 100gp to a perfumer
1in6 can go beserk
1in6 can displace selves as a displace cat
1in6 have a more extreme alignment, 1in6 alignment changes daily
1in12 protected by local druids as a sacred beast
1in12 are intelligent and can talk but seldom do
1in12 guarded by a dozen elves and has brand of local elf ruler
1in12 are invisible when concealed amongst vegetation or rocks
1in12 can project a illusion image of itself in another location
1in12 are chaos demon tainted with a d4+1 minor mutations and a d3 major mutations

Parandrus Adventures

1 Elves need a parandrus pelt and require some brave (expendable) humans to slay one
2 Village children say a beast is in the woods and no adult will listen

3 Hunters have trapped a Parandrus in village and hope to sell it but elves or druids try to free
4 Some creature or someone has been carving alignment sigils in the grass visible for mile
5 Someone has been stealing root vegetables from the store house and guards saw nothing
6 Farmers say their is a ghost beast that appears and vanishes in the area
7 Rainbow colour shifting cloaks are all the rage right now and hunters are keen to claim such a item making them harder to find. 
8 Some strange creature has been shitting in the temple and eating baskets of harvest produce left for idols of the gods (thought the priests eat them for the gods after gods eat the magic essence)
9 Hunters caught a small strange colour shifting horned herd beast. Now it's parents are attacking the caravan trying to get it to the city and they need to take on extra guards
10 Elves riding parandus arrive one morning demanding tribute like the old times

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