Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Calopus, the horned wolf-cat

Calopus horned wolf-cat
Supernatural animal CN Morale 10
AC +5
HD 5
Mov 15 ground 9 climb 6 water 2 leap 1 burrow
Att Clawsx2 2d4 & Butt 2d6
-if both claws hit can rake for extra 2d4 damage
The calopus or horned wolf cat is a savage beast able to ambush or chase. Surprised only on 1in6 and can surprise on 1-3ind6. It is a incredible tracker, especially if the prey has any wounds. They are fearless attacking creatures bigger than themselves. Will saw down trees with serrated horns to bring downs a climbing foe or other cunning trickery.

Most in the midlands are black and dark blue, white in the cold north and orange in the desert. The oldest breeds in the desert retain some  draconic blood. They are dangerous to hunt as they are cunning at escape and ambush and are vindictive. A mated pair live together a season raising a d6 pupkits. Some tribal people value them as pets but they can betray even their mates. Sometimes they are pets of powerful beings and are set guarding locations or forfilling some curse.

1in6 are young or dwarf type with 2HD and half damage attacks and Morale 7
1in6 have hooves and Mov 18 but d6 hoof instead of claws
1in6 have patches of dragonscale and are AC +7
1in6 have a extra bite attack 2d4
1in6 resist half all fire damage including magical
1in6 extra large +1 HD and +1 damage on each attack
1in6 have featherfall at will
1in6 detect invisible 6 range

1in6 beserker
1in6 are swimmers 9 water speed, hold breath 40 minutes, no penalties to hit in water

1in6 require magic or iron weapon to hit
1in6 are invisible in darkness if black or snow if white or in sand if orange
1in12 double damage vs wooden beings, often attack wood weapons
1in12 regenerate a d4 HP per hour
1in12 breathes cloud of flaming gas 2 range 1 radius, 4d6 save half three times a day
1in12 2d6+6 intelligence and most turn CE, extra cruel and savage
1in12 can dimension door 12 range once a day to escape
1in12 terrible breath, all in 3 cone of head save or -d4 STR for a turn
1in12 Anyone injured 50% HP save or infected by Lyanthropy, as a werewolf but more cat like without horns, eventually they become a beast permanently and grow horns
1in12 sever a limb on a natural 20 to hit with butt and double damage

Calopus Adventures
1 Wolves have come from hills and are cowering near human settlements afraid
2 A creature killed a guest hall with six hunters bringing a bad reputation to locals
3 Wizard wants you to ask a intelligent one where a dungeon entrance is
4 Calopus preys on the sick, old or children by night. Locals are up in arms
5 Family cursed by a Calopus who eats firstborn of a clan each generation
6 A mated pair have made themselves rulers of the woods and they raid farmsteads
7 A beast has been digging up graves and devouring the dead under the full moon
8 Several males fight for dominance of area using the village as their battleground
9 Trees fall blocking the road and a calopous panics the horses while attacking
10 A local heir died and a Calopus haunts where he vanished, a evil wizard changed and cursed the heir and spreads malicious gossip about the beast that cannot control it's murderous rampages

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