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Nice pic but the monster described here not as big only about 8 foot at shoulders.

Supernatural animal LN Morale 10
AC +7
HD 12
Mov 15 ground 18 fly
Trample 4d6 (trample multiple targets in line with charge)
or Butt 2d12 (+ save vs knockback 2d6 yards)

Related to other sphynx types this beast is a heavenly majestic winged bull. Aggressive and hot headed but usually sent by the gods to guard and protect locations or punish those who transgress or offend the gods. Each time anyone strikes them they must save or be cursed as per the spell with a different effect each time. Killing one is likely to get the attention of gods which is usually bad. They can talk but seldom bother to speak to mortals. They speak any language and to any animals. Sometimes they protect holy places or relics and may question adventurers to see if they are worthy to pass. They have detect lie, detect traps, detect invisibility and detect alignment at will. They are immune to mind effecting magic including charm or illusions or ESP.

Some bear symbol of a god or law on them and many have other abilities. They may act as a mount or several might pull a chariot for a divine being. Some are decorated with gold jewellery or painted. Some roam the foothills of the heavens and realms of cosmic Law where they breed. They are above the petty squabbles, vanity and greed of other sphinxes. In ancient times people summoned them to aid in a judgement but they are mostly too harsh and might attack non intended victims. Occasionally cults worship them bringing them beer, grain and virgin attendants to groom them. Their bodies are used to make holy relics and eating them is sacrilege. They will mostly spare children and innocent virgins.

1in6 are Lawful Good and will consider circumstances of individuals
1in6 have bronze hide +10AC
1in6 breath fire 3 times per day in a 90 degree cone 6d6 save for half
1in6 fear aura, all within 3 yards save vs fear each round or flee for a round 

1in6 have plane shift at will to a lawful or heavenly world and back once a week
1in6 bronze wings can shoot two metal feathers a round 2d8 damage each 12 range
1in6 resist normal missiles
1in6 require +2 or better magic weapons to hit
1in6 can cast spells and turn undead as a 8th level priest
1in6 has a cult of worshippers offering it food and grooming
1in6 when angered leaves burning hoof prints and exhales smoke

1in6 explode on death as a 12d6 fireball
1in12 aided by a d4 cherubim lesser angels

1in12 if killed leaves a drought for 7 years over the region
1in12 if killed turns to stone
1in12 its feces heals a d4 if applied to wounds, usually 2d4 are near its lair
1in12 is related to a divinity and can commune with them weekly

Taurosphinx Adventures
1 Stories tell of them being summoned to a court case where it crushed the guilty then turned on corrupt officials and impure spectators. Rruined temple still remains guarded by the beast thousands of years later
2 Heroes plundered a sacred place or killed a monster serving the gods, so a Taurosphynx is sent to punish them
3 A mountain trail to a long abandoned temple is guarded by a taurosphynx that asks questions to those seeking to visit
4 A city offended the gods and a taurosphynx stands by the gates keeping merchants and travellers away until the gods deem the city punished. The city try to hire idiots to fight it
5 Plundering humans have robbed a sacred grove for holy cedar wood trees used for building temples. Now a Taurosphynx guards it and a king wants it stopped
6 Lawlessness and wickedness rage across the land. A Taurosphynx with a lesser angel appears to smite evil doers from the land and is not forgiving of any adults who touch vice, drink, dance or look in mirrors and  other petty crimes
7 A cult have been summoning a Taurosphynx and are grooming it to purge the region in the fiery wrath of the gods. Before the beast is fully tamed by them stop the cult
8 A intact ancient ruin is pristine and evil free because of a Taurosphynx. A evil cult led by a anti hero seek to slay it and breed monsters in the ruins
9 A priest found a scroll which will awaken a Taurosphinx statue in a city temple. The priest fears a evil doer will awaken it and as humans now weaker and more corrupt will send beast into a killer frenzy
10 A great holy relic has been stolen by evil. A Taurosphynx arrived and declared if the relic is not returned it will kill one in ten persons and destroy one in ten buildings

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