Friday, 6 September 2019

Relics of Magical Meat Mages

Magic Items from Xor
Xor, where magic items might work but are too disgusting to use

Intestinal Cord
Comes in a squelchy 4lb bag of cured skin. Contains a streatchy cord of moist intestines that can be used for climbing ropes, hangings, restraints and other uses. It can also be used as a tube to siphoning liquids. The cord can stretch up to 100 yards. Can be cut which reduces the total length.

Sack of Guts

Comes in a squelchy pulsating alive 2lb cured skin bag. If you devour the horrible fresh gore inside you gain a d4 HP. Only one such bag will benefit user. If a second bag is eaten the consumer devolves into a hideous protoplasmic shoggoth.

Silent Feet

Skin removed from human feet and worn as shoes are silent but look and feel disgusting. Insides remain slimy.

Wizard Skin Suit

A tattooed skin of a wizard if worn ads +2 to ave vs magic and looks nightmarish with hair and fingernails intact.

Magic Parasite
Comes in a eggsac and creature inside is easily swallowed. Once it lives inside you for a HP a day gives +2 save vs disease and poison. When you die creature exits the deceased orifices an hour later, after a year in use 3d6 creatures exit.

Wish Bone of Xor
Two users pull on the foot long bone, each makes a STR test with the winner able to ask Xor for a simple wish. Xor is pretty dim and barley comprehends the parasites that walk on or in it or their desires. A wish for food might result in a flood or rain or gobbets of raw meat. Xor prefers solving problems with meat if possible. If used on another plane Xor will help but also use as a gate to invade that world or at least asses how tasty the world is. 

Codpiece of Xor

This dried footlong intimidating decorative tribal codpiece with a strap if worn will fuse onto the wearer as a living functional penis. When user dies it returns to its original form. Some are handed down for generations.

Flesh Mask

These are stretchable dried skins of faces created by magic. When worn you resemble the depicted species or race and can pass among members as long as you don't talk or let them smell you. Come in human, demihuman, humanoid and beastfolk types. If you wear for more than 12 hours the effect is permanent. Most creatures find a infiltrator using a skinned face disgusting and will kill you if they find out. 

Chaos Parasite

A chaos demon parasite that comes in a large egg. If anyone gets close enough to breath on it a slimy tendril shoots from the egg into their mouth or nose and into their stomach. A DEX save will prevent this. Once inside the parasite joins with the host giving them a mutation. Most are petty cosmetic ones rarer major mutations are most desired and hurt more when implanting them selves. Most common form gives the used a d4+1 tentacles own that have a mind of their but will attack enemies in a fight with a bonus grapple attack and help climb or reach in jars. Might touch people or things nearby against owners conscious desires.

Flesh Scarab

A beetle often in a cocoon form dormant. If placed on flesh it burrows inside to live forever. If you try more than one they fight inflicting a d4 damage to the hosts insides and one will win killing the others. The following varieties are the most common:
1 +1 on a specific attribute

2 +2 on a specific saving throw (disease, poison, magic most common)
3 Night vision
4 +1HP per day daily healing rate
5 Store a d4 cantrips or a 1st level spell
6 +1 Move

Shamans Nose

Dried shamans nose with a sinew trap. Sense disease within 30 feet including lycanthropes.

Mummified Baby 
Dried mummified prehistoric hairy baby. If fed blood will open it's eyes and ask for the name of a dead person you wish to contact. Once a month it can contact a dead person known to the user who died since the baby died. The contacted spirit will answer three simple questions. If activated more than once a month the baby instead summons a demon.

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