Monday, 10 September 2018

Bad Books

Books. They are evil. Nobody ever learnificated nuffin good from books. Here are tables to generate bad books. Remove curse might help or just burn it. Finally a quick easy fun table again.

Activating your evil book
Each 20% read or for each spell learnedSpill blood on the book
Read under a full moon
Read in evil location
Cast a spell or use a ritual directly from the book

d10 Forbidden Lore Types
01 Spell book
02 Demon lore
03 Descriptions of hell
04 Blasphemous deeds
05 Cult manual
06 Witch lore
07 Elder secrets
08 Evil journals
09 Terrible strange rites
10 Heretical religion

d100 Bad Book Effects
01 Book has slow acting poison requiring a save
02 Book will animate nearby dead who go on a murder spree
03 Book tries to fly away to find a more innocent victim to corrupt
04 Book will contact a more suitable evil bearer to come and take the book
05 Book has a imp within who is released and will advise the wielder
06 The book will taint the wielders alignment if they fail a save
07 The wielder saves or develops a minor mutation
08 Wielder saves or hears evil voices of past wielders offering terrible advice
09 Wielder loses d6 HP from tears of blood pouring down face
10 Wielder save or develop unwholesome sexual interests that attract violent mobs
11 Wielder saves or sleep murders, at first it seems to be just a dream
12 Wielder has terrible nightmares, save or weakened from sleep loss then madness
13 Wielder save or develops urge to burn buildings especially with inhabitants
14 Wielder saves or begins to crave human flesh
15 Wielder saves or contracts lycanthropy
16 Wielder saves or contracts mummy rot
17 Summons a incubus or succubus who attempts to charm the wielder
18 Wielder saves or shrinks 10%
19 Wielder attracts local undead each night, more by night
20 Wielder saves or develops goat features, 3 fails become goat man, 4 fails and becomes a goat
21 Wielder saves or develops ghoul features, 3 fails and become a ghoul
22 Wielder attracts insect or spider swarms if fail save
23 A scorpion crawls from between pages to sting readers hand
24 Wielder saves or a level drained, becomes wight if die
25 Wielder saves or a d4 STR drained, becomes shadow STR becomes zero
26 A shadow comes out of the book to attack the wielder by night
27 A wraith comes out of the book to attack the wielder by night
28 A invisible stalker comes out of the book to attack the wielder when alone
29 A fire elemental appears from a fire to attack when approached
30 A earth elemental appears from the ground to attack when approached
31 A air elemental appears from sky to attack when approached
32 A water elemental appears from a water sources to attack when approached
33 Storm clouds appear and darken the sky alerting good forces evil is afoot
34 Green slime ink rehydrates and a colony attacks reader
35 Yellow mold spores erupt from the book
36 A slumbering evil god sends messages in your dreams
37 A devil appears and offers a wish for your soul
38 Wielder has dreams of wild cult orgies and rituals that grow longer each time
39 Imps in animal form approach to tempt wielder into committing evil deeds
40 Petty demon appears and warns you your friends are plotting against you
41 Petty demon appears and offers advice to get more power but with a catch
42 Wielder saves of becomes a water breather and can no longer breathe air
43 Wielder saves or craves intelligent beings brains as only food source to live
44 Wielder saves or finds self as astral body in underworld and needs to find an escape
45 Wielder saves or finds self as astral body in hell and needs to find an escape
46 Wielder saves or finds self as astral body in a demonic dimension and needs to find an escape
47 Wielder saves or finds self as astral body in elemental plane and needs to find an escape
48 Wielder saves or craves only dead rotting human corpses as food
49 Wielder saves or develops flaming aurora around their head which grows bigger each activation
50 Wielder saves or becomes obsessed by book and paranoid others plotting against them to steal the book
51 Wielder saves or is polymorphed into a ogre

52 Wielder saves or is polymorphed into a frog
53 Wielder hair and nails grows by 2d6 inches each activation
54 Wielder saves or is possessed by a ghost r spirit that seeks to commit evil deeds
55 Book releases a spectre by night
56 Ravens and crows follow the wielder speaking their name which unsettles most people
57 Wielder saves or loses a attribute point (CHA most common)
58 Wielder attracts venomous snakes daily
59 Wielder finds food and drink they carry spoils in 24 hours
60 Wielder saves or suffers parasites, d4 HP lost until disease cured
61 Evil monsters with 100 feet sense the evil book
62 Wielder saves of grows hair all over becoming more apelike each time, 2 fails becomes cave man like, 3 fails is an ape man, 4 fails becomes an ape
63 Wielder saves or begins to shun daylight, 2 fails lose 1hp/ten minute turn in sunlight
64 Wielder saves or ages d10 years
65 Normal animals shun wielder and refuse to go near them
66 Dogs howl when wielder nearby and bark as wielder gets closer
67 Tentacles come from the book and attempt to strangle the user
68 Book talks and offers evil advice, paranoid speculations and abuse to wielder
69 Book keeps on turning to especially evil pages suggesting more vile reading
70 Wielder learns new evil alignment language
71 Book makes strangers nearby have dreams of wielder performing vile deeds

72 Book seems to make prophecies about the reader failing or becoming more evil
73 Wielder become immune to healing spells from good spell casters
74 Wielder keeps finding evidence of local murders planted on them
75 Wielder saves or is teleported to far away evil location (possibly include companions)
76 Wielder saves or is gated to another dimension (possibly include companions)
77 Wielder saves or is gated back in time to when primordial evils ruled
78 Wielder saves or becomes a beserker and has difficulty being rational in combat
79 Wielder saves or produces vile odor that attracts evil beings with acute smell
80 Wielder saves or can only eat raw meat or blood
81 Wielder saves or needs to drink self into a stupor nightly to drown out nightmares
82 Wielder saves or becomes quixotically deluded, each fail becomes more unhinged
83 Wielder saves or hands rot away into diseased stumps
84 Wielder saves or turns into a dolmen
85 Wielder attracts rats who steal food and bite face in sleep
86 Candles and lamps in ten foot go out but torches and larger fires ok
87 Evil monsters have improved reactions to wielder and are often friendly
88 Wielder saves or develops frighting venereal disease, 2 fails is sterilised, 3 fails smells revolting and repulsive, 4 fails sexual characteristics rot and fall off
89 Attracts dark faerie folk and accidentally enter fairy land more easily but no easier to return
90 Wielders weapons deteriorate, and roll of natural one causes non magical weapon to break
91 Wielders weapons strike allies or self in none near by if roll natural one
92 Wielder always acts last like a zombie

93 Wielder saves or loses d4" movement points, at zero they become a tree
94 Wielder weapons inflict half damage vs evil creatures
95 Wielder saves or shuns holy symbols, 2 fails becomes vulnerable to damage from holy water

96 Wielder if fails save can no longer read any other writing except the book
97 Any children the wielder has are born incubus or succubi
98 Any children the wielder has are born d4 1=troll 2=ogre 3=orc 4=goblin
99 Wielder attracts mischievous gremlins, if evil they aid user but not obay or quite what you might desire,if not evil they harass with wielder with pranks and sabotage
100 If wielder dies reborn as demon if chaotic or devil if lawful or a shoggoth in niether

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