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d100 Dungeon Dimension Discoveries

So these are some extra weird dungeon locations when entering the dungeon dimension. Or just to make dungeons more horrible.

d100 Dungeon Dimension Discoveries
01 Goblinoid town influenced by when there was a gate to 1920s chicago. Bugbear bootleggers run the town and da boss even has a 1926 ford model-t. The town is built like a earth slum of the 20s and the goblins wear suitable fashion
02 A huge bakery complex where goblins bake magic pies following directions from wizards. Each pie enters a secret room where it gets the secret ingredient, then is given time to stop glowing after. Then the pies are delivered about the dungeon to be used as bait for traps
03 A crystaline cavern where adorable crystal furniture animals live guarded by psionic elves
04 Great maze of webs ruled by inteligent evil mage spiders and served by their goblin thralls
05 Great smoking volcanic cave where witches feast and hold orgies with devils
06 Tesseract chamber with MC Esher like stair cases, strange gravity and magic traps guarding a relic
07 Chamber of dust covered corpses from the surface world, spectral minions will arise and tell their story and may be convinced to fight in a battle
08 A goblin market with food, stalls, games, music, drinking and mushroom fueled drug orgies
09 A maze of magic mirrors with teleporter pads, dopelgangers, magic traps and cursed mirrors guarding a great treasure
10 A great cave with a slumbering bat eared frog god, cultists dance before it and it's monoliths
11 Great cavern of slime and ooze where the slime demon prince comes to visit and hear plaintiffs who seek his knowledge and power over slime
12 Great chamber with rows of basalt columns etched with ancient occult lore useful for spell research
13 Huge dark cistern supported by hundreds of columns. Various secret doors and stairways connect to other dungeon sections and dank aquatic creatures lurk
14 A great cavern lake with albino water monsters and islands with long forgotten ruins 
15 A huge mausoleum with hundreds of stone sarcophagi, burial niches and several ancient crypts
16 A huge magically lit camber with a manor house and a garden maze. Inside curses, ghosts and mad inbred magicians roam
17 A semi sunken ruined city swallowed up from somewhere long ago with prehuman relief carvings and degenerate fish men dwelling sparsely in the submerged buildings and pools
18 A great windy cavern with red rock painted cliff faces. Desiccated human remains ritually exposed on totemic poles and in.painted bark tubes buried in niches abound. Ancient angry spirits guard prehistoric relics made from wood, flint, quartz, hair, bones and teeth  20 A frigid chasm with prehistoric obsidian wizard towers buried in ice with undead mammoths and sabre cats and dire wolves. A clan of giants eat the shy hidden cave folk and white apes
21 Chasm of illusions, glorious heavenly chasm of light concealing demons monsters and torture victims crucified upside down
22 Great chasm of lava pits and flames where fire creatures frolic and cultists sacrifice victims to them by hurling them into flaming pits
23 Great water filled dark cavern with a whirlpool, water elemental creatures break out of the vortex occasionally and are welcomed by cultists by drowning sacrifices
24 Great cavern with a great sucking pit of darkness, drawing in air, occasionaly an air elemental being escapes. Cultist playing musical instruments and chanting greet them while strangling victims them pulling out their lungs
25 A great spasming loose earthen mound in a cave spews forth occasional earth elemental beings, cultists welcome them with libations of blood from screaming victims
26 A great complex full of zombies operating machines in an assembly line making new composite undead directed by a lich who brings the constructs to life
27 A goblin village with huge scale nurseries with bugbear nannies and hobgoblin guards
28 A goblin village where goblins live simple village lives growing fungus, raising cave lizards and giant bugs and frequent goblin markets  
29 A goblin mine complex where hard working goblins dig up gems and ore with a roller coaster like mining cars, miners shacks, blacksmith huts, waterfalls and rotting support beams
30 Orc spawning pits operated by cult of wizards, orcs are being made from pits of mud using spells then the orcs are equiped and trained
31 Orc fortress, a black square fortified wall, with towers and a gate house where orcs are trained and drill in preparation for war, serving a orc king or a evil wizard or priest 
32 A ruined temple dedicated evil god, with many statues that can animate, curses and mummy crypts
33 A wicker man crammed full of sacrifices with goatmen dancing about it ready to burn the victims
34 A huge demonic statue with cultists performing rituals before it with great flaming braziers  
35 Wizard apprentices operating an apocalyptic giant scale magical machine, fueling and operating it to create monsters, then driving them into teleporter pads to send them around dungeons 
36 Wizards apprentices on assembly line treating chicken eggs with alchemical potions then hatching lizard men, dinosaurs and giant lizards
37 Witches with spawning pools of frogs making giant amphibians and frogmen with alchemical brews from cauldrons
38 Wizards apprentices carving statues of monsters for masters to change into living flesh, then caging and shipping off around the dungeon
39 Priests preying to statue and summoning monsters from their god to populate the dungeon
40 Wizard complex where wizards surgically operate on humans and animals to create beastmen they keep in cages 
41 A huge raised ballroom in a cavern, lower areas full of mist and graves. Frequently vampire nobles meet here to have a ball. Human victims are hung upside down with spigots in their neck to feed vampire guests. Several ghoul servants clean and serve and guard
42 A chasm where a chained evil titan sleeps, wizards are tapping its blood to create monsters that are stored in cages to be shipped around dungeon
43 Chaos cultist temple with chaos portal where victims are thrown in and chaos monsters and mutants come out
44 Evil dwarf brewery complex making and testing various beers bottled in ceramic bottles. They are too busy to tak or fight but offer beer if you go away. Sometimes the beer is in fact beserker potions
45 Kobold factory complex making traps, secret doors, chests and other dungeon fixtures. Some are packaged in boxed kits. The kobolds are not hostile and flee screaming if combat breaks out into secret tiny doors 
46 Large machine operated by zombies where corpses fed in and zombies come out
47 Sprawling open chamber with giant tavern where monsters come to drink and unwind with horrible entertainment and food for various races
48 Huge gobling mushroom tannerey, making shroom leather armour and clothing for monsters. Various visiting creatures visit to buy goods and are willing to trade with humans
49 Complex where wizards enlarge normal animals into giant dungeon dwelling ones. Animals shipped in and out in cages with orc servants
50 Wizard sculpture shop where apprentices making golems and statue constructs of various types on assembly lines
51 Lake of evil protoplasm with strange eerie changing colours, will influence those near by to evil alignment and deeds. If you touch it, drink it save or become servant of the dungeon genius loci spirit. If you fall in you are transformed into a dungeon monster. Cultists come to worship and sacrificing victims to it, 1in6 times the cult build a floating evil town on top

52 A great hall with statues of evil gods in a row, where evil pilgrim cultists and monsters come to prey
53 Huge sprawling torture chamber where monsters torture prisoners, returning them into mutants and beastmen, directed by a devil
54 A cultist temple where a demon dwells
55 A evil town ruled by were swine, where evil traders visit for a tax to enter. All kinds of monsters, cultists end evil enemy agents are here
56 A great shrine of the goatmen, where they dance, feast, sacrifice victims and worship the evil dungeon spirit
57 A depository and foundry for cursed items where wizards make evil and dangerous to use items to be left around the dungeon
58 A monastary where evil monks make potions, evil figurines and shrine idols
59 A ruined monastary where gargoyles breed, with all sizes of gargoyles
60 A huge stinking harpy nest with a savage pecking order, sprawling feces filled nests, rotting corpses and treasures
61 A island in a huge cavern lake where sirens lure in victims to eat with illusionary lotus groves, luxuries and attractive women
62 Magical lit cave with sprawling ruins overgrown with trees. Various faerie and sylvan beings are trapped here and are very protective. Suspicious but might help
63 A large camp of awol soldiers working as mercenaries for the dungeon and partially assimilated. Some are mutated
64 A cavern with a ruined camp and a massacred adventurer party, several crucified and left near dead
65 Ruined temple occupied by baboons and carnivorous apes who guards a treasure. Vines grow everywhere
66 A chamber with plaza full of gates and teleporter pads, 1in6 encounter per turn
67 A ruined castle with animated armour guarding it's treasure ruled by a spectre wizard
68 A monster circus with mutant clowns, caged monsters and visiting creatures. With stalls and side show games. Monsters are mostly peaceful while here, some bring their kids
69 A ruined castle ruled by a noble vampire with undead servants
70 A great sewerage treatment works where certain monsters are bread in filth or feed off it attended by rat men and rat faced goblins
71 Sprawling wizard boarding school where apprentices learn from masters and the headmaster is a 
72 A mock village where monsters study imprisoned humans who cannot leave, directed by wizards and priests who aim to extract information from prisoners who are tested with illusions, mind control and doppelganger infiltrators
73 A mass of wrecked ships semi submerged with aquatic monsters and a shanty town of pirates, criminals and scum who believe they are in hell
74 A ziggurat of the vampire bat goddess
75 Ruined complex of the serpent men
76 Lake filled cavern with floating town of lizard men
77 Dark elf village in a fungus forest
78 Huge sprawling fungus cave where family of cyclops live off giant lizards and goblins
79 Gigantic web with a spider diviner elder sitting as it has for an aeon, a spider cult and giant mage spider wizards seve her and the great web
80 Cavern contains a single gigantic mushroom, with many inhabitants living in tunnels and spaces with in it. Worm men and caterpillar and grub men battle for dominance, frog folk come to worship it, goblins sacrifice to it
81 Huge parade ground, stone attacks and obstacle course where hundreds of orcs being trained by hobgoblins and commanded by dark elves, goblin blacksmiths and bugbear military police
82 Starving adventurers desperate and jumpy will initiate attack but could be talked too. They have partly eaten dead comrades and treasures
83 Magical spring surrounded by wondrous glowing calcium formations
84 Pit of darkness descends to the world of the darkness dimension, cults come to call forth ebon hued things
85 A great earthen barrow of some prehistoric wizard king, now a lich
86 Huge chamber with giant calcium columns stalagmites and stalactites. Connected by ropes and ladders and cables, a gnomish civilization exists within, using airships, steam automatons, black powder and strange magic crystals
87 A huge iron mechanical computer plotting dungeon activity and running calculations on monsters, breeding rates and growth rates to calculate replacement monsters in the dungeon. Operated by wizards is a magical artifact of the go
88 A titanic furnace imprisoning fire monsters,
89 Colossal alchemist apparatus distilling materials into living monsters operated by alchemists
90 Volcano in process of destroying monster citadel, citizens fleeing lava and fire monsters, leaving treasures behind
91 Huge chamber with kobold workers building and covering up a new dungeon level filling in between the corridors with rubble and garbage
92 Huge prison operated by were swine using their powers to charm inmates into compliance, full of soldiers and adventurers and commoners

93 A huge lit cavern jungle with dinosaurs and huge over grown ruins
94 A lost civilization citadel attacked by monsters constantly
95 An entire underground kingdom of a lost civilization, with fungus crops tended by molemen slaves

96 A huge dark acidic cavern, actually the stomach of the dungeon with ruins, wrecked ships, fungal forests, slimes and other creatures inside
97 A bunker like sub ground fortress where evil faction warlords and meet over great maps and move their toy soldiers preparing for their attacks against the surface world
98 A great library of dungeon secrets, forbidden books, cursed scrolls and ancient tablets used by wizards, removing a book attracts a fiery angel executioner
99 Gigantic titan brain encased in metal, a wizard dungeon cult are camped to plunder it's secrets, but the brain is teaching them demonology so they eventually destroy themselves
100 Gigantic titan heat chained down to keep it flopping about. Tended by worshipers who  claim it is the dungeons heart  
summon demons

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