Wednesday 28 June 2017

Tree Dungeons - notes for future projects

Over at Monsters and manuals there is a post about a world tree megadungeon. I had thought about a giant tree inspired by Norse myth and the magic faraway tree a few times - a botanical Xor. I guess i have Xor, a revised Psychon and my Hell setting to finish this year but a world tree setting has a lot of appeal. Something for the backburner.

Of course I don't really do megadungeons much. I just generate stuff on the fly with sandbox tables instead then make outlandish reasons about why they cant go back to the same place. Or I use repeated geomorphs.

So my thoughts on a mega tree sandbox setting

Different branches and root systems lead to other worlds

Many weird encounters and phenomena to see and make travelling to other regions of the tree or skipping to the upper levels with flight.

These tables could also be used for various forest types

Possible d100 tables
-underground amid the root encounters, the underworld
-ground level encounters or normal woodland encounters
-trunk encounters for creatures living in the trunk
-lower branches or standard sylvan
-dark branches where evil dwells
-upper branches or high sylvan semi divine beings, beastlords, elven royalty and demigods
-aerial encounters for cheats trying to move about freely between branches
-oddball characters living in the tree, some with little houses and shops (Moon Face offers you shock toffee)
-generators for kingdoms and communities among the branches
-possible cloud kingdoms could interact cos Enid Blyton multiverse theory sez so

If only i could invite children over for parties in front of my real children like she did to help inspire this. Of course id amp up the horror

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