Thursday, 1 June 2017

Gardens of Xor

Im in hospital - 25 hrs so far
out now but dig the pipboy i got

Xor Xor
How does your garden grow?
With gobbets of flesh
and glistening gore
and scores of cocks growing in a row

Mammals are hairless
Birds are featherless and have batlike wing membranes
Reptiles no different but colour range

But what about plants?

True plants are rare and the soil they grow in is manmade usually from scraps of skin, compost and faeces. People make it in hard to reach places where valuable plants cannot be stolen. They are rare treasures. Some animals like scarabs accumulate faeces and other accumulate muck which can grow seeds carried by feathered birds from other worlds. Humans trade seeds with outsiders. Xorians can live off blood and xorian equivalent of vegetarians are keratin eaters who mostly graze on hair. Dietary requirements of Xorians are different and many find plant matter unpleasant.

What is that stuff growing in the forests of Xor then?

Growths of Xor are fleshy mostly and some are colonial organisms like jellyfish or constructions of colonial animals like coral. Some are fleshy structures resembling organs or even animals. Some are analogues of plants but fleshy. Some are mobile or can move or even bite.

d10 Growths of Xor
1 Hair
2 Shrubs
3 Flowers
4 Fruiting
5 Trees
6 Vines
7 Animals
8 Colonies
9 Tumours
10 Carnivorous

d100 Growths of Xor
1 Molegrass is soft velvet like patches that can cover large areas or just spots like lichen
2 Stubble is short bristly hair growths rough to the touch and covers areas like short grass
3 Razorhair in knee to head high sharp hairs covering large areas or patches
4 Follicle Reed grows in patches or areas in wetlands and some have a sausage like fruit
5 Haircanker is a flesh nodule that grows a patch or single hair from small to head high
6 Ironstrand are a few inch thick follicles that can grow twenty feet tall and used for poles, shafts and building
7 Pubegrass grows in thick curly patches like carpet often home to lice and crabs
8 Growlash is a flexible thin attractive slightly curly hair one to two yards tall that grow in rows
9 Pusshair is a two yard tall hair with a diseased swollen red gland at base ready burst with puss and rotten oil
10 Waxhair grows sparsely and is covered in sticky oily yellow wax which has a variety of uses, bitter flavour but edible
11 Bonebush is a mass of intricate assemblage of bones all fused growing from the ground
12 Fleshcacti are meaty structures covered in thorns resembling cacti in a variety of size and forms
13 Pustuleclump  bulging infected swollen mound that might burst if touched or already have and leaking diseased puss
14 Groperbush is a mass covered in groping forearms that sometimes steal treasure or play with stolen toys
15 Shnozzola is a foot to three foot tall nose dribbling phlegm that attracts insects to get trapped inside
16 Gibletclod is a seemingly one to two foot clump of gore and organs in a transparent sack on ground or hanging
17 Mawflower is a huge flesh mass growing on ground that reeks of rotten meat to attract bugs into toothed mouth
18 Toothclump is a large gum like clump a foot tree covered in random teeth usually the same species on any clump
19 Bigtooth is a giant foot to yard tall tooth, older ones turn yellow and have worms eating them exposing rotten nerves
20 Snailbelle is a squat bush covered in what looks like snail shells but they gently jingle in the wind like tiny bells
21 Eyestalk is a slender fleshy stalk which grows a eyeball on top mostly small but tree size ones exist watching all
22 Tentacleflower is a small tentacle that grows in clusters often swaying and may grab small creatures
23 Fleshlotus resembles a lotus pod but often a yard wide dripping with fluids for pockmarked drum like surface
24 Eyecluster is a fleshy stalk covered In bunches of tiny eyes that watch travellers, some grow into huge clusters
25 Fleshroom resembles mushrooms and toadstools but are made of meat that come in various sizes and shapes
26 Spitter is a fleshy tube often dripping mucous and spit in the faces of intruders or threats
27 Shepherds Crook a thin red crook shaped fleshy tendril in clusters retract in ground by night
28 Phalusflower grow in clumps of dozens are fully functional aroused penises that deflate by night
29 Earflower is a human ear growing on a stalk that tends to orientate itself to best eavesdrop on any noises
30 Nerveflower is a white soft ornate structure that if touched spasm and even withdraw underground
31 Mutato grows on shrubs or vines and induces mild mutations if eaten raw but shaman refine into potent potions
32 Skullfruit may grow grow ground or from other kinds of trees and is a surprisingly soft crunchy edible treat
33 Heartfruit grow on bushes and trees and are a rich gory blood filled meal rich in nutrients that beat when picked
34 Brainfruit are head size squishy edible brain often full of valuable neurotransmitters but giant varieties exist
35 Meatpod is a hard fleshy walnut like structure that grows on other structures, inside the shell is soft gooey mass  
36 Devils Eggs resemble clusters of large testicles that grow on other structures, eating causes parthenogenesis
37 Wattlefruits are lumpy covered blobs resembling turkey neck growths filled with rich oily paste
38 Wormclump is a fleshy squat outer shell with opening filled with masses of writhing edible worms
39 Wobblejelly is a  delicious one to two foot high coloured gelatine blob with different flavours with varied colours
40 Ovoritube is a one to two yard tall transparent tube full of edible eggs with skins instead of shells
41 Bonetrees resemble large or giant femurs or other bones semi submerged in the ground with living marrow inside
42 Handtree is a giant forearm and hand growing from the ground, at night some fold up and some might make gestures
43 Loraxa tree has a meat trunk and a tuft of colourful fuzzy hair on top useful for fibres to make rope and cloth
44 Organ tree has various species with flesh trunks that grow different organs like hearts, limbs or eyes that shaman use
45 Bronchilitree is a flesh but hollow tree with many branches of sphere clusters exchanging gas from the underworld
46 Legtrees grow knee up to the sky ending on a foot, they smell bad and wiggle their toes occasionally
47 Tentacle trees are huge 30-60 foot tentacles that gently sway in the wind that rarely attack giants
48 Eyelamp is a tall thin flesh trunk tree that curves towards the end under a great blinking staring eye
49 Testepalm is a slightly curved trunked tree with red dripping lung tissue like fronds with clusters of testicles on top
50 Eyeoak is a thick trunked tree with great meat branches and each trunk has a huge blinking eye in the middle
51 Intestine Vines are horrible ropy masses of tubes that pass digested mass away from their roots often hang in trees
52 Fistvine is a ropey red vine with hands that can grasp things to help climb but punches anything threatening
53 Fleshcreeper is a thick bristly meat vine that overgrows other structures and fuses covering and strangling other growth
54 Eggvine is a sickly thin yellow creeper that grows eggyolks inside and plants them when mature that hatch into birds
55 Redripper vine a thin scarlet vine that attaches itself to living things and drinks blood possibly from animals if desperate
56 Chokervine is a thick fleshy fine that waits still and will try to grab and strangle animals then feed off them
57 Eyevine has luminous eyes and strings through trees in a festive manner, a popular decorative growth
58 Hangman Vine drops nooses from trees to trap and possibly strangle victims to feed from
59 Bloodvine an artery like tube that plums itself into other living things, natives use it to cut open for a quick drink
60 Cockvine is ambulatory penis like vine that creeps through the undergrowth sometimes peeing on passers by
61 Squidclump is a static variety of landsquid that keeps its pointed head in ground and grasps passing animals to feed
61 Land Anemone have squat trunks and a mass of often stinging tentacles that eat creatures
62 Land Urchin are gigantic spine covered balls in a shell that slowly move and often clump in groups
63 Land Star is a starfish like slow moving creature that grazes off smaller creatures and skin
64 Land Hydra is a transparent tube with several long clear tentacles that snatches and eats passing animals
65 Land Sponges are soft squishy structured creatures that cling to the ground and filter food from the air
66 Guttube is a fleshy cylinder that feeds of aerial microfauna but if disturbed shoots out its guts in a sticky mass
67 Slughome is a huge slow moving mollusc that houses a colony of slugs which eat dead skin
68 Bloodbarnacles are wetlands shellfish that cling to larger growths and have sharp boot shredding shells
69 Razor Shells are sharp blade like molluscs that grow in undergrowth and can cut bare feet
70 Stinger Shells grow in shallow fluids or damp areas like snails but have a venomous stinger, breeds vary in toxicity
71 Bonereef is a colony of small stinging gelatinous creatures that build maze like sculptural walls from calcium
72 Skyjellies are jelly gasbags that float in air and are tethered by stinging jelly cables, at times they free fly and can attack
73 Warjelly grows in high places and hangs a curtain of stinging poison tendrils to kill prey but cannot move on own
74 Gasjelly is a transperant bag of gas that filter feeds from microscopic aerial creatures, is harmless slimy balloon
75 Groundjelly is a crawling gelatinous slug slowly moving and can merge with other colonies or split depending on food
76 Fleshhive is a living insect hive that spawns dangerous swarms if disturbed and to gather it food
77 Antpods are hard fleshy pods that symbiotically house an ant colony which gathers food for the pod in return
78 Termeat Mounds are a flesh three yard tall heap with a meat eating termite colony
79 Stirgehouse a fleshy house grows in larger tree structures that houses stirge colony and can spawn more if threatened
80 Carrionhive where flesh eating bees dwell and bring the hive meat in return for sugary syrup drawn from blood
81 Tentacle polyps are cancerous mounds with randomly grasping tentacles, some detach and may relocate or attack
82 Cancerclumps are clusters  of subdermal lumps that can grow to house size proportions
83 Tumorclumps are huge mounds that grow in oblong lumps under the skin of large growths or terrain
84 Malignamen are humanoid cancer blobs once normal persons but now all cancer and fused in hideous poses
85 Chimerapolyp seems to be a fused mass of creature with features dulled and coloured grey that seeks to add to its body
86 Weeniepolyps are edible cancers that look sausage like and grow on larger structures
87 Tumerbrains are sickly brain growths filled with white cancer lumps that emanate heart stopping hallucinations
88 Spacepolyps are bouncy tumour creatures a yard high that children cut free and bounce holding the tentacles for fun
89 Arthrogrowths are former giant insects now dead sprouting tree like tumour growths from bodies
90 Sporepolys are animal shaped delicious smelling growths that turn the consumer into a sporepolyp over a week
91 Bangpolyps are explosive cancers that take over an area and the chunks infect victims flesh with more
91 Fleshclam is a one to three foot wide fleshy giant clam that snaps on prey and can move slowly to relocate
92 Mantrap is a flesh version of a venus flytrap that preys on humans, small ones bite feet and big ones eat men whole
93 Goblincuster is a family of small goblins that are connected by umbilical cords to a tree growth
94 Clonepods are a human size fleshy pod that grows hostile clones from humans it eats who spread more pods
95 Tendrilpits are deep tentacle filled pits that trap victims unaware and seal them in to eat
96 Fleshcrucible is a fleshy pear shaped pod that lures victims inside with illusions and then traps shut inside stomach
97 Gore Malice is a squishy lung tissue like mass of giblets that leaps from above to strangle and burn victims with acid
98 Xorian Antlion lives in a pit it covers with slime so when victims slip in it attacks with huge jaws from hidden hole
99 Firebelly is a stomach like sack with digestive tube that shoots liquid that burns in air to hunt
100 Gorebladder is a organlike football that lives in a colony, when prey close they inflate to huge size to trap prey


  1. Well, that sucks. The hospital part, that is. Get better. Be well.

  2. To a certain extent, I don't mind getting a little sick. I get to sit and read and write and not feel like I'm being lazy.

    Hope your unwellness goes well.


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