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Quick Monster Sub Breeds

So just a update my health is ok. Fallout more to blame for my posting and lack of inspiration which hiit before my hospital visit. I have ten stillborn blogs in some stage I cant finish. This idea on my brain when I woke up today. Half way through mental mutations. Hope to have Xor character sheet here soon and ready for game this sunday. My housemate Lyron who's a 5th ed guy wants to run new Tomb of horrors which i know still after running it 1985 but he thinks I can play to help players but not be too overt about my knowledge which could also prove fatally wrong. He is also interested in ravenloft. Nice to have all the current books about to look at but Volos guide is the stand out. I really wanna play some of the races like lizard man or kenku crow men.

One thing Fallout and Mutant epoch do that everyone should do is have  lots of variants for common monsters and creatures which can also cut down on need for stat blocks on monsters without much difference. Also you can surprise jaded players especially with wilderness encounters. So here are a few d12 sub breeds. I will do more.

d12 Wild Dogs Sub Breeds AC13 HDd6 Dam d6 Mov12"  
1 Goblin Dog - hairless wrinkly skinned with night vision and silent ambush predator
2 Hag Hound - emaciated, huge, mossy strands hang from body, white eye HD&Dam d8
3 Fey Hound - a fast elf hunting dog like a greyhound but creepy, 18" Mov
4 Cyclops Hound - one eyed dog that howl causes panic in under 4HD creatures who fail save
5 Ghoul Dog - undead dog that loves to dig human graves up, bite causes paralysis as ghoul
6 Fire Dog - red, muscular like bull terrier and can once per fight spit a d6 firebolt range 12"
7 Orc Dog - has scaly skin and a beak crossed with who knows what HD&Dam d8 AC15
8 Ghost Hound - not undead, nocturnal, white and can turn invisible for a d4 rounds per battle
9 Flesh Hound - hairless wrinkly skin and once bite latch on and suck blood till dead d4 per round
10 Spider Hound - black eight spider legged dogs that can cling to walls and attack by ambush
11 Mole Hound - pink skinned rodent like incisors and can dig 3" like surprise attacks
12 Gore Hound - skinless and hideous goes berserk when injured +2 Hit Dam and fight till -10 HP

d12 Ghoul Sub Breeds AC14 HD2 Dam d3/d3/d6 Mov9" Paralysis touch
1 Hooded Ghoul - are silent, wear clothes, use tools, more subtle and skeletal, some use scythes
2 Bone Suckers - are white with hard calcified skin prefer to eat bones have AC16
3 Spirit Ghouls - are intelligent and concealed by illusions and might infiltrate humans
4 Screaming Ghoul - howl causes panic in under 4HD creatures who fail save
5 Corpselight Ghouls - glow green, every blow on one spatters attacker with 1pt acid damage
6 Leaping Ghoul - wear monk robes, can jump 3" in addition to normal move and highly acrobatic
7 Ice Ghoul - covered in frost radiate cold 1" radius dam 1hp non cumulative with other ghoul fields*
8 Barrow Ghouls - black hairy with hyena like muzzles more savage dam d4/d4/d8 no paralasys
9 Grave Fiends - burrow 3" Mov, burst from graves to ambush living with 1-3 on d6 surprise
10 Night Stalker - can track humans all night and mov 12", call others with howls, stooped like apes
11 Tomb Horror - can regenerate 1/hp per round at night but holy water or fire stops healing
12 Nightfiend - faster mov 12" with dark blue skin, look more human, can cast spells as 3rd lv cleric

*yea so ten ghouls around you only ever do 1pt dam with cold fields

d12 Stirge Sub Breeds AC12 HD1+1 Dam d3 Mov 3"/18" Suck d4 hp/round till dead
1 Stirge Owl - mistake easily for owls with longer beaks and hoot when they see prey
2 Hell Stige - stinking explosion when killed, everyone within 5 foot radius takes a d4 damage
3 Foul Stirge - covered in slimy filth, bites also carry disease 5% chance of infection per hp damage
4 Giant Stirge - double HD and damage but only mov 3"/12" and they croak loudly when near
5 Stink Stirge - rancid odour save or throw up and helpless for one round
6 Flightless Stirge - are ground based with stunted useless flappy wings but run at 12" or jump 3"
7 Arrow Stirge - with 4" room to accelerate with rocket farts do 2d3 for initial bite damage
8 Vampire Stirge - half the blood they drink heals their wounds making harder to kill
9 Mummy Stirge - undead and wrapped in bandages, normal undead defences and abilities Fly 12"*
10 Sap Stirge - these harmlessly prefer plant sap from plant creatures or elves, dislike humans
11 Bombardier Stirge - once/day can drop explosive egg d6 damage 1"radius to soften up victims
12 Ghoul Stirge - these undead stirges have a paralysis bite and standard undead resistances

*evil cultists make them, common defence in age of the monster king dynasties

d12 Snake AC13 HD1 Dam d3 Move 9" most have poison bite by default
1 Dungeon Python - non venomous constrictor snake will bite and make entangle attack
2 Hypno Cobra - stare at victims if under 4HD save or are in vulnerable trance for ten minutes
3 Red Racer - fast aggressive snakes often in groups Mov 15"
4 Deathrattle Snake - rattle gives of lethal vibrations 1" range, under 4HD creatures save or die
5 Fang Snake - non venomous but d6 bite and Mov 12 will hunt in packs
6 Javelin Snake - can launch self and leap 3" to ambush victims
7 Spine Snake - crawl from spinal nerve from corpses has undead immunities
8 Fire Cyclops Snake - can spit a d4 firebolt once per round have only one eye
9 Witch Snake - knows one wizard spell can cast once per day, random and not always useful
10 Cat Snake - has cat head and d4 bite, molests farm animals and steals milk and screeches at night
11 Goblin Snake - has a goblin head and mutters obscenities, semi intelligent and thieves
12 Sting Worm - mostly ambush from burrows, has single tooth, pain venom makes helpless d4 hours

d20 Large Spider AC12 HD1+1 Dam 1pt Mov6"/15" in web +2 Save poison bites
1 Water Spider - curl up with a air bubble in puddles and ponds instead of webs swim 15"
2 Gliding Spider - live on ceilings and treetops and will spin a parachute to drop on prey
3 Ruby Spider - resemble gems and lie in groups, bred by monsters to trap adventurers
4 Corpse Spider - start colonies inside a corpse, will burst out to attack anything bothering corpse
5 Lock Spider - like to live in locks in doors or chests or trap mechanisms and defend aggressively
6 Mouth Spider - likes to crawl in mouth of sleeping creatures too reproduce, use  sleep venom
7 Dung Spider - likes to hide in dung heaps, stools or toilets to eat insects but defend homes
8 Face Spider - on a attack jump on face carrying web will try to smother and blind the victim
9 Fang Spider - has huge shearing non venomous mandibles that inflict d4 damage
10 Goblin Spider - has a d3 damage bite and a ugly goblin like face and they mutter and drool
11 Mother Spider - carries a swarm of babies on back that helps it attack 1HD does 1hp dam/round
12 Lotus Spider -  d4 bite, venom has no save bonus but induces nightmares of spider god d4 hours
13 Skull Spider - live inside discarded skulls and bite for d3 damage, most find them terrifying
14 Blood Spider - non venomous but painless bite and suck 1hp per/round, often victims unaware
15 Gold Spider - resembles piece of jewelry and lays strings of pearl like eggs, hide in treasure
16 Team Spider - live in groups that hold a 1" web net on cave roofs to collectively attack prey
17 Mage Spider - can cast magic missile as a 1st lv wizard once a day
18 Imp Spider - can teleport 12" with a puff of stinking sulphur once per battle
19 Demon Spider - has a d3 bite and require magical weapons to harm it
20 Slaver Spider - venom charms the victim and intelligent spider rides them on neck as a slave


  1. The new tomb is different enough that you won't have a huge advantage

    It's OK to not post every day. You write a source book worth of content every month!

  2. You are fantastic as always. Ghoulstirge already a thing though (module L1)


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