Sunday 19 February 2017

Yet More Cthulhu Portraits

So I have a few more to do but will do later. If you haven't noticed they can be cut out and put on  boxes on some coc sheets. Someone asked me to do modern ones but my modern game is post apocalypse so not much help to me. Victorian would be easier to do and more likely. I run 3 games in early 2oth c including decopunk metropolis, cthulhu and weird war one and possibly gangbusters. Only had one latino so would be a good sheet to do with next batch. 


  1. I wonder who the guy is in the first set with the tattoos? Looks like he could be Houdini's brother. Which gives me an idea for an NPC: an escape artist with a ouija board tattooed to his chest. Because, why not?

    1. i nabbed some guys from old tat studio pix for extra thug value

      Ouija boards are a funny trademarked kids game

      woman tried to return game to my local shop as it had no spirits in when she tried alone


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