Sunday 12 February 2017

d100 Interzone Encounters for Murder Highway

Ooh got a long Roadwar game friday..... so new content from my to do list. This could be for a cyberpunk game too.

I am working on a compilation of all my roadwar and have some art but I have at least ten more sections. Xor is at stage where im refining and editing text and needs little new content.

Surrounding the great sprawling cities of Sydney and Melbourne are increasingly desolate wastelands. Around the walled cities are the Slumburbs. Remains of the old suburbs filled with mostly unemployed and criminal classes, Then there is the Interzone. A semi controlled space mostly between the electrified razor wire zombie fences and the huge concrete defensive walls protecting the real city. Inside the real city law is absolute and only those employed by corporations and their spoiled families are permitted. The CBD is a luxury paradise mall megaplex, a playground for the rich that death racers will seldom see unless they make the A-league. Air transport is prefered for most important goods by airship freighters or hypersonic aircraft launch from the urban zone, allowing the rich to never soil themselves or see the poor.

Interzone is more interesting. A chaotic hive of criminals, corporate agents and lawmen. A maze of cyclone wires, cargo containers, cables, warehouses and garbage. Where shifty deals and black ops are commonplace. Factories and common industrial workers are commonplace. The workers are expendable casuals many who live in the sprawling slums. Many technical staff live in tiny cargo crate apartments or factories dormitories. Managers live in the city. Many who live in the interzone in industrial facilities not allowed within city walls.

Most of the Interzone is inside superstructure of the walls. The sky is seldom seen. Metal girders, frames, metal walkways and stairs cover walls. Air and drain lids and metal staple ladders are common. Many spaces are poorly lit with areas public gather in are the best.

Many death races start from such areas. Garages and transport bays for cheap land transport are based within interzone. Bus depots, truck stops, parking garages, auto factories are all  based in the Interzone. Some rail lines especially coastal lines and underground trains still function and stations are operated from the Interzone also. Most rail lines in the wasteland have been destroyed by gangs and have been abandoned. These yards and abandoned factories within Interzone are full of gangs and unregulated persons. Occasionally rumours of plague carriers and zombies bring in the clean squads to kill everything but the inhabitants know where to hide.

Possibly there are ways under the walls in sub tunnels but they are dangerous, with bars, fans, toxic waste, steam and boiling water. Black market dealers can provide temporary false ID. Rumour has it gangs in the abandoned districts might help you for a fee. Corporations can provide temporary passes. If your rich enough or famous with a sponsor you might buy citizenship. Yoy could also lose citizenship if you are broke or contaminated.

The law operate several huge districts for highway patrols. Plainclothes secured compounds and seized goods take up acres of warehouse space. Customs operate their own district and who gets in and out. Private security corps also have compounds. The military operate forts with barracks and weapons to fight zombies and occasionally corporate security when tax evasion or emergency nationalisation of assets is required.

While crime and scams and fights do break out in the Interzone no participants want the ultimate force on hand to eliminate all combatants on hand. Elite armed forces, choppers with miniguns and even drones can be called in to end a fight. A few stray pistol shots might be ignored away from a secure point.

"Now mind your business and don't make any trouble while your here. Otherwise you might never be let back in or you might never leave"

d10 Interzone Districts
1 Secure Checkpoint - for personel with metal detectors, xray baggage scanner, drug dogs, APC
2 Secure Gateway - for vehicles, gun turrets, truck weigh post, car traps, combat troops
3 Truck Stop - full of trucks, diners and garages, death race teams and sanctioned op bases
4 Redlight District - prostitutes, casinos, nightclubs,  street stalls, black markets and drug dealers
5 Warehouse - most secure corporate storage, some more run down with squatters and gangs
6 Industrial - factories, work shops, refineries, sweatshops, recycling plants and worker barracks
7 Residential - apartment blocks, shanty towns, homeless shelters, street sellers,
8 Law Enforcement - secure bunkers, compounds, barracks, motor pools, airfields, prisons
9 NoGo - fenced off areas with wrecked cars and buildings, law shoot intruders on sight
10 Abandoned - ruined rail yards, empty factories, burned buildings, garbage dumps,

Just because I didn't do this for Slumburbs before and i like it....

d10 Slumburb Districts
1 Shopping - decaying shopping malls, rows of shops, produce markets, black markets
2 Parks - overgrown parks, with rusty playgrounds and feral children, gangs playing sport
3 Ruins - housing areas often burned and wrecked, crawling with feral gangs
4 Ghetto - densely populated apartments and houses, with additions built with garbage
5 Gangland - gang districts, often fortified and lawless, burning oil drums in street
6 Waged - housing for corporate workers who work in interzone factories
7 Boxtown - homeless humpies, shacks and shelters built from garbage for semi homeless
8 Sprawl - a expanding new highly dense antonymous slumbland independent of city
9 Public - ruined remains of community centres, hospitals, schools, gyms and other facilities
10 Agricultural - reclaimed as farm land with poly domes and crops, usually well guarded

"Crikey this place is crawling with coppers and crooks"

Basic Interzone Breakdown
Choice Vehicles - Cars in interzone tend to be new models or refurbished old models and look clean and highly decorated. Scooters and bycycles common for working residents. Police vehichles like patrol cars, interceptors and APCs are common. Unkept filthy wastelander cars are refused entry frequently or admitted temporarily for repairs only
Vehicle Arms - many vehichles well armoured, machine guns and more advanced modern weapons available but in fact almost any weapon can be found in black market or corp or military compounds.
Weapons of choice - pistols are common arms among commoners as are knives. Mostly oficial lawmen or security use machine pistols or SMGs or bullpup assault rifles. Tear gas grenaides and other chem agents are frequently employed in riots or cleaning out abandoned areas
Food - more modern and international cusine is popular here compared to outsider slumbs. Very little food resembles anything natural food. Most poor eat soylent, algae and yeast based foods with added nutrients. Truckstop diners stock hamburgers and vat grown meat as may riggers reward a cross country haul with a big budget meal. Beer and boxed wine are popular and homebrew and still mad hard liquor popular. Better food is found outside the zone.
Tech - mostly clean, modern and working order but rundown increasingly in worker habs and abandoned areas
Dress - uniforms and overalls and high vis work wear are common. Helmets and work goggles, knee pads are common. Heavy protective coats common and bullet proof vests or flack armour common with lawmen. T-shirts and track suits are common casual wear. Fine fashion or feral wear stands out. Abandoned areas are increasingly feral.
Hair - short back and sides and shaved heads common with law makers and workers and lice outbreaks in worker housing make clean shaven an advantage. Lots of truckers and older engineers like big beards. Trendy hair or gang cuts stands out. Ferals in the abandoned areas increasingly punk or with dreadlocks
Footwear - industrial work boots and sneakers mostly

"What a bunch of stuck up pigs bastards"

d10 Occasional Locals

1 Riggers and truck crews in work gear, usually struggling business owners and contractors
2 Factory workers in uniforms with tools mostly residents from corp apartments or outside
3 Shifty criminals lounging about looking for deals, often representing gangs or syndicates
4 Prostitutes strutting about dressed to impress, serving all tastes and the best dresses
5 Urchins scarpering about cracks and spaces, many living on the streets
6 Police or security on patrol looking for trouble makers or performing search and seizures
7 Corporate class managers, suits and investigative agents touring corp interests
8 Ferals from abandoned areas or on day passes for business, usually tring not to stand out
9 City visitors slumbing it for business or curiosity standing out in their CBD fashions
10 Freelance agents including sanctioned ops or undercover agents here on business

"What the hell is there to do round here mate?"

1d10 Quick Interzone Antics
1 On their way to work
2 On their way to somewhere to eat and drink
3 On the job in public working on something
4 Criminal or corrupt behavior, gambling most common
5 Publicly arguing d4 1=sport 2=law 3=TV 4=bets
6 Publicly drunk or smoking or abusing drugs
7 Fight breaks out d4 1=murder 2=shootout 3=robbery 4=gang fight
8 Public Gathering d4 1=strike 2=riot 3=kangaroo court 4=angry mob
9 Watching TV d4 1=sport 2=death race 3=disaster 4=election
10 Public games 1=aussie rules 2=cricket 3=beer drinking 4=shooting

Sport mostly cricket or Australian rule football or rugby, soccer big with non anglos
Ladies sports catching on but actually Netball most played sport in Australia

"So where do we go to get bloody pissed around here"

d100 Interzone Encounter
01 Miserable workers loading into huge elevator to work
02 Police searching people in the street
03 Gangs have a quick shoot out then flee
04 A man is stabbed in street and attacker flees bleeding victim
05 Protester complains about unfair conditions makes a speech then flees 
06 Police beat a person in the street with truncheons
07 Famous death racer signing autographs
08 Street urchins fleeing cop run down a drain
09 Police gun down armed terrorists in the street
10 Mob have rounded up a mutant and call for hanging

11 Everyone talking about latest death race
12 Everyone drinking and cheering about sort result

13 Mob form around bare knuckle boxers and make bets
14 Urchin throwing shit at security guard
15 Suit wearing managers with security detail on tour
16 Under cover cops shoot criminal in street
17 Priest gives speech warning about apocalypse
18 Old hysterical drunk complaining about tentacled thing in drains
19 Man with no limbs begging
20 Man selling car parts from box in street
21 Drug dealer asks if you wanna get high
22 Prostitute asks if your lonely
23 Suit jumps from upper pylon of superstructure to death
24 Deathrace recruiter from C-grade league asking 
25 Man selling plague antidote claiming a secret of corp classes
26 Eyes staring you from air vent in wall
27 Bounty hunter dragging captives
28 Security guard watching taped off crime site
29 Woman with child begging
30 Man selling bootleg 8-track cassettes and reel to reel tapes and beta tapes
31 Junior suit selling income and health insurance
32 Police with dogs searching for drugs or bombs
33 Several mechanics with signs looking for work
34 Farmer recruiting road warriors to battle a gang
35 Mobsters intimidating a rigger to haul dodgy goods
36 Huge rats run among crowd starting a panic
37 Cyborg war vet telling stories of the zone wars
38 Legless road warrior collecting money in tin cup for new legs
39 Accident with emergency crews, ambulance and crowd
40 Cigarette company girls giving away samples
41 Worker knife fight with crowd cheering
42 Hunter posing for photo with mutant animal kill strapped to car hood
43 Riot breaks out over poor food quality or beer shortage
44 Biohazard troops and medics make spot blood scans for plague carriers and mutants  
45 Woman handing out photographs begging for help finding loved ones
46 Family with bags evicted with security herding them to slumb gates
47 Deathreace fans from CBD taking photographs 
48 Japanese and American tourists with video beta hand cameras
49 News crew trying to film every day life between walls
50 Police arguing with prostitutes
51 Off duty police and security and military drinking beers and telling stories
52 Police transporting chained prisoners
53 Police confiscating drugs and firearms from gang
54 Street cleaners scraping up a dead body
55 Sounds of dozens of revving engines cheer crowd
56 Mutant dog chasing urchins, crowd panic and scatter
57 Police moving trolleys of body bags from sweeps in abandoned districts 
58 Crowd and media following soap opera star
59 Cyborg vets playing two-up and drinking beer
60 Corporate recruiters looking for workers in outback compound
61 Samples of new protein bars being given away by market researchers
62 Security drones fly overhead
63 Scrawny dogs following hotdog cart
64 Ratburger stall with crowd gathering, burgers almost out 
65 Public vehicle auction with excellent price
66 Public auction of seized tins of spam from $100 starting price eack
67 Factory Manager making speach to angry mob
68 Scab labour being harassed by striking workers
69 Strikers fighting security at factory gate entrance
70 Roo shooters selling mostly contaminant free meat from back of truck
71 Police warning public of serial killer seen living in air ducts
72 Preacher of new puritanical cult recruiting settlers
73 Protesters complain about new security measures
74 Mob demanding manager be hung for terrible behavior
75 Protesters complaining about corporate threats of cloned labour 
76 Mad homeless man ranting on soap box about mammon
77 Clerk selling orphans to company labour managers
78 Robot runs over child and mob tear it apart, child ok
79 Politician kissing babies and giving away cigarettes
80 Prisoners attempt escape and are shot by guards
81 Ferals attempt to flee police and are shot
82 Man selling second hand clothes from CBD
83 Gang leaders having public discussion with crowd
84 Union leaders argue with corporate reps and managers
85 Protesting worker preaching go slow and sabotage workplace 
86 Game hunters preparing expedition
87 Settlers preparing to re colonise outback
88 Road train of trucks preparing to cross wastelands with escort
89 Postal delivery handing out packages
90 Scientists looking for escorts for wasteland expedition
91 Child catcher with cage of feral children
92 Police snipers fresh from abandoned and Nogo districts
93 Flag waving thugs clash with protesting filthy hippies
94 Temporary lock in, all gates closed
95 Police evicting all unemployed and ferals to wasteland gate
96 New police cyborg or drone on patrol
97 Gene mod humanoid dog men being field tested by police
98 Bio dress troops spraying chemicals for public health
99 Bio dress troops spraying anyone they assess as filthy or looks like from wasteland
100 All you can drink and smoke party with low entry price put on by union

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