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d100 Terrible letter from home

Terrible letters from home are distractions from fighting wars and often demoralizing. Family could be friends or own house hold in your home. Designed to be good in dnd or ww1 cthulhu or other setting.

d10 Quick nice letters from home
1 A pet or farm animal had hilarious anecdote worthy tale
2 Some one is getting married hooray!
3 Someone has found true love
4 A cheer raising letter of love and praise
5 Someone back home tells of cute petty problems
6 Some one has recovered from a near death situation
7 Justice resolved some problem in a fair manner
8 Someone has had a baby
9 Weather is nice or business is good

d10 Quick Tragedies
1 Crime
2 Vice
3 Poverty
4 Legal
5 Love
6 Disaster
7 Drama
8 Health
9 Morals
10 Weird

01 Older relative has committed murder and run away pursued by the law and leaving family
02 Younger relative committed a crime and has run away and joined a gang
03 Member of family murdered d4 1=child 2=youth 3=adult 4=old
04 Member of family cheated someone shaming you all
05 Member of family was conned and lost a fortune through dirty tricks
06 Family member in prison for accident or a mistake
07 Child or youth kidnapped and carried away
08 Blood feud has been ruining your kin and rival families power
09 Family member went to prison now out a labourer or servant
10 Something valuable stolen from clan

11 Family member become depraved evil drug addict alcoholic and abuser
12 Family member in debt to gambling and has now sold a child as a servant

13 Family member is a sex maniac even disguising self as a prostitute and getting caught
14 Family member dies abusing drugs or having accident while high
15 Kin are involved in grip of petty organised crime and trapped
16 Kin member is a serial killer, a family secret scandal failing to happen
17 Kin member is sadist and abuser tormenting animals and or people
18 Family sexual pervert sexually assault a family member and has exiled them
19 Family member has turned sophisticated attending orgies, theaters, artist parties
20 Family member been seduced by amoral organisation secret lodges, club or cult
21 A relative died in their shack of exposure and hunger
22 A relative has been locked up in a mad house and is tormented by institution
23 A relative has gone to debtors prison where they are constantly ill
24 A relative has been sold under contract to pay off debt in a terrible high risk job
25 Several kin have joined the military life and abandoned their families
26 Mob killed someone collecting loans from gang
27 Bank came and took everything from a relative ruining them
28 Several kin have fled homes and departing to frontier or new territories
29 Someone killed on the job and families left paupers
30 Landlord abusing family with beatings and abuse
31 Family involved in border dispute in court
32 Family member has trial for murder seeking money to buy freedom if defense fails
33 Family having fight over messy divorce and return of dowry
34 Family being evicted by landlords battled in court
35 Family having dispute with church elders
36 Family fighting over claim of found treasure (possibly cursed with greed)
37 Family engaged in constant petty legal feuds with other family
38 Family has members killed and imprisoned fighting rival family
39 Family has mystery bastard arrive claiming family property
40 Family legally maneuvered into subordinate role to other clan
41 The fairest youth in clan ran away with trusted person and both missing
42 A widowed parent has found new younger and poorer love
43 Everyone gossiping about affairs and who is into who
44 Former lover from home tells you about their marriage to someone else
45 Former lover has gone crazy and disapeared
46 Former lover joins some far away military or merchant service
47 Former lover wants to see you and get married
48 Former lover now has a child from somewhere
49 Recent lover informing you about terrible disease they have
50 Letter from most recent serious lover saying your dead to them now, it is all off
51 Family killed due to war related disaster or attack
52 Family members killed in a bizarre massacre
53 Family killed in natural disaster like flood, mudslide, cold
54 Family disappeared nobody knows where
55 Family killed transport accident like train, plane or auto
56 Family home burned down killing and injuring several members
57 Family robbed and house looted and smashed
58 Family blamed for d4 1=starting fire 2=poisoning well 3=witchcraft 4= cowardice
59 Family wealth and leaders lost transporting precious goods bankrupting all
60 Feud has started with great vindictive family over law, money or love gone wrong
61 Someone having a terribly not secret affair that will cause clan trouble
62 Family members miserliness resulted in deaths of other family
63 Family members revealed to be actually married
64 Bizarre love triangle between several families
65 Someone married someone foreign or of a different class
66 Family members death causing succession feuds and legal battles
67 Terrible mismatched marriage with horrible stranger
68 Someone wants a divorce and is causing a scandal
69 Someone has started gossiping about family member and their live in friend
70 Someone in family is vain, rude and thoughtless and starting blood feuds with other clans
71 Plague killed many in your home area, all avoiding that place
72 Patriarch or matriarch of family dies of pox causing power struggle to be the next
73 Someone you love crippled by a injuries from an attack or accident
74 Your vd test results come in and you have big problems
75 Your dearest childhood friend in terrible fever no doctor can explain
76 Someone personally close wasting away in coma
77 Kin who survived plague driven away by jealous neighbours mob
78 Several children of clan died of the scarlet sickness
79 Friend with plague symptoms kills self
80 News from home naming the many deaths from a sickness
81 A relative has been caught performing public sexual perversion and now in prison
82 Kin has used law to ruin someone to make a profit and locals all unhappy
83 Family leader has been working as a fixer for a criminal gang
84 Family member been imprisoned for injuring married partner 
85 Family member performed a crime and blamed a homeless traveller
86 A kinsman stole something and made self rich while original owner had life ruined
87 A family member robbed a kinfolk and splitting the clan
88 Family wasting savings on frivolous status symbols of wealth
89 Family member gave fortune to church while close kin left ruined
90 Family member outlawed for sexual crime and is now seeking a boat far away
91 Family member convinced home is haunted
92 Kin tells of a seance by a witch and the amazing secrets they were told by spirits
93 Family member saw something on the moors one night now broken person in fear
94 A priest has been forming a strong influence on your loved ones
95 Someone in family joined some strange club or fraternity which worries the elderly
96 Long lost relative returned but was really a fraud after money
97 Kin has taken residence in strange old house full weird books 
98 Family member lost in war has been seen among the criminal classes of a city
99 Family member went mad took up strange practices, odd friends and collections
100 Family member had awesome religious vision on deathbead

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