Tuesday 19 September 2023

Neurocity PDF Link? The Best Game Since Paranoia? + Warpland

Just go get it and come back.

And put this on your wishlist.

Another nice article on it

Stuff of mine relevant to setting

an older piece possibly useful

Also watch the UK series Prisoner and find several versions old and new versions of paranoia rpg

There is a new version of it coming

I was meant to review this, Its in my to-do list for maybe 2 years. I did receive a PDF of this and Warpland. I bought hard copies of both on my own but struggled to write my thoughts on both these games for reasons. You can also put Nuerocity in Warpland, which fits some of my gaming even more. Either or both are fantastic. Gavriel Quiroga is one of the best creators in gaming and I've bought more stuff he has recommended the last few years. He shows off lots of nice indy and zine games with beautiful neon punk design. Everything he does is interesting even though Im not someone into short run games so much and Ive certainly not someone who needs more campaign settings. But Neurocity and Warpland are fantastic and I'm a little bit jealous and intimidated by them.

Lots of the world building is in tables which is a method I'm obviously committed too (I probably learned from thieves world/RQ3 Cities and Glorantha crucible of the hero wars box set.

Nuerocity I would compare with Paranoia but meaner and less fascicle. Sometimes Paranoia people would play straight and do what they are told and things go smoothly so using a bureaucratic declining dystopia has a solid history in gaming. It is a run-down computer-controlled society with retro technology and everyone faces surveillance and mind control. To me, this painting sums it up.

GEORGE TOOKER SUBWAY 1950 (its good in B&W too)

 It reminds me more of European Literature than SF/fantasy. The mechanical bureaucracy is at times comparable to 80s films 1984 and Brazil or The Future in 12 Monkeys. Maybe a retro-arty dystopian anxiety-based setting. Im sometimes reminded of Eastern Bloc Europe in the 80s I saw first-hand. Kind of depressing malaise and backward retro civilian technology used to copy modern contrivances like a purely mechanical "video" arcade I found in a Russian hotel in 84. Maybe some Kafka and Catch22 vibes.

The art has a tone of retro collage textbook and is gloomy and cold. Art and layout plus bloat free text implies more than any element alone. I could imagine a book of forms for this game as part of play. You could stick this in a post-apocalypse setting or a backward planet to visit in Dr Who or in Warpland. Maybe even in ultraviolet Grasslands. It is fairly self-contained and its background is unreliable and vague you can stick it in different places. I could Imagine a TV series of it.

The procedures of the dystopian society are elements you could use in other games or settings.  It is also far simpler than I'm describing and kinda begs you to work with it somehow. 

Im not sure what the new version has in store but more nice art by some previews is a certainty. I think you could have a wide range of adventures here in the city or the borderlands.

Kind of a companion game setting you could use with Nuerocity or keep separate. Has things in common with my own Planet Psychon and you could probably use my work with it to expand on the tables in warpland. Probably simpler, more accessible than my work. Its quite pretty too. 

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