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d12 Shifty Tavern Hustlers

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d12 Shifty Tavern Hustlers
1 Barnarby Kludgepump is a jolly fat fellow who targets adventurers to sell cheap treasure maps. As he offers to swap his fake maps with real ones some are real. Some he got from local goblins when buying drugs. He has to move about a lot and spends his days drawing maps and faking them. Some he buries and stains with tannin. He even buys old books to shave off the crumbling text for old vellum and parchment. Occasionally there are scraps of something valuable under the fake maps. Occasionally he snatches a map from a shop or estate sale. He will join a table with a jug of beer and ask about adventures. Is quite charming and was once a squire until he was caught pocketing money by buying inferior goods. He is a blustering coward who offers real maps to anyone robbing him

2 Varsa Rumpot a tavern keeper's daughter knows how to hold her drink and make drinking friends and she is pretty enough it helps. Besides her thieves' guild training and apprenticeship with a travelling grifter, she has learned a lot about adventurers. She will flirt to get close enough to single one out and seduce them then drug and rob them is her standard role. Occasionally she will stay around with an attractive generous adventurer and will eventually take everything even their clothes when she gets bored. She will kill if she needs to and the Assasins guild has offered her a place

3 Kym Rymald a handsome plucky youth harrases adventurers for work, following them and learning about them. If they get a job they will inform bandits and rival adventurers for a fee about party movements often fleeing with valuables before this happens. Would like to be a Bard but wants a fancy outfit and instrument and to get into a Bardic school with bribes. They seem to be an excellent thoughtful servant. A few noble estates would like them punished or worse and they have bounty hunters after them 

4 Boyd Randleman is a used horse dealer and likes adventurers to sell poor livestock too. Meets adventurers in a tavern and chooses some drunks to sell bargain livestock too. He knows how to drug his animals to seem perky alert and youthful. Any trained horse carer will see evidence of age and health problems and may detect doping and animals worthy of a butcher. Occasionally he fences stolen horses and modifies brands and tattoos. If spotted he will inform his criminal guild friends about the adventurers in fear they will ruin his reputation. Also knows lots of butchers and skinners 

5 Rikram Kalorian a handsome well-dressed traveller has a fine array of old exotic weapons that might be more special than then Rickram lets on. Some may think they are magic and a test will confirm it. They are all cursed looted from graves and aligned to evil. To non-evil they are cursed to evil they are reasonable. Some have evil wills that influence the wielder who won't give the weapons up. Rikram wears gloves that protect the wearer from curses from handled objects. Rikram is a spell caster but keeps it secret. They hope to one day make their own cursed objects. If pressured will reveal where the weapons come from, a barrow a few miles away. Rickram has a knack for finding cursed burial grounds and ignoring consequences

6 Cappy Strangebrow a scarred retired sea captain will tell of buried treasure and exciting sea stories. If anyone enquires about the locations he seems reluctant but can be convinced with booze and money. He will draw a crude map for 10gp but has in his room a tattooed human skin map with more detail for 100gp. He will flee town if sells a skin map then go to a new town and tattoo some maps on pigs. The mass direct travellers through several famous dangerous places with tips to pass the famous hazards making it seem easy. Once in unexplored seas most never return

7 Fikus Vigo a cheery fellow likes to talk local gossip and will offer adventurers some hot tips for a gold apiece. All the rumours lead to infamous bad places and his stories give false ideas of the possible hazard. 
Some locations like a haunted house or goblin cave might have real treasure. Fikus is part of a witch cult and his fellow cultists will ambush any surviving adventurers fleing the various terrible places Fikus knows of. Fikus may use some of the monsters he knows of as traps if he flees anyone. Other cultists may also aid him

8 Calaborus Goldfriend a drunken former alchemist apprentice in debt sells potions with inferior effects or side effects at low prices. Defects include d4 1=short duration 2=addictive 3=poison 4=delusion potion only seems to work to the user.  Also sells love potions, charms, beauty products and cheap perfume in big bottles to suckers. Carries a few bombs and incendiaries and his beard is soaked in a strength potion he can suck for a while to break out of bonds or prison. He travels with a donkey cart with his lab and medicine show. He pretends to be deeply religious about whatever the local favourite sect is 

9 Plinus Kalgrim is a grim mercenary who seems cheerful enough to drink and is seeking new work outside a mercenary contract with a company. He will accept an offer to join adventurers rather than suggest it. Will work for a low price and knows some local dungeons. He also knows bandits, orcs and a clan of doppelgangers who might assist his plots. He hopes to lead the party to doom or betray them and steal all their goods. He even carries a potion of gaseous form to escape danger. He worships a demon that rewards treachery and has given him some gifts and has a few choice items with names of missing adventurers on them

10 Vivian Plumbert a comeley mature widow seeks adventurers to aid her tiny village from goblins. She won't bring it up preferring to seem suddenly sad at thoughts of her family after an hour or so of drinking. She is a witch and so is her clan, They fornicate with chaos goblins and some have hobgoblin sons. Adventurers are required to rob and sacrifice to bring despair to the world. She sees nothing personal about this and its just part of her faith. Once in the homestead the witches and goblins and pets will demand the party surrender

11 Brother Clamprone a jolly drunken friar asks if adventurers travelling and if could he join them in his quest to find some missing children. He seems to just want a group to travel with and will question the party about travels and suggest they join up with his pilgrim friends. They are all cultists who are allied to chaos beast folk dedicated to demons. Adventurers are to be murdered and sacrificed or given as playthings to the beast folk. The brother requires magic items to supply an evil war band. The cult are violent drunken berserks who live like evil beast folk, a demonic parody of the wine gods

12 Randil Clansword a muscle-bound barbarian and their dwarf ally Gronkil Brutefist seek a party to join especially if it is in a location they know the inhabitants of. They pretend to be jolly and experienced and slightly dim and naive. Gronkil acts always drunk and brain-damaged. Once with a party, they will be gleeful killers of foes. At some point when the party is weak or perhaps on the way home they will turn betrayer using their knowledge of the party for who to grab or kill first. They will accept surrender and drop their stupid act. They will flee if they cannot win and split running to some local dungeon

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