Tuesday 24 May 2022

d100 Things Falling From The Stars

Some crap fell from the sky and wow adventurers do a hero. The End.

Players hanging in a pub too long or want to visit every shop keeper in town. Time to drop a star stone overhead and locals can all panic and stay in their homes in fear. Nobody will be cooperative until the mystery is definativley dealt with.

Survived a week in lockdown without being ill more than my normal amount so every time I thought I finally had it id take a pill and it would be ok. Turns out I just spent a week reading comics and 80s modules. Now to get my previous momentum that I had after 2 years of being a slothmog back as I took to being a bum way too quickly like an old skin. Been gardening and watching baby frogs lots. Stay well readers or else. 

d10 Size of Meteor
01 Arrowhead
02 Knucklebone
03 Chicken egg size
04 Baseball or cricket ball size
05 Ostrich egg size
06 Football size (there is only one true type of football obviously)
07 Watermelon or schoolbag size
08 Engine block of family car size
09 Cow size 
10 Car size

d10 Quick Things Subtypes
01 Wonderous metal star stones
02 Unearly weird star stones
03 Perilous wonders
04 Frightening disasters
05 Alien monsters
06 Strange travellers
07 Star people colonisers
08 Death from the stars
09 Alien Ecology
10 Divine providence

d100 Things Falling From The Stars
01 Nugget of pure bronze +1 that can be fashioned by any smith into objects, arms & armour
02 Nugget of cold iron that can be enchanted to +1 arms & armour even if not enchanted harms many undead and creatures like lesser demons or faeries
03 Pure meteoric nickel-iron star metal meteor good for making up to +3 arms & armour
04 Nugget of star copper +1 electrical damage can ignite flamables targets as extra critiacal hit effect on a 20 to hit roll +d3 damage and morale check if animal
05 Nugget of lunar silver can be enchanted to +1 arms & armour even if not enchanted harms lycanthropes, some undead and lesser devils 
06 A nugget of gold from the sun can be enchanted to +1 arms & armour and torch like glow in the dark (only candle for small item like arrow head lantern for suit of armour)
07 Orichalcum a platnium-gold-bronze alloy used by minions of the gods can be enchanted to +2 arms & armour  
08 A piece of mithril from the heavens can be enchanted to +4 and has half encumberance
09 A piece adamantine can be enchanted to +5 and required to harm beings of divine power, requires magic or adamant tools to shape it
10 Nugget of leas from the night sky part of one of the celestial seals between our world and the outer void. Makes weapons blunt weapons like maul or sling bullets do +1 damage. Can be enchanted for +1 arms or armour. Weight doubled and if not enchanted -1 initiative
11 Strange eerie glowing mineral that begins to melt, the area has mutated life forever after but certain alchemist and chaos cults will try and get it before it is gone, handling it is risky 
12 Weird green eerie glowing stone that causes sickness and even hurts to look at
13 Crystaline mass begins to grow especially if exposed to water, form towering structures that crumble and shatter eventually changing the terrain to an alien world
14 Glowing crystaline monolith, actually a sentient psionic being. It would like to have thralls to move it somewhere safe and provide it with certain minerals and sand
15 Nugget of Koboldium, metal that burns organic matter to the touch and can be used to make matches and incendiaries. Kobolds will come from miles to use it for traps and weapons
16 Great droplet of amber from the sun can be enchanted to +1 arms that cause +d3 damage vs chaotic beings and +1 to armour that ads +3 HP while worn 
17 Molten burning glass from beyond that cools into sky obsidian can be enchanted to +1 arms that cause +d3 bleeding damage (1pt per round) on a critical hit, it cannot be used in armour but has other properties for magic items and can have a surgicaly sharp edge 
18 Violet glowing shard of Umbratherium the metal from the eternal night beyond the void. Can be used to add power to summoning outsiders from the void and negative energy beings. Using it as an inhalant, incence or smoked. Usually it is called down by a darkness cultist or priest of the old ones or a chaos witch. It arives in a sheath of darfforce which opens and farms shadows to guard it
19 Fragment of Ultraranium a poisonous heavy black metal can be enchanted to +1 arms that cause +d3 poison damage per blow and the wearer is advised to wear lead guantlets and a lead scabbard or case or must save each day or permanantly lose 1hp from maximum. Armour made from it poisons the wearer and gets hotter when struck blows +1 damage per attacking blow. If cursed it cant be removed 
20 Splinter of Kronium the metal found in the time vortex can be enchanted to +1 arms and +1 initiative & +1 armour which has no weight worn but double normal amount as baggage. It is also a useful componant for magic affecting time 
21 Stone statues fall from the sky many shatter, they were living beings once in some sky kingdom but petrified and hurled to the earth. If one is revised they seek to revive others
22 Strange lights and shooting stars are in the sky, several collide and smash. Two minor sky divinities crashed their star chariots together and lay dazed in the shattered remains
23 A great slowly tumbing rock flies across the sky and some say they can see buildings on its surface, it passes weekly for a few nights before finally hitting a mountain
24 A flying mountain with a giant castle decends slowly before crashing with a might booming sound 
25 A glistening objuct drops from the sky and amazing those who see it. When found it is a glass elevator to the sky world
26 A great bank of clouds begins to drop trailing mist and crashes. A cloud island from the sky world has crashed inhabited by strange peoples, creatures and structures
27 A comet falls showering the area with snow and unseasonal arival of winter 
28 A strange tower the likes of which you have never seen, there is one door and no windows and strange symbols d4 1=alien worm wizard 2=insect-centaur sorcerer 3=chaos champion blessed by demons 4=trickster divinity wants to test your sense of humour which will decide if the god helps or hinders humanity 
29 A wonderous temple at the heart of a garden with sweet music. If you enter you are transported away to be tested by the gods as sport
30 A great dark bottomless pit has opened into the underworld. Things try and escape and it is easier to comune with the dead here 
31 A frozen mound of green slime that comes to life when thawed out and grows
32 A burning fireball from sky starts a forest fire endangering settlements 
33 A great stone from the causes a huge rift to open
34 A great stone from the sky falls and explodes covering area for miles in a dustcloud
35 A great star stone causes flooding, possibly ruins a dam or creates one or moves a river or makes a tidalwave
36 A fireball explodes like the sun fusing the blast area into glass and covering a vast area in ashclouds
37 Glowing coals rain from the sky starting spot fighters and depositing sulpher in fields
38 A great explosion and fiery cloud fills the sky and some see the face of some great gleeful evil being 
39 A great fireball explodes leaving a crater and ruins of some settlement and perhaps a lone survivor?
40 A great mountain falls from the sky shattering the surface and collapsing into the various subtereanean kingdoms and caverns, layer by layer. From the great smoking pit survivors of all kinds crawl form the rubble. A great exodus of underground peoples flood out by night as lowest levels are flooded
41 A crystal egg shatters releasing baby crystal oozes
42 A stone egg releases a space monster or space version of a regular monster
43 Monolith with imprisoned demon - cultists will seek it
44 A glowing iron cube when cools transforms into an iron golem and goes on rampage
45 A glowing egg releases a furious angel here to see if life worthy of heavenly perfection or fiery destruction
46 Purple worm eggs shower from the sky
47 A great rock in a crater shatters releasing a collosal flying space squid from the void, it may have living creatues inside it like parasites that use it as transport between the celestial spheres
48 A crater forms and inside is an elemental node and gateway with elemental guardians d4 1=water crater lake 2=fire volcano 3=sinkhole to a vast cavern mushroom forest 4=a howling whirlwind
49 A great scarred stone sarcophigi falls from the sky and when people come to see it, finally it starts to open
50 Gigantic sphere begins to have a pulsing light and sound which intensifies until a Kaiju hatches (hope its parents not looking for it). Rapidly grows then trashes region before swimming or burrowing away
51 Crystal pod with a star spirit, various forces want the star spirit and heavenly forces are watching also
52 Crash of some complex astrolabe like apparatus with strangeley dressed burned humanoid bodies inside. Did any survive? Who are they?
53 Shattered wooden magical skyship crash d4 1=crew all killed but some automatons remain 2=crew are undead 3=gargantuan elemental from engine room relesed 4=no crew as they escaped but its syrange builders plan to salvage the vessel 
54 Crashed greycap gnome airship, a vast metal wrecked frame and tattered fabric with shattered gondola and strange engines. Many crew are dead but some parachuted out or used magic to escape harm. There is good salvage but the meloncholic gnomes protect their gloomy secrets 
55 A crashed titanic butterfly like creature with a gondala atatched has crashed and strange explorers from the land of dreams tried to visit the waking world and their magic has failed them leaving them colourful carnvalesque helpless fools. One might think they are costumed or made up as carnival clowns or mimes but they always look like this 
56 A crater crashed but the fantastic alien space arc was in a stasis field on impact. Now the steel automatons and flesh golems have been offloading the poor alien animals 
57 A ship from the dreamy kingdom of the moon! Moon people are here to explore and erect a flag for the moons rulers d4 1=white big eared moon goblins seek plunder and slave children 2=lunar gnomes come to perform tests on lower life forms using sleep and paralasys inducing psionics and memory editing feats 3=snooty moon elf noble renegades fled to the mortal and mud wold 4=protoplasmictentacled alien moon beasts come to take slaves and trade with cultists of chaos and the void   
58 A wrecked burning star vessel in a crater but severl living and dead silver suit and helmed strange people are found who have psionic abilities but d4 1=touble breathing air 2=vulnerable to local disease 3=require implanted gold life support devices 4=require strange food 
59 Some titanic creature like a whale has crashed a mass of gore and strange organs. Alien pirates ocupants have lost their ship and will seet to build a fort to raid the countryside. Salvaging the whale and their built structures on its body 
60 Burning orb from heavens contains a daemon who escaped celestial prison and has been trapped on the mortal world and fears destruction. Seeks a physichal way of getting to the underworld but idea of conquest and worship might be tempting
61 Strange giant moth from the moon lands and moon goblin colonists get to work building home and planting a giant fungus forest
62 Spiked metal sphere crashes and a orc warband exits with a wizard in charge intending to build a base for a foriegn wizard nation
63 A great coiled shell from the stars crashes and when it cools a titanic chaos snail comes out with a hideous squid folk. Snail folk soldiers also come out and seek to set up a colony with their titanic war snail as a mobile home
64 A gigantic alien seedpod in a smoking crater, from withi the shell vegefolk colonists and sordiers with seeds for various domestic ambulant carniverous plants, giant thorn hedgemazes and giant tree houses
65 A great moon rock with dim palid glow rests in a crater and a clan of idiotic boggles come out with bobbling heads and creepy gait. They seek some dark caves or swamp to live in but can be curious about mortal world inhabitants and like to spy on them. The group have 4 guardian willow-the-whisps which are meaner in spirit than the boggles
66 A great moon rock lands and squads of selenite insect folk from the moon exit carrying their great queen and brainier thinkers with help of their giant caterpillars (use purple worm stats and eventually they become titanic moon moths who long to fly to the moon like all moths dream). The selenites beileve ground bound civilisations mean them harm so have sent out a colony force 
67 Strange metalic pod smoulders in a crater and inside machines can be heard. A great metal tripod piloted by three alien octopi one with a 7d6 laser rifle, one operates three 12m grappling tentacles and other drives. Three of these walkers come from one pod. They have come to conquer and go to unite with other units o the same continant destroying all in path and snacking on humans and animals on the way. Their own slave humaoids will deplete quickly (I use Tako and make them psionic). Later arivals will have other machines like gatherers a huge iron scorpion that collects prisoners into a cage on its back or a flyer which soars over the sky with a laser supporting ground machines. The will use poison gas canisters but have a limited amount and plant rapid growing alien weeds that will change the worlds atmosphere given time 
68 A strangesilver fortress has apeared in a smoking crater ocupied by weird almost skeletal once humans now they are strange psionic knights warped by aeons of generations on the astral plane. This is a first bastion in this world where they hope to gain resources by trade or war. They have a gate inside and from the spirit world you can see all kinds of psionic wards and guardian spirits protect the fortress. They have many grudges with other strange elder species
69 A great golden sphere lands and a bastion of templars of law with clockwork automatons and their alien geometric daemons of law aliies and advisors. They have come to take an area they believe will be important in the cosmic war versus chaos. The templars have gold arms and armour and some have mechanical or metal limbs, eyes or other bodyparts after centuries of service
70 A great sphere of slime quivers and burts releasing various slime creature first to clear the area while in the great pool of slime linked to the realms of chaos come hideous mutant hybrid creature. Many are idiotic monsters, but those that are humanoid form a warband who use their idiot spawnmates as war beasts and baggage bearers. Prisoners will be thrown into the slime portal to be reborn as chaos mutants or possibly slime creatures
71 A grim iron tower has landed in an open area, swarms of bats and mist surround it and thorn bushes are rapidly growing over the pointy tower and grounds, forming a defencive wall. The tower is ruled by a space nosferatu who can also visit the ethereal plane at will to spy on and ambush people. The vampire sleeps in its steel coffin in the command room on the top floor and keeps several thralls as lackeys. Some of these thralls by the first night will scout for human victims that can be charmed into becoming peasants for this new strange being. The lord works to revive many skeletons stored in great ossuary in the tower from a former species of thralls all drained. The master besides wanting blood and power wants to fill the space towers tanks with blood that allow the tower to fly through the stars again if needed, currently they are empty each requiring a thousand adult human victims but any animal blood will do really 
72 Stone pyramid crashes and in the remains three alien mumies using a sun powerered relic resurect their ancient followers who have been stored as dust in jars for this voyage. The greatest mummy has terrible supernatural powers operates the relic and plans to establish an empire on this world. Many wonderous chambers and items can be found in the pyramid and even alien spellbooks (I use psionic space elves for the people with big eyes)
73 A great mass of earh has been chrned up by a falling object revealing a collosal necropolis. The bodies begin to arise animated by the violet crystal meteor. They will enforce a perimter to protect the area and excavate trapped dead clawing to reach the surface. Eventually they will seel a human they can use as a vessel for the inteligence in the crystal, the spirit of a necromancer who escaped a barbarian wizard purge long ago 
74 A strange green stone falls from the sky and strikes a bandit camp in the wilderness. The men are seel shambling undead infested with alien glowing worms who seek to spread their infestation, if desperate they may use animals too
75 A great black mass falls from the stars crashing in the distance and is buried under the earth. Inside the vast burried great machine a lich and his ghoul queen lover with their undead crew have returned from an aeons long journey seeking godhood. They gained the relic they needed but then had to return to the world to find living sacrifices to activate their collosal artifact. The ghoul queen and her spawn are hungry also and scout the region for prisoners
76  A strange baleful burning star falls and many dead arise near where it passed and head for where the star fell which is part of some old prophecey people only half remember
77 A hairy star flies over a settlement leaving a dreadful miasma of plague. As the first few mass graves are being filled the dead begin to arise causing chaos. It is said a monastic order warned of this evil star years ago
78 A black monastary of undead templars have landed after being blasted into the night sky aeons ago
79  Collosal black tree with violet leaves has appered where a star fell and undead dark elves lost for aeons have finally returned. They will be shunned from their own kind
80 Craggy mountain or mesa in a crater whith a great gatehouse of black hat wearing evil dwarves. These dwarves have malicious intentions and crave slaves to abuse
81 A strange lumpy white fungal material begins to grow from the meteor.
82 Alien seedpods have been scattered over the area d4 1=ambulant carniverous trifronds 2=pod plants that grow human doppelgangers 3=podling plant people 4=shambling mounds
83 A thing falls from the sky into the mountains. A beating fleshy heart-seed of Xor the living universe of flesh has come to colonise this puny world by growing flesh and strange creatures 
84 A palid comet soars over the land and alien spores rain down growing giant fungus and encouraging giant bugs and goblins soon arive to this promised land 
85 Reptilian eggs and prehistoric seepods rain from they sky releasing all kinds of reptilians, dinosaurs and draconic beasts. Only babies for a while these rapidly grow and trouble by following spring. Monster hunters and reptilian cults and species will be drawn here
86 A great machine crashed from the stars and modular geometric daemons of law are capturing life and converting it to mechanical and clockwork and steam automatons. Even trees turn into windmills and smoking chimneys
87 Crystal monolith with tentacles that lures in life with a strange sound and psionics then grasps them and turns them into crystal animals and abhumanoids
88 A mat of alien vegetation smothers everything then from from a seedpod then releases plant creatures. Normal plants begin to animate and become hostile. 
89 Imps rain down and the critteres menace people while invisible and help the wicked. Lesser devils and diabolic cults are increasingly seen until hunted and destroyed. A class of imp huntng fanatics arise and some fakes secretly taking advice from imps
90 A great slimy pit of malevolant ooze that responds to strong emotions making it release slime creatures. The pool is a portal to the demon god of slime's disgusting palace
91 In a smoking crater a great star stone has a weapon of the gods stuck in it and a crowd gather to try and to listen to the wild stories of prophets and hedge wizards
92 A mysterious marble portal with shining metal gate awaits who can open it and no doubt placed by the gods for some purpose
93 Great demon hatched from stone egg and goes on a rampage. A divine being meets explorers telling them the monster must be slain by a certain means
94 From a broken star stone a great unatural flaming spirit of evil comes out and seeks a host to grant its evil powers too. It may have come here as it sensed some outlaw, cult leader or humanoid king
95 A great crashed sky castle with dead and stunned giants inside lays scattered over a crater. They were just battling a god in the sky and they are angry fresh from battle
96 A great branch from the world tree has somehow fallen into the mortal realm. In the wreckage are homes of gnomes, goblins, animal folk, halflings and elves and a few odd forest spirits. They might unify or scatter. Allies from faerieland might come
97 A great crypy from the stars opens and a undying alien elder god stmbles out, awaiting cultists have brought themselves as sacrifices and are performing a ritual to aid the gods awakening
98 A great rock in a crater with a great charred dead god corpse. Other gods arrive to investigate and revive their kin. Mortals in area require investigation and some cultists or evil forces might crave parts of the god making its rebirth harder and giving them wicked power
99 A great statue of some evil god or demon or devil appears housing a hellgate with guardian troops and damned thrall cultists, Gods send visions to various heroes in the area
100  A ring of monoliths have fallen from the sky and sunk into the ground forming a ring. The stones have glowing sigils and used by cultists on their way can activate it to call down the cosmic cancer from beyond into out universe to uncreate it, curious distant gods watch and might encourage killing the cukltists swiftly

There are some inconsistancy bugs in here as was written in haphazzard manner. Let me know if you find any bad typos or confusing bits

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