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d100 That funny time at the bathhouse - Carousing while being clean

This for those civilisations that have public baths like Rome or the Indus and possibly could be a steam bath or other similar social communal hangout. You could scale down for that backwood Viking Sauna or murder hobo shanty town bathhouse. My Grandpa was raised in one and ran away to go to school instead and was adopted by Jews in the city. In some cultures, these are important places for business and politics but also just every day. Look up some of the roman baths for ideas and look at the Town Bath in UK where a roman bath was revived in more recent times with a different era of decadence and quack therapies. Some species might like to do business in a bathhouse or even if for frog folk hold court in a royal bath.

The pick is my pobblebonk enjoying her bath

d10 Event Types
01 Meeting friends
02 Good times
03 Exiting gossip
04 Scandal surprise
05 Vice is nice
06 Business meeting
07 Political meeting
08 Sinister meeting
09 Strange secrets
10 Magical events

d100 Bath House Carousing
01 Meet a long lost childhood friend now working locally
02 Meet a professional gladiator or soldier 
03 Go to bath meet local merchants then out for lunch then back to bath then out drinking again and now you know lots of shop keepers
04 Meet some friendly adventurers who try to get you to join them
05 Meet some drinking buddies you can hook up with whenever your in town
06 Get an invited to a fancy party with a better class of people 
07 Joined a local club at the bathhouse with professional and social connections
08 Got into a lively debate and humiliated a local who sulked off in a storm
09 Gave a rant and managed to draw a crowd with your challenging words
10 Met a group of radicals intent on changing society
11 Got into a jolly sing along followed by pub crawl and vomiting
12 Got a bit exited while being oiled/flogged and a few laughed at you
13 Hung over from night before you fouled bath and were kicked out
14 People notice an amusing birthmark or scar on your body
15 While exercising invited to compete in local athletics event 
16 Kissed some stranger 1in6 chance you meet again awkwardly
17 Have an attractive flirty friend you meet at bathhouse
18 Invited to a feast in a well off household 1in6 its in the country bring your friends
19 Invited to a costume party in a fancy household
20 Nominated to play a traditional character role in a local festival parade
21 Hear about a sure bet in a sporting event or fight for cash
22 Hear about restless dead in a certain burial place
23 Hear about unrest in government and of a factions extreme actions
24 Hear an embarrassing story about a leader
25 Hear about some local ruins where robed strangers seen at night
26 Hear about a reward for a local wanted criminal and a lead to their location
27 Hear about a strange shunned cave in the area
28 Hear about a strange old house said to be haunted by ghosts and witches
29 Hear about accusations of lone local leaders being in a secret cult
30 Hear about local disappearance in certain locations
31 Got into a duel d4 1=broken up by law 2=they send a hired duelist 3=wanted for murder by their family 4=banned form town
32 Got into a brawl d4 1=kicked out of bath house 2=made new enemy 3=they pulled a knife 4=wanted by the law for violence against a local
33 Got caught having sex in a public area and banned for a week
34 Witness a quarrel between two nobles over a local issue
35 WItness a stabbing at bath and investigators require you to not leave town until the watch captain clears you
36 Saw someone cast a spell on someone in secret
37 Saw a servant of a noble selling something to a smuggler
38 Had a torrid affair until you were caught by their legal spouse
39 Question raised in a chat about a nobles legitimate ancestry
40 Saw someone important have an affair with someone they shouldnt
Invited to a rich orgy d4 1=fantastic 2=not what you expected 3=had to escape 4=really a daemon cult
42 Got high with local addicts of strange forbidden drugs
43 Lots of gambling, make a gambling or gaming roll, win=gain d4x100gp lose=debt 
44 Wild night on town and now your friends with the towns redlight district sex merchants
45 Spent hellish night trying to score drugs, chased by gangsters and made some new friends to party and score with 
46 Got caught in illegal club raided by the law, imprisoned d4 days and fined d4x10gp
47 Stumbled onto illegal fight scene d4 1=bareknuckle boxing 2=topless women swordfighting 3=bloody pit fights 4=monster gladiators using illegally bred or captured monsters
48 After a d4 days of debauchery with a wild out of control hellrake gang an angry mob petitioned the local judge to have you and your new pals in prison d4 1=rich kinsman bailed you all out 2=a new friend bribed the lawmen 3=tarred and feathered and driven out of town 4=daring escape from prison 
49 Invited to a secret show d4 1=goblin sex acrobats 2=dawf has sex with a donkey 3=dryad scam to charm new thralls to her cult of lovers 4=stripper is a medusa, she works with an evil garden supply merchant for the rich who lures in the future ornaments
50 Invited to a secret display of forbidden art securing your status among rich edgelords d4 1=erotic poetry 2=witness a summoning of a succubi or incubus just for thrills 3=undead dancers with necromancer coreographer 4=patients from an invalid asylum being hunted for sport by rich 
51 Meet a restorer of old mansions seeking vintage decor such as furniture, old paintings, carpets, candleabra, old suits of armour, weapons
52 Meet a hardware merchant who can have a crew strip any dungeon for every profitable scrap for a good contract 
53 Merchant tells you about a profitable goods shortage in area adventurers were going to visit
54 A farmer needs blood and bone for his tired old fields and understands adventurers might know a good supply. Also looking for new source of pig food, any old meat will do 
55 A merchant works for a soap and candle company and is always looking for things to render down in his vats to make new tallow
56 Met a merchant selling beehive in a box or maybe just a wasp nest
57 Merchant has many unclaimed adventurers storage lockers you might want to buy at an auction, who knows whats inside when you remove the lock
58 Went drinking with wine merchants and now you have newfound appreciation for lots of fine wine and new put downs for cheap rubbish
59 Stable owner has some used donkeys and carts if you need any at a low low price
60 Coin changer offers you a special exchange rate for changing old coins for new ones and pay you proper for special collector coins (could be any specialist item really even pottery or pewter teaspoons)
61 Meet some bailifs who work for the magistrate and sheriff having time off
62 Family members of the mayor
63 Meet some local guld masters who invite you as a guest to a guild feast
64 Met d4 local nobles who were impressed by your brutish adventurer lifestyle
65 Noble asks you to champion them in a duel for a handsome reward and eternal friendship
66 Overhear town elders desperate and seek adventurers to solve a strange problem
67 A local religious leader has been irritating the nobility and they are complaining bitterly about this holier than thou fool demanding nice things for the poor 
68 Meet a local racontuer who is always trying to arouse a mob to acts of violence, eventually secret police come for them and aquaintances
69 Meet a publisher of political pamphlets whos work is banned in some cities
70 Meet an important senior statesmen and have a conversation
71 See a civic official meet in private with a robed assasin
72 See someone leave a note behind a loose brick with a map and a time marked
73 See a civic official talk with a crime guild senior agent and give them money
74 See two known robed mighty wizards and their deciples meet in private 
75 See two crime guild family leaders meeting
76 See a man selling cheaply printed pamphets in secret to youths d10 1=pornography 2=slander about a noble or priest 3=unflatering political comedy (dangerous kind kings dislike) 4=treasonous claims 5=demonic occultism 6=moral warning of vice and witchcraft 7=tru crime 8=cannibalism recipes for magic powers (false) 9=how to sell your soul to an imp 10=treasure maps
77 Overhear town elders discussing a plan to force someone from their legal property
78 Overseer of an orphanage making a deal with a slave trader (or a exploitative indentured service contract)
79 Nervous elder paying a randsome to crooks who laught at them and take the money leaving the elder sobbing
80 Important local meeting a drug dealerpushing illegal magical drugs
81 WItness someone teleport to and from the baths
82 Saw one of the bathers for a moment had a tail and possibly a changeling
83 Saw an imp sneak into a sewer pipe
84 Saw a strange man talking to rats inside air vents 
85 Saw a spectral figure bathing when left alone a while
86 See someone enter a secret door in one of the bathing rooms
87 See a massuse conceal an assassins weapon (possibly foil an assassination)
88 A famous bard enthrals an audience and takes an interest in your adventures
89 See a slime creature disolve a corpse then ooze down a drain
 See a bath attendant drag and dump a body in a secret trapdoor then move away like nothing happened
91 Meet a wizard who has a d3 potions or scrolls at home he can sell you
Saw a visitor mark occult symbols with chalk on walls referring to a local cult
93 Saw a wizard change another patron into a frog and leave 
94 See a spectacular woman who seems to disappear and look at you, she is a nymph of the spring who sometimes notices a patron
95 See a strange hairy humanoid enter by a secret panel take a bar of soap and a bucket and towel and leave
96 See tattoo showing membership of a cult on patron
97 Found a strange wing never found before and spoke to lots of old timers wise in old ways but you never found it again and nobody knows what your are talking about
98 Discovered a patron you met was really a ghost that lives inside a mozaic and offers to show you
99 Make telepathic contact with a being in the deep sewers under the bathhouse, in return for rotten meat and faeces it will give you unwanted magic items and platinum coins
100 Found a unconcious body with puncture wounds in the neck who remembers nothing

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