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Tonight on Xor

Xor had a good test drive using Xorian native adventurers from 1st Level today. Im healthy wed fed and have a crib to sleep and stash stuff again and a weeks work to go before i go 1300km home. Played in Sydneys the nerd Cave a well it free to play comercial club. Will be doing simple item lists for LOTFP to speed up character gen and a simple skill system with d6 based skills for other characters with only 1in6 chance to start with.

One played a fighter who turned out to have been kidnapped by wizard from scotland as a child by a Xorian Wizard lord. The other was a priest with a hilariously low intelligence who had been decanted from a vat as a defective clone by the same wizard. As he had no memory and ability the wizard declared him the village priest.

The village surrounded the wizards bone tower with the 22 villagers living in giant skull huts. The wizard had scared off any threat long ago and villagers ran weekly militia training days. The main industry was gambling (games all using skulls) and a well of blood that provided most of the village food. The locals were always hungry for new things but could make hundreds of revined blood treats. Adventurers ame for the food and magic and the gambling but most stayed briefly.

The boys wore leather stitched with sinew from all kinds of dead hides. Their bone, tooth and sinew weapons were grimly efficient. The fighter used axes and had a bronze short sword and the cleric used a spear and had a meteor iron dagger.

The boys knew villagers keen on new food and the wizard or Pops as they called him always had a shopping list of unusual goods he needed from traders and dungeons. They also surmised new industries would benefit the town. So they set off to the border lands between the so called forest and the scarified craterlands.

On the way as they considered which region to visit a tentacled blood ape ambushed them and grabbed the cleric before having his head cut off. The lads hid in the apes concealed hole and recovered, eating it's tentacles, pulling out its teeth for small change and sucking out it's eyeballs and flensing it's skull. Having recovered they heard sounds from the forest. The area was crawling in bugs, scabby rats (some with fused tails) featherless dodos and flesh trees with exotic coloured furry foliage and fleshy sacks among the branches. The cleric liked to name species and had a great time. The trees were dubbed lorak trees. His smarterer brother humoured him and followed. In the distance they heard trumpeting so hid. A faceless muscleman with a horn and a spear came running through the curly haired scrub and the boys ambushed and killed him. They cut off his strange head and climbed into a tree to study it. Dodos jumped out of the blur furry tree scared off by the guys. They saw more faceless hunters with a leader riding a featherless terrorbird and hid. He also had a strange fleshy weapon.

When the hunters were gone the fighter cut off the membrane over the mans face to reveal a normal face. The hunters found the corpse of their tribe mate and angrily headed home. The fighter was happy to have a seashell trumpet and the cleric nabbed the short spear. They cut off one of the hairy flesh sack fruits and the tree quivered. They watched fang fairies drink up the spilled hunter blood then headed to the quieter looking scarlands. They were tracked by a terrorbird and prepared a ambush. It sneaked past them and ambushed them injuring the cleric but the fighter killed it. They hacked off its, beak, legs, skinned it and gutted it and discussed heading home. As they talked a ochre jelly attracted to the smell oozed closer. The both lifted the bird and and ran throwing gobs og glistening gore around to distract the creature and ran home.

The villagers were pleased with new meat and the boys with help of crafters made new weapons - the fighter made a great axe with the birds beak and legs and the cleric made a morning star studded with bird claws. They chatted with pops about the faceless men discoveries and other things they saw. The village inn keeper and weapon crafter implied a region beyond the scarland crater and the forest had a hair veldt grassland and fores with many tribes and settlements. The wizard explained the strange fruits of lorax trees were testicles. He grafted it to the ground near tower and hoped it would grow into a tree. Boys pondered what new industries and resources they could acquire for village. Cleric had blue lorax fur woven into blue robes.

Into the scablands with new weapons and bows the boys saw a colossal eye on a stalk watching the land. The cleric wanted to see this miracle up close and as they approached they heard a bird behind them. A giant featherless bloodhawk with batlike membrane wings swooped at them and grabbed the cleric who dropped his bow and stabbed away. Fighter helplessly grabbed dropped bow and chased them. Bird now hurt a bit dropped the cleric in nest and flew away. Cleric nabbed eggs and climbed down blue lorax as bird returned with partner. They ran to the giant eye and hid in tight wiry hairs where birds angrily swooped them for a hour.

After the cleric worshipped the eye and vowed to bring pilgrims. Found a huge cave with sleeping spooning lizard kaiju and tip toed away silently. Saw baboons too but avoided.

They hiked into the thicker interior and saw a woven wicker har fence on a hill with woven domes. As approached saw traders on riding amebas. Most were tall purple skinned nomad folk in turbans but more exotic human and non human traders were present. the cleric scowled at the nomads mining Xorflesh for food.

The nomad traders welcomed them in the name of their god Xlarg, the god of trade, opportunity and necessity. Inside the thriving markets they saw a man selling vampire bats, mole rat men selling human children. a boy selling cubes of ice made by his wizard master, a denture maker and more. the fighter got tattoos of teeth around neck, eyeballs on shoulders and skull on his face. He sold his bronze shortsword to crab men armourers improving his armour into a superior sort with crab chitin plates. The cleric found a Inn and was able to use his tooth collection as small currency coins and sold one of his eggs to someone who knew it's worth for a thousand teeth. Happy the boys felt rich and got drunk on fermented milk.

Late in evening both were in trouble at the orgies they were brought to. The Cleric saw the town merchants and village head at orgy merge into a shoggoth and bid he join them but he fled. The fighter at his orgy seemed to be enjoying it til a greater demon was summoned which ate and fucked people so he left.

On return to the inn the innkeeper recommended they flee and never return.

They went to the scarlands and decided to peek in the crater ignoring a interesting cave. As they crossed ridge a pack of mole rats attacked knocking out the priest but the fighter finished them luckily. Inside the crater was a scarred waste with patches of hair foliage and meat trees and a lake in the middle with village on shore. On way saw slaty deposits on shore and fighter tasted it but resisted the urge to cry. the tear lake was salty and laced with hormones. The fish looked kinda mopey and the cleric caught three with a spear. The friendly villagers were easily dealt with and the kind folk were keen to trade fish with the boys headcheeses and bloodsausages. Like their home village of Skulltower these people wanted variety of their diet. They were taught about giant mole rat keeping including how to milk them, train them and make mole rat milk cheeses. They were given a breeding pair who would be able to breed when away from the rat queen.

They did hear the villagers request spare children as their Kraken god needed a feed twice a year. The party noted these sacred dates and vowed to keep well away. Bidding them farewell the fisher folk told them of a Island taboo to them where odd strangers had come from (and were sacrificed or driven away).

They foung a streached bouncy toungue bridge to a island with a cave and both felt ill on the bouncy bridge so crawled on their bellies from half way. The cleric really wanted to go back. In the cave a hairless gorilla charged and despite several whollops in the fighters head was overcome. in the cave were magic tattoos like the masters tower and a vertical slit flesh gate with purple lips. There were bones and scraps of strange cloth and leather and metal plates scattered around the ape lair. The fighter squeezed through with blue lorax rope tied to his waist. Through the gate was a strange brown and grey cave of some harder than bone material. Were chalk symbols on walls and strange brown bone boxes with hard fragile containers inside. Cleric came through and opened a bottle and drank some rum. The fighter gagged when he tried. Outside the hard cave was freezing and the world was white. Warrior ate some of the falling white flakes. he had flashbacks to his childhood in Scotland. Perhaps he came from there. Both took some bottles and returned then marched home to Skulltower.

Villagers welcomed them as heroes and Pops offered to clone them or make them magic items if they ever became rich enough. Now second level veteran explorers they were village heroes who had brought mole rat recrets and new trade goods to the people.

Playing again monday night.

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