Monday 12 June 2023

Planetary Remnants

Living intelligent life has left evidence on multiple worlds. At first, this was exciting but now it is dangerous, classified and handled by specialists. Digging the sites of aliens is potentially profitable but is highly illegal without registration and another red tape. All alien remains are to be reported and left alone. Xeno-archaeological expeditions include millitary and security forces and are prepared to destroy findings.

These are for visiting systems of main star lanes and exploration

d12 Alien Remnants
1 Evidence of FTL light-related events in the system from unknown vessels or phenomena, various unidentified and ghost signals detected
2 Discover a dormant probe, if disturbed it sends a signal and sef destructs
3 Ancient remains of an advanced base and possible signs of modified lifeforms
4 Ancient remains of a civilisation destroyed by nuclear war millennia ago
5 Remains of a lost human colony seemingly abandoned or occupants taken, a guardian has been left behind to kill visitors and alert creators that life has returned
6 Alien wrecked vessels detected but it difficult to access d6 1=in comet tail 2=in corona of the sun 3=in atmosphere of gas giant 4=appears and disappears 5=visually sighted no trace on scanners 6=moves well away from any attempt to approach
7 Alien wreck badly damaged but alien materials, no sign of survivors d4 1=if reactivated sends a signal 2=SOS signal but has a dangerous biological weapon or intelligence possibly a trap 3=dangerous alien automaton 4=alien corpse and technology remain
8 Remains of primitive civilisation left great ruined monuments but seem to have ended suddenly, possibly surviving relatives of the missing species live near
9 Beacon sends a signal if detects advanced FTL era technology, will attempt to identify and possibly dissect intruders but avoid capture
10 Bioweapon here designed to target intruding visiting life forms turning them into hostile plague carrier monsters d4 1=canibalistic undead 2=thralls of parasitic worms or virus 3=parasitic insectoids use medium animal hosts 4=mutagenic agent turns victims to hostile tentacled amorphous flesh horrors  
11 Species left here is a living bioweapon able to combat the heaviest human power infantry d4 1=baited with SOS signal 2=baited with ruined structure 3=wreck of the vessel previously landed here and occupants killed leaving killers species dormant here 4=huge artificial mound
12 Stasis box or cryonic vault of an advanced species guarded by advanced AI defences

d12 Colonial Remnants
1 Wrecked long lost space vessel or ships boat of the early colonist era, possible evidence of landing sight and survivors for a few generations d4 1=automated miner 2=colony 3=scout 4=automated science vessel 
2 Colony of abhuman servants of long gone failed colonists living in pre-spacefaring age
3 Module of a colony ship in orbit and crashed lander on the planet, signs of some survivors lived in ruins for generations 
4 Orbital stations were built in part from the colony module and remains of a colony and outposts on the planet
5 Machines built a colony here and awaited settler arrival who never made it
6 Remains of a refuelling operation d4 1=gas giant orbital 2=ice mine 3=aquatic refinery platform 4=lunar mining base
7 Savage regressed colonists in tribal groups waging war, some protect sacred wrecks or colony structures
8 Hostile colonists live around holy complexes of hostile cults who teach outsiders are enemies, often have modified selves to stand out or adapt to planet, little technology survived or is possibly forbidden
9 Collapsed colony wiped out by war and disease and leaving colony structures behind? Or did the colonists find something?
10 Remains of a colony long-abandoned currently occupied by scavengers or pirates d4 1=origional colonists are feral 2=native or alien species live in tribes near pre-human ruins 3=activated an alien bioweapons or signal device recently 4=backwards survivors are slaves for advanced scavenger occupation
11 Collapsed colony broken by civil war and AI and auto factories destroyed dropping technology to pre-spaceflight levels and remaining barbarians feud between factions
12 Functioning industrial colony with in-system mining ships and outposts. AI and auto factory complexes still functioning

Any alien devices sending signals will probably have an advanced scout drone arrive. Will assume any advanced species are enemies, seek to capture and study an alien and leave. It may leave bioweapons or grow biological troops or a brain and some automatons behind to gather intelligence or terrorise unfamiliar life. Turning humans into monsters or using human brains in machines can save using their own technology. Possibly at least one elder species prefers biological tech while another is more technological with robots and cyborgs. Making a parasite that can infiltrate a population to spread disease or gather data might be a possible threat. Advanced aliens encountered most likely just servants and drones. Real ones may be long gone or far away. 


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