Friday 9 June 2023

Grime & Glory Edition of my homebrew in the works

this art by my robo-art-robber-app will be my next game character

my current game is Lv14 so prepping for the next overhaul of the system

1 gain +1 attribute point per level
It is more fun, and makes every level cooler
i have managed to have people have low stats fine - this means when you're beating up the kobold god in a portal at 20th level you have at least one demigod-like attribute

also changing the stat bonus table so all in blocks of 3 which makes high stats slightly worse off but is less arbitrary number ranges 9-12 + 0 13-15 +1 16-18 +2 etc. Makes high stats from monsters and demigods more manageable and maths easier and more consistent and offsets slightly the stat per level thing. I like the BX era ranges but the later version i disliked for some dumb old man reason.

2 Halfling Revision
I'd like to change up halflings to represent any small sneaky species without spells. If you want a more magical small person use a gnome. Will be a kit to make goblins, house trolls, or any animal folk with -ling as a suffix. Like ratling, calling, dogling, frogling, newtling, also shroomlings and bushings. Reconceptualise them anyway. 

So to compete in the woke arms race what if I renamed Halfling? what sounds possible? a few thoughts before i start my next gamebook draft

Also, I want it to be re-skinnable into a variety of small sneaky tough people like small animal people or goblins or barn trolls

Gamin is one option - origin implies thieving and is used to refer to street urchins, mischievous, thieving, small person or child, sneaky (has a male bias, unfortunately, but word origin not so much)

Hauflin is just a Scottish term for a tween rural youth which I like

Wee folk or small seems a bit twee and like they are urinal sprites or something

I like a squat but maybe that has issues and maybe 40k drama and a bit mean
Runt i like but as a word mongrel in gaming is probably a bit too mean also.
Something not used to be a slur or in a schoolyard by jerks is probably preferable

Mannequin comes from the French word mannequin, which had acquired the meaning "an artist's jointed model", which in turn came from the Flemish word manneken, meaning "little man, figurine" (too gendered? too mean?)
Manneken sort of interesting (Mannakin? Mannaken?)

Gamin and Mannakin kinda my favorite

Reskins/subclasses could include stuff like
Barn and stove trolls or goblins or small orcs

plus any short furries you can conceive
modelling or moleskin
ratling or catkin
frogling or frogkin
duckling or duckkin

I think many of these species would think human terms for them were a bit mean or patronising. So naming your own species is ok and there can be dozens of types of catkin people if you want (make adorable followers). These people probably don't want to be hugged by giant people or held like babies or patronised (or do they? Do they hold up their arms and want to be picked up to steal your earrings). Maybe such people are underdogs facing human oppression and abuse so they are tough and sneaky by necessity. Maybe there could be more halfling berserkers. Or I just accept it as one of those traditions so parts of the game are FRPG standard and I'm overthinking the problem ideas of a short-person class.

In my system, you can change classes even species-based ones. A halfling could become a druid and later a thief if they don't want to max out in halfling stuff or even change their species if they really want to in their heart become an orc so they can marry their sweetheart. 

FRPG species Height
Gnome* 2 foot - magic tough sneaky
Halfling* 3 foot - tough sneaky 
Dwarf* 4 foot - broad muscular tough
Elf* 4-7 foot - scrawny sneaky magic
Humans* 5-6 foot - vary
Abhuman 7-8 foot - muscular tough
Giant 7-27 foot - muscular tough

3 Alignment, Oaths & Religion
All be merged into one system. Added possibility of oaths to gain income. Eventually, a sheet for main alignments, elementals, religions, dragonology and major gods will exist. Maybe a book of oaths and boons of major gods. I have done a few of these and ones for AI gods in my post-apoc setting. Its probably the biggest weirdest element of my basic rules and it might be able to be bolted on other old-school games. I could see a page per alignment or cult happening. A bit more streamlined than dcc or mcc. Income in gold is possible for oaths as well 

4 Tiers of power
Used to measure broad benefits of levels. You might pull above your entitlement which can happen but expect to butt heads with people who don't think you're good enough. I'd like to mechanically use this also but uncertain now. Will use it to class monsters like say dragons and adventures. At the 20th level, you are in danger of apotheosis which can be fatal if it doesn't go right or raise you to divinity. Some adventurers will do things to avoid this like changing class. I've considered some skills available at higher tiers. Magic item tables too set to this. Maybe even in spell descriptions, like spell affects lower tier. 


  1. Sorry I've been away for a bit. Been a weird couple of years. Now, to catch up with with your blog! Interesting direction and like the use of AI stuff. Seems kinda right up your alley!

    1. Cheers well 12+ years and im still here - appreciate you coming back.


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