Wednesday 28 June 2023

Current Campagn Log

Currently, my Exilon campaign focuses on war and party as great heroes are able to go in ahead and wreck enemy commanders and their bases. Currently, players have helped various alliances to help the war efforts by bringing peace. If all goes to plan the United city-states will be able to wage war on possibly three great empires. Don't worry about the later-era maps having more water here.

The adventurers are currently part of a collective invasion force on the cities ruled by necromancers since the age of stone. These death templars have magic descended from the prehuman monster empire in the age of darkness/ The party have managed to have a few neighbouring nations stop fighting and help out as everyone hated death magic and the Templars. The party have been talking to every dragon they meet and helping them relate in the dragon lands so even the dragon kingdom likes the party and might help out with some air power. The party are currently attacking behind lines the home of some eldritch prehistoric wizard they don't know much about but people assume is a lich-lord (they are wrong it's worse). As the lair is on another plane divination research has been tricky.

Most of these armies are new and the Alliance city-states still operate huge militias the great empires abandoned. They preferred operating professional troops and disarming their population. Each army has been assembled just for this invasion. 

The sea nation army has arrived with a new chariot corp built by a player's efforts replacing the clunky old battlewagons pulled by donkeys or oxen. Usually, fight around waterways and coasts and their marines are out of place but their magicians and engineers have been known to cause floods in the war. The Sea nation was most ready for war due to a prophecy the players fulfilled and have lots of medium infantry and spearmen in blue and green colours.

The Snake Nation army is famous for their serpentine brass battle horns and use of treachery and cunning and even poison as tactics. Most of their army are light spearmen and slingers many of who have bought pet snakes and their priests may have giant snakes and snake hybrids. They also got on well with the dragon lands and never had any conflict with them. They also seem to have used faerie tactics like altering landforms and planting forests overnight. Their army is well-fed and mostly in green colours. Not well known for pitched battles and half the army are lightly armed irregular skirmishers.

The solar army has shiny brass banners and coatings on their shields and armour and looks quite dazzling in the high sun. Famous for phalanxes and a large light chariot corp pulled by mostly Konga. Many priests and nobles have lions and cheetahs and spotted leopards and eagles as war beasts. They are infamously disciplined and perform well vs the undead due to the priesthood of the sun. Surprisingly many women in uniform due to the more violent Ishtar cults.

The Storm lands are constantly at war with the barbarian borderlands and the only ally with a border touching the death templars lands. They have a disciplined modern corp at the heart of the army but most are clan-organised barbarian tribes who are irregular and disorganised and keen on battle, The leaders have to struggle with communications and use chariots (more like battle donkey wagons) for this. Many of the tribal heroes have chariots pulled by unusual prehistoric animals like brontotherium. They have proven better than expected with siege warfare with the use of hastily built siege weapons pulled by colossal beasts. Most of the army wear red somewhere and have their own shield and helmet designs, though many are horned.

The barbarians of the waste overlap with the Storm lands and have lots in common despite the civilization-tainted rulers. Mostly irregular hordes of willing but chaotic armies operating in clan units and infamous for poor planning. Many more do not use metal but will strip armour and weapons from enemies and use them as they go. Some leaders and heroes use chariots but are seldom used for fighting in groups mostly for taunting and chasing demoralised enemies. They hope to help exterminate the last of the legacy of the old evil empires and destroy all the wizards and civilised relics they can find. Many will become tainted by civilised weapons and pleasures and join the Storm army.

The hills on the eastern border have become rapidly overgrown with new forests accelerated naturally by fairies and elves. They have also allowed reptilians to pass the great forest and reach the Templar lands as they have ancient grudges and ancient reptilian undead they want to be destroyed. They have many small slingers, thousands of spearmen and dinosaur riders. Goblinoids constantly swarm over the borders also to plunder and uproot the stelae and borderstones of the death cult lands. They also act as skirmishers for fairies and elves. A few goblins are joining the templars and preferring death gods to worshiping their nature cult oppressors. 

Tyraneans are a new kingdom uniting many barbarians and the royalty seek more arts of civilisation and trade for goods and experts with the city states. As players made peace between Reptilians and Tyraneans there are several legions of disciplined soldiers and irregular barbarian hordes still clinging to the old ways. Mostly they wear brown and their cults include earth death and storm cults. They have a notoriously pessimistic and gloomy outlook and expect everyone to betray them still and their attempts to be civilised to be sabotaged.

Kutha is the capital of the Death Templars and is recognisable as a city of living people under work the fields and perform basic millitary functions. Necromancers and various death cults here draw power from the underworld via a sacred cavern under the twin Zigguratt of Nergal and Erishkigal. The city is surrounded by necropolis burial grounds thousands of years old and provides armies with reinforcements. As various kingdoms of darkness have fallen around the world many have had remnants come here to operate fortresses now guarding Kutha,

Nakba is a fortress temple dedicated to shadows and darkness of the underworld and its leaders employ nightmare creatures and shades. All the population have been made into zombies and barbarians are wary of this place. 

Negatha is a fortress temple dedicated to Nergal in his panther form and the priests and nobility include were panthers. Panther-headed clubs are common side arms and they prefer capturing enemies for devouring and bloody sacrifices.

Assus is a fortress ruled by witches and hags, who keep vast treasures and knowledge in their underworld temples. They are keeping Tyraneans at the border in narrow valleys.

Ulan is a fortress of bloody berserker cults waging war with reptilians

Renak is ruled by witches serving the queen of the night in her screech owl aspect. Many leading women in this cult are were owls or command giant owls or stirge owl swarms. They have been waging war with faerie who threaten to smother their region in vegetation.

Karna is a city of vampires currently under siege from the Sea and Serpent nations. They have trapped vampires within an irrigation trench of holy water and it is considered a matter of time the net is drawn and vampires will lose their last nation.

Cugel is a necropolis where armies of undead and trolls and giants come from. The planar palace of an elder wizard from the start of the necromancer kingdom millennium ago. Many assume they are a lich or some worse monster now. There seems to be nothing but a ruined necropolis around a mausoleum here and the party is currently trying to kill the master of this place. Vast numbers of trolls are being bred here and acting as shields for the master.

Currently, the hope is the Allied city-states will defeat their enemy fortresses and be able to capture Kutha first. The dragons may help as they hate undead dragon cults surviving still in Kutha. The city-states could also bring in the Amazon army and a Sythron horde now that the Dragon lands are considered no hostile.

Apparently, another evil empire of devil cults to the west are trying to get near the action and failing. Two southern empires and their barbarian allies are trying to get to the current battlefield and may arrive vs the barbarian wastes. An attempt to march through the great faerie and elf forests failed badly and resulted in the forest encroaching their lands more.

Im hoping on wrapping this up within a few sessions but it could go into battling some gods and empires later. I am keen to run some SF horror with BRP for a bit.

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