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Gamelog: Finished tombs and against the snake folk

Our Heroes:

7th Lv Fighter - Barbarian Archer Lord seeking glory and battle, talks to birds
-Personal Priestess
-Mastif war dog abhumanoid (Mostly guards the priestess)
-Bard chariot driver & herald
-Pet finch has grown huge and bird has become sentient and can speak

7th Wizard Lady scholar working on setting up magic school as way of getting more spells
-Personal Ishtar Priestess
-Bodyguard spearman
-Lots of low level students

7th Level Changeling (draconic with druid spells) who shags Naga wherever he goes
-Spearman bodyguard
-Theif from a graverobber clan
-Familiar tiny dragon
-Several snake changeling children (currently sent home)

This is playing through two of my 3fold adventures.
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Party went into the tombs reunited with their snake changeling friend and his followers. He was bust shagging Naga again. The wizard burrowed through stone walls from the last plundered room with magic to avoid cursed door traps. Found coins and a silver urn and a ram headed drinking vessel that makes three big drinks of wine or mead or beer or palm wine. Released a succubi who offered to be their slave as a reward but they told her she was free and to piss off we don't want you. The final tomb had four living statues of shedu and each round from each grave came a shadow. Was lots of magical blasting and found lots of money and cool magic weapons. Now everyone on +2 weapons. A few magic shields they have yet to divide up. So back to Ishtar temple, they stayed by regular invitation and as a reward for stopping the tombs evil undead arising. Apparently was part of some scheme of the Death Templars and many of the region's armies seem to be uniting to wipe them out. 

As they sold goods and healed they were sent a message for an audience with the king. He had heard of their good work versus supernatural evil and of the New Year ceremony, they were to participate where they get locked in a magic Ziggurat. If they returned he promised them a reward and titles. He offered them to use a royal ceremonial pleasure barge to the capital city of the Snake nation. The party were pleased and had a leisurely trip over days. When they arrived the red carpet came out and it was assumed they were VIPs. Once customs had cleared the party with divinations they were invited to stay at the Ningizzida Zigguratt enclosure. They were treated as diplomats as they too had heard of the party's new year mission. The city was ruled by snake folk thousands of years ago and the city was full of their carvings and idols. There were lots of Naga cults affiliated with the Ningizzida temples. so the changeling was pleased. The local king called for them to his serpentine palace offering them gifts on their return if they lived. He offered them a royal snake-ship to take them to the Sun kingdom downriver. All he asked is they investigate sabotage at a monument to Enlil to cement the friendship between the party home kingdom and the snake kingdom. So they accepted and the wizard had his priestess use various divination during the four days travel.

He learned there were intelligent monsters at work causing problems in secret and they were not human. Arrived and met the foreman who gave them a floor of a warehouse to stay in and offered they join him for dinner. He showed them the site and explained the sabotage and how the camp of workers moved away from the river and made water come by manpower reducing the workforce and costs.The party visited the medical tent and cured wounds and diseases ompressing the stone workers on the great cliff relief of mighty Enlil. So the wizard used his burrowing spell to move 70 cubic meters of rock and was cheered by hundreds of workers. The miracles improved morale and the formal became more hopeful and helpful. A priest cast detect enemies on the crowd as the party heroes gave speeches and all was clear.

Heard clues of fish-men holy symbols being found so the wizards Ishtar priestess cast History and learned how the medalion was left by robed cultists and was in a box of other symbols for months after being plucked from monster poop, then before that, a fish cultist was snatched by a river monster and before that the item was bought from a silversmith who made it. So they visited the marsh village of suspects and quickly agreed with them that the fish cult was a ruse by another cult. The changeling managed to convince them he was ok and despite his snakey looks and mentioned bad snake men who every few generations attacked the area and had demon servants.

So they arranged for a boat the next day (didn't want to risk kings boat and local marsh folk knew the area better). That night feasting with the foreman he decided the barbarian was actually ok in his coarse disgusting way. They set forth from the river to the island the priestess saw with her history spell where the mystery men came from and collected holy symbols. Landed and headed for ruins and ordered the raft with inflatable animal hides to be dragged ashore fearing water demons. The barbarbarian had heard from the description of the beast and new it was one of the great oar finned sea reptiles of the primordial sea long ago with a long neck. Found the great tell and climbed up noting many food plants and palm trees here. Saw the great snake headed worn collosus 12m high waist up statue with possibly lower parts buried. Saw some ruined tmples but went to see stone huts and met a red robed wizard. He seemed nervous and explained he was a scholar who had camped here for weeks. The barbarian knew this was a lie and nobody had been camping here.

So the wizard tried ESP and failed then prepared her evil eye and charmed him. He was happy to introduce them to his friends and leader in their secret underground bunker.  Party obliged and followed him th a secret hole into a stone tunnel. As it went on found see magic hewed rock with stony texture on walls but floor warped and smooth from aeons of feet. Came to a guard room of six snake folk in bronze scale with spears and shields. The charmed wizard implored cooperation and the wizard implied a terrible plot had charmed them and the leader needed help. So the wizard blasted his own friends with a heat ray. The battle went on and the party wizard was poisoned and losing vitality from venomed blades but the changeling cured her. Explored more about killing serpent folk eating a fish cultist and some of their wizards. Turned out the red-robed charmed magician was actually a snake changeling and the party encouraged him to use his spells up for them. Found a library, laboratory and a room of dino eggs and sleeping snake people the party killed. Was a bell to call the plesiosaur which they left for later perhaps on way home. Took the metallic discs of serpent uniform wizard lore and dinosaur husbandry texts and buried the complex. Returned to the formal declaring mystery solved and there was a huge feast. The local king and their own king heard of these wonders.
After celebrations, they sailed to the city of the sun god.  

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