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Strange Spirits of Auldwood

 Auldwood is the dark forested region away from the more built-up coast. It is famous for a few things. Being haunted and backwards are the most popular assumptions. It has various knights estates isolated by thick forests and even they are reputed to have weird customs. Many refuse to travel here but local regulars are often ignored or protected by spirits who keep them safe from their strange neighbours. There are lots of robber knights living in the many regional ruined estates and gruberholes.

Auldwood is a project I have touched a bit and I am working on some more things for it. My Patrons have a few times said fairytales and knights and spooky stuff are desirable. I have a few d100 tables and might make a list of usable past posts. Some of my court and noble tables will fit in. I had started basics and a map for 3folds set here and had a map area and towns detailed. I might make some simple maps for theses locations. It has lots in common with my Anglersland setting which could be NW. Id like to map the Sea of Woe with part of the sth continent, Exile Island/Monster Island to the north. I designed some Islands id like to stick in between previously Angerlsland, the South Land and Exile Island. Ive been reading about Orkneys, Shetland Canary Islands too. My stone age campaign affected lots of the north frozen continent. My Exilon campaign is about 3000 years before my typical DnD Games. Ill try and do some other adventures and bits for this setting as tables here and adventures and zine content after Anglerslund.

I have considered working on my western lands where a large advanced naval & magic island of Waerlund (kinda Elizabethans human/elf civilisation and a continent of the most technically advanced kingdoms who war constantly over religion. Occasionally a horde of barbarians or humanoids invade and everyone unites for a few months then back to fighting. More like 1490s-1540 Europe but more diverse. I did enjoy my longest Shadelport game where people sailed quite a bit (or had a zombie galley). On my map this region is the east. The mysterious west is feared by the other lands for its drug empire but in reality, this is only a small fraction of quarter of the world. I have Yoon Suin, the Purple land like area below this and lots more. The regular campaign people are ignorant of for a thousand years.

When you walk through Auldwood, off the roads or at night stranger things come out. 

There are many small spirits. Some are old as the forests or remnants of when elves greened the world. Some wee folk , Peoples spirits who once lived here long ago have changed in strange ways. Many of these spirits and beings began meeting in the dreams of humans and many creatures will manipulate humans through dreams rather than be seen by them. Most people get a saving throw vs this and some spell casters have spells to deal with this problem that can prevent such creatures. Weird overlaps of bright and dark faerie folk, aeons of damned souls and strange dream creatures are described here.

Most of these have 1-4 d8 HD AC+3 to +6 and a d4 or d6 attack
Most manifest a material form for at least some of day or night
Most if killed reform unless spirits trapped or destroyed
Many have several forms 
Can become invisible (children and animals can see)
Can become intangible and watch the material world
Other spirits can see intangible or invisible spirits
Most have several magic spell-like abilities usable per day
Most have strong alignments and take oaths and gifts from greater powers

Obviously I regretted starting this and it took longer than I would like.

d10 Quick Spirit Types
1 Animal Spirits
2 Water Spirits
3 Land Spirits
4 Tree Spirits
5 Faerie Spirits
6 Darkness Spirits
7 Mischief Spirits
8 Undead Spirits
9 Nightmare Spirits
10 Dream Spirits

d100 Strange Spirits of Auldwood
01 Grimy Jim - fox changeling, sometimes walks like a human in posh hunting clothes and a top hat, really wants to kill chickens and murder someone helpless he comes across or can trick to their doom. A serial killer of the forest who uses illusions. 
02 Jenny Screech - owl changeling travellers people then warns local forest enemies, may be a witch of any age in a feathered cloak an owl or a in between owl
03 Wolf of the Wood - a black pony size were-direwolf, may appear as a helpful woodcutter or hunter but then leads them to doom instead of safety. It has been known to been killed several times and uses darkness magic   
04 Weasel Mac - a poacher and hoodlum and part time thief. Weasel changeling who uses illusion magic. May be seen with his gun and a sack with a cap and coat. He prefers being a hybrid weasel human but will morph to what seems safest. He might try and rob or eat someone or work with some other evil for money 
05 Spiny Norman - seems to be a hedgehogling only 1m tall with a coat and cat and a sack out foraging. Can turn human or into a hedgehog and interested in food. Many humans think he is some kind of tramp and often drive him away. He is quite nice but dislikes crime against the poor so he has murdered a few bandits and leads others to hunting them
06 Jimmy & Jenny two young frog changelings from frogland in love have nice hiking outfits, packed lunch and butterfly nets. They plan on colonising the area with a few hundred offspring a season but would like some help navigating this world. They mention a desire to settle down somewhere safe and play down their reproductive powers
07 Old Badger a wise elder spirit badger often appears as an old trapper if near humans. He helps animals, especially rascally mischievous young ones from harm. He often gives fierce moral lectures to the young
08 The Bunny Man - a rabbit changeling who appears as a drifter or prospector or a humanoid rabbit in hunters clothing. He travels the land murdering hunter's dogs and crippling rabbit hunters. In recent years he went on a quest to the faerie queen and he was rewarded with rabbit beast folk children. He plans to sweep the region free of all hunters trappers and rabbit eating bastards
09 Old Moley - a small 1m tall mole changeling who may appear as a prospector with a mining hat or as a huge clawed mole person. Can burrow to attack by surprise and works best in darkness. He used to be nice until some local meddling mouseling children were killed by chaos goat folk cultists. Now he hunts them and murders them 
10 Clara Swanmay - a swan maiden changeling known to local druids and rangers. She hunts humanoids who killed her brother hundreds of years ago. Now she hunts them to fill the hole in her heart. Every year she kills some creep after her swan cloak thinking it can control her
11 Lady Millspring - nymph of a pond was once worshipped by village but they all died I the plague and the village is a ruin. She is lonely and surrounded by undead. A few have heard stories of a "helpless maiden" surrounded by undead. She will help remove the undead and marry the right lover who will stay and guard the spring as a domain
12 Mabelle Rockpool - pond nymph is hostile to intruders and enjoys killing creeps who assault her when she walks paths near the highway
13 Water Snake - a waterweird like serpentine spirit made of water, a spring spirit that can move the location of its spring if it has a reason. It used to be used to be worshipped. May offer needy travellers water or healing if it senses they are defenders of life. It may appear as a horned snake or as water and is kin to great underworld serpents of wisdom and life
14 Marsh Father - a bog spirit that can form a human body from mud. He protects waters, animals and plants that rely on him. He weaves clothes and traps from reeds and is very sneaky in water
15 The Silver Princess - this fish spirit assumes human form and is in love with the human world but mingling with them always ends in tragedy (a curse from her father). She has a dozen aggressive fish folk abhuman suitor-consorts but she wonders about humans
16 Chilly Villi - a hairy small troll spirit from long ago, cold precedes his appearance and is more common in winter and nights. He uses his cold aura to warn creatures to go home to bed and he occasionally stabs a trapper or a woodcutter who forgets the propper prayers and respect
17 Lurissa Bogdame - a girl drowned by her false lover now she murders people near waters she currently inhabits especially attractive youths or lecherous old men. She will lure them close then drown them
18 Chaclakcolb - a frog spirit and guardian of water ways can assume a human or small water elemental form or a frog (small or human size). He protects waterways from pollution and over exploitation. Many settlements failed when he wrecked their dams and irrigation and reclaimed forest bogs for nature. Will protect respectful locals from harm
19 Cricklecreek - mischievous nixie who pranks people disturbing the peace of her waters. She may charm victims and make them sabotage encroaching civilisation 
20 Weeping WIllow - spirit of woman died pining for a knight who never knew she existed. Now she roams the rivers creeks and ponds especially near willow trees. You might hear her weeping and see a figure on the waters edge. Any who come close she may attack or worse fall in love with
21 Redstump Dwarf - a forest dwarf spirit who trims dead limbs and prunes trees and builds animal homes. Mostly avoids humans but might kill a few poachers and bandits
22 The Elder Stone - carved boulder with ancient signs. It seems to move from place to place  yet is covered in moss and nobody has seen it move. The stone can unroll into a short stone trollish humanoid. It tends prehistoric altars and stones unknown to modern peoples
23 Cornicopia - a hill nymph who lives to run with her animal friends and kills greedy hunters or monsters made from animals by evil or chaos. She will offer travelers food but if displeased by guests sets lions and bears and elk an boars and wolves on them
24 The weird stone - an ancient monolith that moves appearing in various stone circles overnight with no signs. Occasionally some even see it moving and chasing victims to crush, It is guided by some astrological signs. 
25 The wheel stone -  a stone disc with a hole in the middle people used to cross in ritual in the old days. A spirit inside the rock judges those who pass through it. If the person is an enemy of nature the stone curses them. On rare occasions it takes the form of a small gnome and will not mention its link to the stone
26 The muck man - a muddy dripping humanoid who has been seen watching people especially at night with glowing eyes. If seen it will mostly flee 
27 Gem Toad - a large toad with a magic gem in its back. People see it and chase it. It can teleport and has esp and of course can become a spirit and blink at will. It lures fools into danger but occasionally it will let a worthy person find it and it will adopt a wizard form and give them a gem with a d4 charges of teleport worth 5000gp (shatters when charges used)
28 Snothair Weazelteats - a short filthy goblin-troll creature that lives in holes and bogs and hedges. He mostly catches fish and picks berries but occasionally beats a commoner who steals from nature too much from greed
29 Brandy Butterbur - a gruff land spirit who adopts a gnome form to try and get drinks from humans without paying. Likes anything alcoholic but on brandy too much they get in trouble. They feel entitled to drinks and will cause mischief to those who are rude or mean
30 Barleygut Grumbleplow - a sleazy earthy spirit who tries to seduce attractive youths promising to restore virginity and grant them wishes. It makes illusions to give the impression it has amazing powers. They have many disguises (all ugly wizened, old and saggy) and change from male to female at will
31 Demon Tree - an undead chaos tree will roam woods by night especially in storms to snatch humans to eat. Some local stories mention stories about it burning the creature every generation
32 One-Legged-Log - an old log only 1m high that hops on one leg and has a knothole eye. Mostly it just spies on people and gossips to other spirits. May sprout a single wooden arm to punch people or steal something to help an innocent escape harm
33 Old Man Tree - a great treant spirit who roams the woods, can be small and cute or a giant who can crush a human in a hand. He is one reason local foresters take care to take only certain trees and must say prayers to the forest spirits
34 The Green Giant - a vegetal thorn covered humanoid plant horror that demands wreaths of bloody organs be left to it as sacrifice. Its echoing gibbering can be heard a long way off so most flee the sound. He can be called on to drive away strangers from the local forest
35 The Verdant Dame - washes her hair and bathes by river alone, she judges intruders and may reward some with sex others she might drown or steal their soul
36 The Treasure Tree, moves about somehow and has unusual gold and silver fruits and unusual bigger squirrels and bugs. If you take a fruit and are worthy the eater gains a d3HP but if they are not a tree friend they are instead cursed. Taking more than one fruit lose all benefits and los d3 Max HP. Sometimes it appears as an old person to laugh at losers or a ferocious tree giant if any try and harm it 
37 The Green Knight - challenges knights to battle on the fringes of the wild. He has been killed but returns and he has killed many more times than that. Faerie forest knight evoking elder woodland cult
38 The Star Flower - appears as a glowing magical violet flower or a sprite, will appear off the road to lure travellers to investigate. Then the spirit tries to charm victims it can take to fairyland to be slaves for eternity
39 Black Stump - an ancient burned stump and gnarled roots. It makes small illusions to lure small animals or animals into a gaping hole that is the spirits mouth. Beings swallowed are kept in a underground cell with other remains and edible fungus and water. The voice of the tree taunts the victims and thrives off causing misery. If slain it reforms in a new location
40 Billy Beets - a talking beetroot with greens and arms and legs. Child like face and knee high mischievious spirit that tells children not to eat beets with horror stories of its reletives being mashed and chopped and ppeled. Parents throw rocks at it. Druids just chuckle 
41 Wollanda the Winter Fairy - walks the woods mostly in winter and night but other times also making plans for winters yearly arival and advising plants and animals on their winter preperations. She has little dealing with humans and thinks they are rude. Aroaching her might be dangerous if not led by an elf or faerie, humans best pretend to be pets and silent 
42 Gallamas the Green Boy - a plant spirit who dies and regrows each year so knows about the underworld and matters affecting plants. He likes to challenge warriors to contests and he likes to love enthusiasticly. He will sacrifice himself for local goos forest beings and from these sacrifices he has the most shrines. He is refered to as a prince by elves who love him 
43 Klorion the Green Sorcerer - a sinister elf sorcerer who haunts the woods and appears where humans try to expand their settlements by clearing forest. There are ancient tales of him in faeries battles and humans who challenge or ignore his warnings are destroyed 
44 Viriam the Spring Fairy mostly appears sunny spring days. Sometimes she has a mission or helps living things harmed by disasters. Mostly people think she is benevolant except when she adopts orphans she finds and takes them to faerie land to become brownies or pixies
45 The Green Hunter - a hidden elf spirit who roams the woods removing traps and scaring game away from hunters. In hard times or winter or if people are need he might help people. Many hunters know prayers to placate him so they can avoid his wrath 
46 Jack In Green - an elf youth or appears in small animal form likes to meet and play and frolic with young person. He has quite a few long life secret friends in human villages and even a few shrines. These young people he may protect from harm and most grow to live a long life and influence their comunities into respecting the wild more
47 Jane Sparrow - appears as an elf maid mostly but also as a human youth or a deer. She enjoys visiting human taverns in disguise to observer humans for signs of their expansion or threats to the forest. She has many friends for these disguises and may mobilise them to help druids and adventurers with a good cause
48 Kelenka the Summer Fairy seen mostly in sunny weather or dawn or sunset frolicking with animals and sprites. If offended by being observed or confronted by rude humans her sprite and animal friends may attack and if any of her friends are hurt she curses them with blindness. The best response is to flee
49 Lorica Woodsong - appears as an elf or halfling or human as a bard on tour sewing fey propeganda as she travells. She will join camps of travellers and help people vesus evil things but her main interest is spreading tales of faerie contact and vindictiveness. She will murder anti-fey agitators from the cities or those with plans to develop the forest
50 Mordarsis the Autum Fairy - mostly seen in wild wind or storms dancing among floating leaves. Animals bring her nuts and flowers as gifts and she blesses their stores of food. She can be quite grim and if humans have displeased her she assumes a skeletal form with a raven skull for a head. She can bring plagues, famine and murder to settlements she feels are growing too much. Wise villagers make small expansions and leave her offerings and plant trees
51 Glargem Horg - Dark dwarf necromancer lives in secret tunnels underr the forest and longs for more corpses and human remains he can turn into undead servants. He most enjoys watching his children scare villagers. Can turn into a giant carnverous mole 
52 Simgol Nightfoot - Dark elf spirit may appear as a dark elf adult or child, human, halfling, goblin or wolf. Plays cruel pranks on humans to drive them away from the woods. Mostly bothers strangers for their ignorant mistakes 
53 Granny Grimelips - a hag like sprit also appears as a raven or buzzard or an old badger. She creeps around listening for gossip and reading mortals minds. She then tries to expose peoples secrets publicly without revealing her presence. A few villages know her methods and imdeiatly check their blessing totems and sacrifice to good spirits for help. Her favorite taunt vs those who try to stop her face to face is to say she upholds truth and honesty and stoping her makes you a liar
54 Vrilgar Thornhand - a dark elf spirit hunter who likes to torment humans. Has many strange arrows that cause long term pain or throw someone off their food or make friends fight. He sits back and laughs. Usually this goes on a while before someone notices him laughing and spots him and they tell some holy person
55 Grandfather Frost - appear as an old man or winter elf or a winter wolf. He brings cold and enjoys pranks on humans like killing crops with frost of sneaking into a public building so everybody freezes and goes home. He is blamed when 
56 The leaping shadow - a phantom hare spirit shadow that leads people to their doom or warns them bad times are coming. It does not comunicate, just follows and stares. Witches revere it
57 Urantragmar - the great forest spiper who kidnaps men whe mates with and devours. She then lays edds of giant spiders who start a colony and have signs of fathers face their own kin might recognise. Mostly people meet her spawn and cults have called on her for help. Dark elves in the region say she is from before the first dawn 
58 The Soul Lamprey - has been banished but many wise folk and other spirits know of this being. The spirit depends on psychic energy of murder which allows it to form a body and will bite the killer and victim with a paralysing venom inducing fits and halucinations of prehistoric humans living in fear of the spirit. Once paralysed it injects eggs into its prey and departs. The humans become cultists while carying a soul lucking worm daemon baby and when mature it eats the host spirit and the body becomes a werelamprey
59 Black Crown Night Queen - this dark fungus spirit helps cultists, goblinoids and dark faerie with obtaining potions and spores of magic fungus. They build shrines to her and even some villagers leave her offerings for feeding family in past famines. She is an eerie tall, serene elf female with palid fungus skinand jet black hairlike threads that constantly release spores. She can spread benevolant or monster fungus but accepts sacrifices of food and burried bodies 
60 Tramranzel Gobblebonk - a cheeky short elf who meets strangers and likes to chat gossip. If refused he gets mad and plays a cruel prank. These can go too far and have caused fatal accidents. Tramzanzel also is always looking for a bride to take to fairyland so they do not come back for a decade or so
61 Jiminy Thimblefoot - a tiny miracle tailor gnome but may take a rabbit or bird form. A bespectacled old gnome with a toolbelt over apron and a long beard. Seems distracted and asks questions. He will help the needy with labour so they can rest or keep their job if sick but if abused he will stab the false friend and scatter their corpse in 13 holes 
62 Nutlar the Squirrel Prince - a prince of squirrels who may appear human or gnome and gives people nuts that appear at will in his hand. A swashbuckling troublemaker with a big mouth for starting fights. May ask to travel with strangers to make new friends  
63 Zolitar Prickfinger - a small nasty sprite who likes to use cantrip beinner spells to curse people with pranks so they blame someone else and cause them of witchcraft. Sometimes follows a zealot who cares about hunting witches
64 Silas Figberries - a satyr spirit who may appear as a goat or a youth. He likes to seduce humans with his wicked good looks and wild demeanour. Occasionally rivals or lovers families try to harm him which he finds funny
65 Jenny Pineneedle - she likes to poke people with pins and causes aches and pains, especially in elderly people. Sometimes a healer must drive her off. She is scrawly old woman in rags but mostly invisible or a wasp
66 Bingle Latchloose - lumpy faced drooling idot spirit likes to open farm gates and spooks animals. He thinks he is helping them and is hated by farmers who put up tiny rune plaques that tell him to keep away
67 Minamy Catstalker - who torments farm cats and may drive them away, local witches can be employed to drive this secretive rodent like gnome spirit. It believes all cats are evil and need to suffer
68 Glormnut Goatfiend - an evil goat spirit that tries to breed with goats. Goats are quite suspicious and can see the spirit and will be visibly disturbed if the spirit is neer. Sometimes it appears as a strange billygoat or a musclebound goat abhuman. Any goats it spawns are chaos goats that cause trouble and most planeshift away
69 Grumph Roofrotter - a damp long nosed goblin spirit who ruins rooves by bringing in damp, or bringing termites or might jump noisily on top by night trying to cause damage. He wants humans to go away. A local spirit wrangler can drive him away for a few years
70 Numbleblott - a spirit who seduces lone med appearing as a youth or fairy or elf male or female or whatever works best. It uses sex appeal to lure victims into the woods where it beats them and puts them in a sack and leaves them in the forest or drops them in a river. It was jilted by a human lover and ever since torments mortals. Mothers warn young about this spirit
71 The Burning Man - a screaming burning figure who chases people by night outside of villages
72 The Drowned Maiden - murdered and drowned by her false lover the spirit now haunts nocturnal trails and crossings. She may appear friendly and lure victim close to the water so she may possess and drown them
73 The Phantom Rider - a green glowing masked rider, a famous bandit who was caught and killed using treachery. The phantom will chase travellers screaming and shooting at them but seldom hitting those who flee. Some turn to confront it and perish 
74 The Claw - a shadowy figure is sometimes seen and later you may see a hideous hand reaching for you or stealing an object. Some say the had even tried smothering them in sleep but nobody sees more than its arm. People say seeing the rest of the spirit causes madness and the claw is a hideous mutant driven to murder travellers and burned by a mob
75 Nanny Cacklebrow - a witch or possibly an old lady killed by a mob. After burning the witch those on the jury were all murdered cruelly over the following months. Now some see this naked old woman skulking in the forest or performing strange rites. She leaves stick dollies hanging from trees where she currently haunts. She scares children too but wont harm them directly but results in some being lost in a hazardous situation. Gifts and apologies from villagers for her murder may appease her
76 The Woodcutter - a roaming spirit who often appears as an axe wielding woodcutter who was executed by a noble as a scapegoat with accusations of poaching to spare a nobles servant. The woodcutter often is seen by travelling aristocrats and bluebloods in the woods staring. When the spirit really means business it appears without a head or carrying its own head which it may throw at those fleeing. If a nobleborn visitor is killed by an axe people blame this spirit. It may fell a tree to block a road to menace a carriage of VIP travellers. It only kills once per full moon
77 Renald the Terrible - a bandit betrayed and stabbed in ambush at his sweethearts, this robber knight still haunts the forest roads by night. He may lift his helmet visor to reveal a furious flame of his rage within. Chases travellers and injures some and takes any dropped goods and baggage or pack animals. They say he has a secret gruberhole full of treasure and his undead gang who he hunted and murdered and brought back as zombies to guard his lair for betrayal. His living family are embarrassed and offers a reward for stopping him
78 The Mad Trapper - a fur trapper who lived in the mountains was found to be a cannibal and murderer and chased into the snow without supplies and was eaten by wolves. Now his spirit sets traps of the woodland trails for innocents some painful some lethal or supernatural. Some caught in a snare or a net see his bearded form looking over them. He may lure wolves to people just to see people eaten. He fears villages and the protective magics of wise folk
79 The Old One - this spirit dwells in the strange old places and weird stone monuments from the dawn times and it often menaces those who enter such places without respect or to cause them damage. Several city priests have fled such monuments and been chased from the region by holtile spirits once the old one has called a hunt. It can appear a black flaming figure with glowing bones. Some of barrows and stones have guardian wights created by this spirit thought to be an ancient druid lord
80 The Black Templar - a spirit in crusader armour used by the undead worshiping monastic warrior cults of old. Stories tell of this order fleeing their destruction and the last of the black brotherhood hid and died in these very forests. This templar was said to be the last of his order and killed by vengeful victims. Today this spirit murders woodland travelers and loners making them vindictive undead that roam the woods. They say he hides the last of the templar treasure somewhere in the woods where his other dead brothers cannot leave 
81 Granny Grimfinger - appears in the dreams of children giving them nightmares to see if they have sorcerous potential. If so she kidnaps them to raise in her iron tower which can move throughout the forests. Many local sorceresses got their start from her
82 Jacky Knighands - a horrible red horned puppet who menaces people in their dreams preferably the young and lone dreamers who nobody believes. He tries to convince victims to burn houses and stab people promising he will leave them alone and get a new victim
83 Gleamfool - lanky limbed idiotic goblinoid spirit appears in dreams of villagers from time to time and once most of a village dream of him he will appear before them and can manifest a body for a time. Once physical he will want to do all the terrible things as a bodiless nightmare spirit have cannot feel. The body usually does not last long and he needs new hosts to try again
84 Sally Krumpkin - a slightly dim village girl met in a village when alone for a moment and then dream of for several nights of her chatting away about village stuff. Then she appears in the waking world to the dreamer constantly offering poor advice, getting in your way and ineptly helping their new best friend. Usually, the friends die or get an exorcism or dream magic to be free
85 Silas Gulpsac - a mean frog spirit who appears in humans dreams to criticise their every move and decision to sew doubt. It will appear as a credible wise elder in robes in dreams and shows false visions of the dreamers past. He longs for the times long ago when he happily lived in the dreams of billions of frog folk who dreamed long ago. He just wants humans to feel bad but he might be placated if a colony of frog folk appear in the forest
86 Elora Nightbane - a banshee spirit who wanders the dreams of mortal men as a dream lover, if they fail her tests of love they are found dead in their beds rigid in a pose of agony. She might provide a gift or aid to a true lover who passes her test or take them to fairyland forever if she likes them too much
87 Molly Iron Teeth - a nighthag who haunts dreams of people looking for the most spiteful and desperate she can direct to joining local evil cults or witch covens or other outlaw spell casters. She does not like being caught and will avoid areas once detected and identified. In her magic cave that moves she occasionally makes monsters in her iron cauldron to release and has been known to kill and gnaw off the faces of any who seek her home
88 The Dream Worm - an elder worm spirit that gets in the dreams of those troubled and drives them to more violent outbursts and eventually cannibalism. Once the victim of its influence eats their own kinds of flesh they can become hosts and produce worm offspring in the waking world to infect others. These cannibal cults are clumsy and careless and mostly get exterminated by locals or humanoids. Sometimes it manifests as a worm, a swarm of worms or a humanoid robed mass of worms that can speak vile secrets and magic
89 Caladus Glimbletail - a tiny faerie dragon who often looks into the dreams of humans so he can evaluate if they deserve some prank or lesson or possibly some reward. They know many children and listen to gossip all over the woods from humans or faerie
90 The Black Oak - a dream spirit of an undead tree burned by necromancers and tormented. Now it enters the dreams of mortals who harm trees or break branches or cut down healthy trees. In dreams, it begins to make the victim suffer nightmares and the tree will pursue them attempting to grow roods into the eye sockets of the dreamer. If it succeeds it turns their waking body into a strange undead plant horror and devours their souls
91 Elaura the Golden Dream Fairy - visits the dreams of children to warn them of great supernatural or mortal peril. Sometimes she might visit the dreams of adventurers to get them to do some good deed helping innocent commoners
92 Granny Glitterbalm - an old holy witch who visits people's dreams to inspire them to good deeds and decisions. She may even appear to her unwilling "students" while they are awake to say she is disappointed or encourage them 
93 The Dream Troll - enters dreams and shows visions of the world when trolls of all kinds were common before dwarves and elves and the giants war on the gods. This old shaggy robed being has horns and a bulbous nose. It may warn people of danger from current chaos mad trolls all cancerous abominations
94 Halfpeter Floorfriend - a halfling like spirit who lives under floors and in the dreams of those the spirit admires for their goodness and innocence. It will aid them versus other spirits and give them advice and lore in dreams to help them. He is the imaginary friend of many children who like stories and books
95 Rainbow Star Heart Spirit - a glamourous and shiny spirit all eyes and lips and hair that is in love with love and longs to advise young people in love. Her advice is not especially efficacious but heartfelt. She may appear as an old matchmaker or a pretty barefoot peasant girl to become a lover's confidence. Mostly she wants to be a best friend and to wander her love-struck dreams which are often beautiful. There are folk dollies based on her in villages
96 Sweet Mary - a spirit from candyland who enters the dreams of mortals and gives them secret candy recipes in their dreams. When the mortal becomes a master confectioner she will give them a magical recipe to create living candy creatures or even a body for her so she can know real love like a human. She may even try to lure people to candyland to be her friends forever
97 Old Tom - seen as a cat in the waking world in the dreamlands he is a talking cat in clothes who aids the dreamer on their quests in the dream realm to self-improvement. Tom encourages people to defy self limits of class or wealth and teaches people courtly manners in dreams. He hates the ruling class and likes to dupe them with his chosen common projects
98 Treetop Torris - a strange spoon faced fairy being who visits mortals in their dreams and teaches them to see faerie things. Like hidden fairy portals or how to get to the world tree that transfixes the cosmos and is home to all kinds of strange folk and animals and paths to other worlds. Torris is lean and tall and wears fancy dandy clothes and offer magical sweets and baked goods. He teaches people over years and many subjects believe they are just dreams
99 The Dream Faerie - is a kindly fairy who visits the dreams of mortals who are suffering to ease them with petty spells and treats. She often works through dreams and others may not realise some prisoner is in fact, enjoying comfort from her dreams. 
100 The Questing Beast - it taunts knights and hunters and they say who catches it will become a king. The creature has been chased for days and most attempts fail as it is mostly a dream creature and only some can even see it and it is not really in the waking world. It may test a subject and if suitably noble it may allow the worthy to touch its horn for a small blessing


  1. Love the post. I'm working on a utility to generate random creatures and these are inspiring.

    1. i think there is another table like it in my forest encounters


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