Friday 1 April 2022

d12 Psionic Treasures

d12 Psionic Treasures
1 Dust of Leng - save or have horrible nightmares for months. If save have fantastic visions of ancient pre-human civilisations, when darkness and sorcery reigned. Save again or addicted to the dark knowledge gained. The heavy user begins to see alien worlds and dimensions and lose interest in reality
2 Pnokotic Formula - drinkers mind is projected into the past to witness increasingly ancient and alien events, save or followed back to your body by a d4+2 spectral hounds
3 Plutonic Drug - go into a trance to see the past d4 hours each hour save or attract an entity from beyond, used to study past but risky. Usually a pill on a ornate sealed box
4 Black Lotus - occult dreams in sleep, can be used instead of components but addictive, comes in a box with resin pellets and a ornate pipe 1in6 includes a head rest
5 Sprit Crystal - holds minor ancient spirit and can be asked 3 questions a day
6 Soul Crystal - if carrier dies their soul enters this gen on death instead of departing
7 Mind Crystal - various types all work once (1in6 work once per day) d4 1=stores energy from the user to casters pool one d3 Lv psionic spell 2=knowledge of a d3 Lv spell while held 3=absorb d3 Lv spell level incoming and hold energy to cast a psionics spell later 4=absorb d3 Lv spell level incoming and use energy to heal a d3 per level
8 Planar Tuning Fork = when activated once per day those within 3 range see things from beyond and vice versa. They can also detect magic objects, spirits or invisible beings. The effect lasts a d6 rounds and each round a AC+6 2HD Bite D6 Mov 24 (Fly) extra thing attacks (1in6 versions are more potent one spirit attacks first and each round double the previous round in numbers join in and all participants must save or pineal glands burst from their foreheads and they get an extra d6 rounds of effect)
9 Silver Key - plane shift to or from the dream dimension one charge per use, 3d4 charges (1in6 regain a charge per day max of 12)
10 Crystal Helmet - amplifies all psionic spells by +1 caster level (1in6 in shape of orb or crystal skull requires free hands to use by touch) 
11 Celestial Circlet - Elegant circlet crown expands the range of normally touch spells to range 1 per level (1in6 finger ring or arm band instead)
12 Mind Torc - there are four torc types d4 1=Copper +1 Will saves 2=Silver +2 Will saves store 1st Lv mentalist spell 3=Gold +3 Will saves store 2 spell levels of energy 4=Lead -1 enemy Will saves +2 own Will save, immune to cantrips and zero level magic

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