Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Silver City Uncommon Trade Goods

d100 Silver City Uncommon Trade Goods
01 Surly slave, ex gang member fit for labour
02 Duralloy knife, cuts most weaker metals
03 Hotplate powered by chem cells
04 Ghettoblaster
05 Tattoo gun (scrap built), needles and ink
06 Rad detector
07 Molotov cocktails 2d4
08 Space blanket
09 Bottle of good whiskey or wine
10 Laser range finder
11 Camping fridge
12 Water heater 
13 Hookah and block of hash
14 Guitar (1in6 require power cell)
15 Synth keyboard 
16 Robot childs pet toy
17 Food analyser
18 Bomb sniffer
19 Gas detector
20 Ruin maps
21 Basic ID Card
22 Medical diagnostic scanner
23 Magic mushrooms
24 Sonic stunner pistol
25 Robotics diagnostic scanner
26 Vibro dagger
27 Fresh fruit
28 Cyborg dog
29 Small electronics repair kit
30 Automobile tool kit
31 Slaver pacifier collar
32 Attractive slave
33 Bounty contracts
34 Copper ingots
35 Comic books
36 Tracker implants and scanner (used by slavers)
37 Personal assistant robot (battered but works)
38 Labourer android (guaranteed not virused or mad)
39 Power gauntlet
40 First aid automed (mostly depleted)
41 Expert slave (often older 1in6 disabled
42 Personal servant android (probably safe)
43 Flare pistol and d6 flares
44 Box of cable ties
45 Box of glowsticks
46 Emergency services ID card
47 Vibro dagger fitted on spear shaft
48 Duralloy sword or axe
49 Mono filament garrotte
50 Sex android (probably not a killer)
51 Spinarette wand with 3d100m of web fluid in cartridge left
52 Match with 2d6 filaments (used to light fires or melt through lock needs microcell)
53 Box of 2d4 micropower cells and battery tester
54 Military binoculars or gun sight (low light and range finder)
55 Video camera with broadcast and recording capacity with d6 datacubes
56 Butler robot can dispense cocktails
57 Addictive gamer console and vr headset
58 Goggles with heads up display and wireless link
59 Robot guard dog
60 Jetpack and d3 fuel pods
61 Civilian laser pistol
62 Bioscanner
63 Energy scanner
64 Pilot flight suit
65 Military ID card
66 Portable ground radar scanner (good for guarding camps)
67 Flamethrower with full fuel pack
68 Stun grenades d6
69 Chem grenades d4
70 Incendiary grenaides d4
71 Military laser pistol d10 shots in hydrogen cell left
72 Filtration canteen
73 Psychotronic shield helmet with goggles (possibly works)
74 Holographic Chamo cloak uses hydrogen fuel cell
75 Android child companion
76 Security robot
77 Disposable one shot rocket launcher
78 Scrap built power armour
79 Medical robot
80 Classified ID Card
81 Landmines in a box d6
82 Demolitions charge
83 Functioning motorbike (battery or biofuel models)
84 Functional ground car (battery or biofuel models)
85 Ultra light aircraft (battery or biofuel models)
86 ABC Hazard Suit (atomic biological chemical)
87 Web riot gun d6 shots
88 Sonic riot cannon no powercells
89 Food analyser
90 Portable radar oven
91 Intact cryonics pod with someone (something) inside
92 Space suit
93 Satelite uplink com system in carry case with folding dish
94 Fancy looking toy rayun with no power cells (often sold by con men)
95 Cloud seeding disposable rocket makes clouds rain
96 Electronic lockpick tools
97 Hackers combat computer deck in bulletproof case
98 Holographic projector on tripod with 3d4 data cubes
99 Laser tattoo gun
100 Psychotronic hypnosis ray, no power cells, possibly works, d3 data cubes of conditioning (d4 1=interrogation 2=slave 3=memory edit 4=propaganda) 

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