Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Second Psychon Session

So second game of my planet Psychon meets Gamma Oz Broken Hill. Was a con on so less players and things went faster easier (went from 3 early session to 7 by end last week).

So the original pair from Manna Hill, the mutant and the wizard got ready to head towards broken hill. The wizard had learned some new spells and the poor putant developed fly eyes and feeding parts to go with his transparent skull, insect wings, turtle shell, spurs, elongated arms and spiked club fist. He was keen to find new mutagens. Marched accross desert to Mingary a halfway campsite after a long tiring march. Mutants heart was glowing from exhaustion when in distance they saw a camp of tents and wagons. A camp of ferals, many mutants greeted them all had names like Sunshine, Kale, Greenleaf and Sunflower. As they were vegetarians and treated mutants well the lads relaxed and shared their marijuana ciggarettes from a ancient vending machine in the Olowry police station ruins. The mutant even had company for the night. A awkward mutant lass who liked grazing on saltbush. They all travelled next day to Cockburn (Coburn to more prissy locals). A larger town, more unfriendly with two pubs! The ferals let the mutant ride in their wagon as he looked tired while wizard on his flightless riding bat was fine.

The chatted to some kids about ruins their parents said to avoid and heard of a warehouse and a odd industrial building. Mutant stayed night with settlers hoping to get farmland in broken hill. During the night rednecks and police came to search the settlers and the mutant calmed the hotheads and the police a bit and the elders were grateful and invited him to visit when they had a farm. The wizard had a bath and got a private room in the merchant inn as the other in was for biker gangs prolific in the area. Next morning they visited the industrial ruin and saw it very lifeless. Inside they found sacks of human clothes from farmers, children, gang colours obviously collected over a long time, over a hundred outfits. Found  ag robot scraps, looted offices, robot junk and another room of clothing. A drone was spotted watching them and the mutant shot it with his crossbow.

The mutant went about turning a robot head into a helmet when a battered old worker android tried to catch the wizard by surprise. Both beat the robot up and its slimy fluids and ropy goop was splattered everywhere. Took stars down and found a machine that made a fresh tougher android they battled and the wizard summoned mutant wallabies to help. As the rested they blocked the door with a duralloy cyborg femur found in earlier adventure. While the mutant snacked on food his wizard friend "loaned" him  again something pounded on the door. The mutant set up a deadfall and a crossbow trap and the wizard pulled out the cyborg bone door bar with a string. The android staggered in and while distracted by the deadfall was ambushed and did not last long. Found a secret door into a pristine white corridoor with a security door. Left it and explored a webbed section and battled a cyborg spider with a grenaide launcher which in fight accidently blasted itself while wizard summoned giant funnelweb spiders. The spider lair had a good cache of tech including a box of explosives and a detonator. So they blew the security door open.

Here they battled a war android and took its sonic blaster which liquified poor summoned lizards. Then they destroyed a door with the gun and battled a egotistical brain bork with delusions of godhood. The brought a merchant in to loot the place who filled a wagonload. Wizard bought a talking snake with a beard and a pointy hat. The mutant bought a wagon pulled by a giant koala and a sex android. Both felt rich and travelled with the merchants to broken hill. 

Here they sold lots of treasures and made enough to buy a 2 story shack in merchant street and opened a shop selling gunpowder and armour and drugs. They were invited to see the warlord which is always a warlord but turned out her gave them a charter to supply his armoury and to  supply their business with enough raw materials they could sell the leftovers. After a week they found guards hung around their store and locals were slightly fearful of the party status.

So we had a break and more players dropped in. I was happy with attendance as their was a con on same day.

So a pink gnome gunsmith asked for a job. He was a jerk who tasted of exhaust fumes but he was welcome. One of mercenaries who was in the raid on the Olowry cop shop joined them keen to loot greater city ruins. He was a pinkskinned freak with a face on his chest in scrap plate armour and a halberd. Mutant had found a journal detailing a black lab and had found a ID card of a scientist previously for the same lab. So all were keen to go loot the joint. 

Marched from the barricaded warlord township of Silver City through the ruins being settled and the mutant chased and ate a stray dog. Met the settlers he stayed with in Cockburn and chatted a bit. Eventually crossed into the feral ruins outside the Warlords domain. Spotted a bandit gang ambush led by a Ned Kelly like bucket headed boss. As three bandits shot muskets the boss and his second charged with bayonets. The party shot the charging men dead then chased and caught the two remaining ones who cried for mercy claiming the boss forced them. After a debate over selling as slaves, handing in for bounties or setting free (while the mutant ate the dead leader), the party decided to keep two as pack animals. The warrior even gave them sticks for defence and tied their wrists and necks and attached both to his belt. The mutant skinned and butchered the corpses for snacks later as he was always hungry.

Shortly after they spied a giant redback spider as big as a compact car but it could not bite through the mutants armour and plastron shell. The party chopped it to bits and found two egg sacks and a webbed corpse with some bullets and silver coins. Mutant dipped icecream flavoured bandit flesh into the mushroom spider gut goop. Could use some fermenting but good. A chimera attacked from the air and was quite a menace. Wizard summoned eagles to fight it which slowed the killing machine down but then it chased the wizard into a hole where he hid while others finished the beast. The corpse was too badly damaged to sell intact so mutant butchered it and ate some and noticed it was a surgical construct with different flavoured bits. The gnome offered his healing suppositorie which was a awkward moment. They found the biotech corp building the lab was under and found a mine field. Salvaged several mines and marked a safe route inside.

It was mostly burned out but in basement found secret elevator. Down they went into the deep deep sub level. Invited into a bright chamber with four twin machinegun turrets and a vault door. A voice requester ID and they showed the doctor pass. The were directed into a concrete bay and told to strip and place all belongings in provided biohazzard drums.

Adventurers surrender! Unlikley. 
The mutant rubbed on his strength ointment and injected another strength drug and punched down the secure doors. There was a room with four cells. So they jerked about arguing til a door opened and a dozen ancient infantry in nbc suits with light auto rifles came in to kill them but a sleep spell nobbled most of them. And the warrior and mutant destroyed the last few. Ancients sure were mostly weak. They grabbed guns and sidearms and the wizard and gnome argued over if they should kill or capture the sleeping men. The gnome kept throat slitting throats all through the debate but good wizard saved 2 out of 8. Party put on nbc suits as best they could as they had been threatened with radiation and gas when asked to strip earlier. 

My alignment system of oaths and rewards has been great for in play fights and im hoping for a dramatic tpk next game from these fueds. Actually some players ended up sharing with kin as oaths and decided party were closest they had so not all bad.

The mutant lifted the tech savvy gnome to the cell window shutters to inspect the occupants. The first two were base soldiers on discipline charges in handcuffs so they put surviving prisoners inside with them. The next cell had a pretty man in a white body suit who awoke when addressed and explained he was a service android. The party seemed sure that such a android in a cell was probably a killer virused one. The androids plea it could not harm a human was ignored. The next one was a scientist from a rival black lab who offered to show his home base and help them kill this lab and steal it's treasures. He was kinda creepy but party freed him and gave him a rifle and a pistol.

Another door punched down into a artificial habitat with boring ancient small critters. A door int the hab opened and a metal scaled bull entered paralysing the mutant and warrior and his two bandit slaves. Wizard summoned wombat lizards and the gnome blasted magic missiles finishing it but it was scary. Mutant recovered and butchered it and found it was a surgical construct again. Went through three labs with creatures in tubes including a dropbear cyborg lab. Tried to turn off a pod to kill the most developed one but it awoke and burst free requiring a killing. Last lab had psychotronic lab that bombarded them with communist propaganda. Most of the party was effected but only the wizard understood the dogma in ancient but the affected followed his lead as obvious commissar. A brief fight broke out and wizard summoned monsters which ate the scientist while the gnome wrecked the machinery and party snapped out of control over a few rounds.  The wizard decided he liked this communism stuff and as he was good found it compatible with his urges to help and share with the common folk.

Finally they burst into the control room and while the warrior and mutant faught the surprisingly tough commander the wizard and gnome shot the console technicians. The gnome hacked the system which resisted but he gassed and irradiated the remaining base scientists, techs and soldiers barricading themselves in the cafeteria. The computer did activate the self destruct that the gnome delayed a bit so party went on quick looting spree and got a groundcar out of the motor pool and to the surface before the base was destroyed.

Drove home in style and Warlord thanked them for the shiny new car and guns but gave them a older battered gun carrier.

During the level up the mutant developed croc jaws and learned martial arts to get a extra unarmed attack. The chaotic evil warrior gained a oath to give enemies slow painful deaths sure to create a fight in the future.

One more session next week with probably more players.

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