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Broken Hill Ruin Events

So im trying to come up with stuff for ruins to not just be encounter tables. This is something you could roll for a sort of theme for the day major event for the ruins. Couls provide some distant sound effects, weather, roaming bands of combatants and more. Somedays you might have to hide.

d10 Quick Types of Events
01 Animals amok
02 Wild weather
03 Hazardous life
04 Faction wars
05 Disaster 
06 Cybernetics amok
07 Vehicles amok
08 Settlers and Refugees
09 Markets & Merchants
10 Holidays & Festivities

Broken Hill Ruin Events
01 Herds of grazing animals pass through in hundreds d4 1=kangaroos 2=emus 3=camels 4=goats
02 Stampede of herd animals driven by d4 1=tribal hunters 2=farmers 3=predators 4=robots
03 Huge pack of dingos hunting over area howling and taking on rival predators
04 Mating season  makes a breed of dangerous animal more common and territorial
05 Migrating flying creatures arrive and common briefly d4 1=ibis 2=bats 3=pterodactyls 4=colony of ravens sharing single mind
06 Gigantic lizards wage war and roars are heard all over ruins
07 Livestock raiding breaks out as settlers steal and lose herds and fight each other
08 Settlers fight over grazing rights become territorial often conflicting with croppers
09 Raiders rustling livestock trying to hide of get out of area, bounties offered by local farmers for dead rustlers
10 A new mutant animal type has become common this season causes problems and challenges to current ecology and survivors, locals unprepared
11 Pleasant day flowers bloom and animals breeding
12 Sudden chill and snow falls briefly before normal weather reumes
13 Clouds of orange and red dust fill sky makes everything look like on mars
14 Thunderstorm sweeps over area with some lightning strikes and brief showers
15 Thunderstorm chokes area, sky dark, aquatic animals including eels, crocs, frogs, yabbies and turtles swarm, wetland encounters everywhere, some areas flooded
16 Heatwave with over 40 degrees C, hot dry wind everyone needs cover and more water
17 Auroras in sky, at night are spectacularly lit up with incredible lights
18 Light drizzling rain fills creeks and makes farmers happy, reduces visibility
19 Contaminated rain d4 1=radioactive 2=diseased 3=acid 4=narcotic
20 Weather control machinery creates crazy weather d4 1=machine in city experimented on by faction 2=orbital AI god being a jerk 3=temporary bug lasts only a day 4=gang test firing rockets into sky they uncovered
21 Locust swarms devour everything and in turn provide a feast
22 Swarms of mutant cockroaches cover some streets like a river
23 Rabbits everywhere over grazing but providing plenty of free food
24 Rats swarming out of drains and subways fleeing some hazard
25 Spores in air cause many to caught and splutter, new fungus type begins to grow in area d6 1=exploding toadstools 2=puffballs 3=giant mushrooms 4=delicious manna fungus 5=choking mould patches 6=ambulant killer fungus
26 Ants swarming become aggressive and queens take to air to start new colonies, locals try to stamp out most nightmarish varieties
27 Blowflies darken skies, get in eyes and mouth and food, some animals enjoy feast, some catch in nets and make bug burger patties
28 Mobile killer plants bloom and move about making familiar places dangerous
29 Aggressive weed grows rampant blocking areas and causing problems d6 1=strangle vines 2=flammable 3=narcotic pollen 4=stinging touch 5=razor sharp grass 6=thorn mazes
30 Dangerous plant bears seasonal fruits d4 1=hurls explosive fruit 2=mutation berries 3=radioactive flowers 4=fruit causes narcotic effects making animals annoying or violent drunks 5=addictive fruits get eater high then turn aggressive when fruit gone 6=aggressive insect swarms attracted to flowers and fruits
31 Mutant hunters on warpath seek to cleanse (murder) any mutants they can and to recruit more biggots
32 Animen, uplifted animals and mutant animals unite to punish humans and establish animal faction (yet again)
33 Tribal and anti tech factions on rampage to destroy technology and are wary of adventurers looting devil devices of the immoral ancients
34 Canetoad folk advanced scout force moves into city to establish a base and conflict with locals as they search ruins for stronghold to bring in more troops
35 Warlords forces fight desert raider scum on the streets with pitched battles and skirmishes
36 Factions battle over gathering artefacts to worship as holy relics or to study and use for benefit of all
37 Bunker troops on surface fighting d4 1=another bunker 2=local warlords troops 3=wasteland gangs 4=androids
38 Settlers united with rangers to purge ruins of gangs, cannibals, bandits and other scum
39 A major faction having a civil war d4 1=drawing in other groups to conflict 2=purging a sub faction of heretics 3=propaganda battle with graffiti and leaflets 4=faction members struggling over new leadership via election or armed struggle depending of faction style
40 Amazons on the rampage killing and castrating slavers, pimps and any who disrespect or bully their sisters
41 Fire burning, smoke in air d4 1=burning ruins 2=burning settlement 3=grass fires everywhere 4=sky dark orange red, air bad 
42 Minor tremor shifts some rubble and ruins and spooks animals
43 Shooting stars visible as things fall from space d4 1=meteors 2=space junk 3=escape pods 4=space craft or orbital fragments
44 Aircraft crashes d4 1=trader airship 2=Orung empire fighter 3=crude propeller aircraft full of feral refugees 4=escapees from a distant isolated bunker or far off place
45 Food shortage from crop failure, animals desperate and cannibal raiders
46 Water shortage caused by drought or contamination with d4 1=radioactive 2=disease 3=chemicals 4=parasites, good water increases in trade value
47 Massive explosion from atomic power cell going off or war era munition is disturbed
48 Disease outbreak spreads rapidly around city killing many and incapacitating more temporarily which some factions take advantage of
49 Building collapses creating massive dust cloud over ruins
50 Subterranean structure collapses creating sinkhole or pit and huge dust cloud possibly revealing some complex or subway
51 AI generated holograms in ruins trying to compete to recruit cultists
52 Swarms of drones spying on everyone
53 Recycling drones scavenging and murdering for raw materials for som AI or faction 
54 Robots fighting in streets d4 1=rival AI controllers 2=virused vs free willed 3=anti human vs pro human 4=controlled by factions or bunker 
55 Androids on warpath d4 1=virused vs free willed 2=AI vs AI 3=eliminate humans 4=fighting robots
56 Cyborgs from a hidden bunker waging war on surface dwellers d4 1=raiding for parts 2=kidnapping victims to cyborg 3=fight rival bunker 4=murdering anyone not linked to them
57 Warborg, robot tank or worse patrolling city killing anyone it can find with heavy weapons
58 Nanite colony of goo recycling ancient ruins into new unlooted ruins
59 Exterminator robots disguised as humans on murder sprees for some evil AI 
60 Orbital AI beams down missionaries to preach faith of new god
61 Jet aircraft flies overhead scouting from the Orangutan Empire to the far north 1in6 get shot down by some local force
62 Savage road gangs running amok across city plundering and murdering
63 Sounds of functioning subway train heard around city
64 Someone setting of chain reactions of atomic fuel cells in ground cars
65 Ultralight scouts observing city for some wasteland faction
66 Airship flies overhead d4 1=traders from far off land visiting silver city markets 2=adventurers come to ruins 3=pilgrims serving a AI 4=troop transport from some faction come to bring in more combatants
67 Raiders mounted on flying mutant monsters invade
68 Desert nomads riding exotic mutant mounts pour into ruins causing troubles
69 Road nomad convoy arrives to make a camp upset local factions
70 Automated ground cars driving about on own
71 Starving refugees from wars in east arrive desperate and hungry, most died on the way and are unwelcome or quickly exploited by factions or slavers
72 Escaped slaves revolted from another territory come here for a new life search for place to settle
73 Secret hidden bunker inhabitants forced to surface seek new lives d4 1=life support collapsed 2=faction fued 3=over populated 4=fresh clones unprepared for surface life
74 Nomad tribal groups gather for great ceremony, many hunt in ruins for food for a feast 
75 Feral tribe of hippies gather for a huge bush doof rave party bringing in huge amounts of drugs
76 A "new" warlord called in wasteland gangs to join them to battle the current warlord for supremacy d4 1=assassinated sending gangs wild 2=ambushed by current warlord and massacre survivors scatter 3=ancient weapon of mass destruction deployed killing the leader and followers 4=gangs cant agree and war breaks out as they exterminate each other
77 Spacecraft arrives with hideous once human cyborgs returned from the stars. Plan to terraform region with a machine they erect. Local life rounded up to be broken down into food and fuel
78 Spacecraft from orbital colony land from desperation as their home habitat in decline. Naive and weak by comparison to locals
79 Settlers arrive en mass to start new faction bases throughout ruins
80 A major type of mutant or animal abhumans arrive to settle unseen in area before
81 Caravans from far and wide coming to Silver city to trade
82 Cheap drugs on the streets with paddlers everywhere possibly serving a faction
83 Sly grog shops pop up everywhere selling beer and spirits. Often from tents or shacks, most avoiding factions and warlord to not pay "tax"
84 Influx of weapons sold in streets with some surprising users rampaging about city ruins d4 1=black powder muskets 2=plastic printed one use guns 3=cartridge based ammo 20th C firearms 4=explosives
85 Slavers in area kidnapping new stock and selling at low low prices
86 Someone selling robots or androids on the street d41=all set to be virused into human killers on certain time and date 2=all cobbled from scrap and damaged 3=all have damaged brains and range from quirky to insane 4=all basic service models and not dangerous
87 Someone selling working scrap built vehicles to ruin dwellers causing various conflicts
88 Everyone growing new miracle crop plant sold by mysterious merchant
89 Trader selling cheap long life ration packs new from some secret factory, becomes commonplace overnight
90 New domestic animal being sold and everybody wants them d4 1=adorable lab grown biopet 2=unusual new herd animal 3=savage but trainable guard beast 4=riding beast 
91 Race day! d4 1=vehicle races 2=camel race 3=horse race 4=emu race, gambling and drinking everywhere as travellers from far away come to compete 
92 Arts festival where culture fans make strange performances, reenact ancient videos, paint murals, build sculptures, erect totem poles and other activities.Celebrity artists compete and celebrated publicly with factions competing through art
93 Apocalypse day when everyone mourns the old world and birth of the new, the exact day a bit hazy. Day ends with feast after fasting all day
94 Patriot day when factions have parades with bands, marching, hold memorial services and leaders rattle sabres vs rival groups
95 Holy day where religions factions try to commune with AI gods and their ancestors, usually sombre in mornings with feasts and celebrations by night
96 Exodus Day celebrating when a significant faction came out of bunker to live on the surface after the apocalypse. Many dress in bunker jumpsuits and reflect on life underground, secret hidden bunker agents use to walk freely on surface
97 Victory Day, everyone celebrates repulsing three major canetoad folk invasions,burning frog effigies common with fireworks
98 Purge Day, a ancient custom where locals lynch and execute some poor victims for being a burden, poor, loners, suspicious acting, mutants or any excuse. Some communities brawl in public or murder strangers
99 Rabbit Day, when tribes of rabbit folk hide landmines and grenade trip lines and most people try to kill them. They often leave out traps disguised as colourful treats which especially trick children
100 Giftmas day, when all gather to give thanks and exchange presents. Even the city AI join in with festive holograms, street decorations put up by robots and gangs of biker raiders give gifts to poor mutant children. Santa robots roam spreading good cheer but some seek to spoil the day with theft or violent attacks

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