Thursday 24 March 2016

d100 Petty Bunker Problems and Gossip

A sequel to my first ever d100 on the EMO blog

This was inspired by gammaworld, aftermath and a bit by fallout. I got boyscout badges for designing bomb shelters as school teachers told us daily we would all die in ww3 and we couldnt stop it. Ah the care fee 70s and 80s.

So this is a table for smaller shittier problems you might face weekly in a bunker or generation starship or isolated base.

d10 Quick Types of Petty Problems
01 Troubled leadership
02 Medical problems
03 Resource problems
04 Habitat maintenance
05 Morale problems
06 Power struggle
07 Rampant gossip
08 Recreational vice
09 Environment
10 Weird stuff

d100 Petty Problems In the Bunker
01 Leader growing senile and increasingly crazy
02 Leader demanding unreasonable personal attention and servitude
03 Leader corrupt and accepting bribes and services for privilege
04 Leader clamping down on personal freedom and choice
05 Leader increasingly paranoid about enemies
06 Leader concerned about traitors from with bunker
07 Leader adopting harsh and arbitrary punishments
08 Leader appointing overbearing officials
09 Leader ill or engrossed in own problems and organisation suffering
10 Leader is being duped or mislead by dubious adviser

11 Several workers down with flu
12 Someone important has medical crisis

13 Medical supplies or skills needed
14 Mold or fungus making health problems
15 Doctors working on treating medical mystery
16 Several workers pulled from duty due to mental problems
17 Accident hospitalizes some personnel
18 Worker reproduction or cryopod problems
19 Medical tech ethics dispute (cloning, reproduction, genetic mods)
20 Debate over patient priorities
21 Food production failure, food supply shortage 
22 Armament or ammo shortages
23 Fuel shortages
24 Improvised materials and repairs failing
25 Water or air filters having problems
26 Technical information lost
27 Vermin eating supplies
28 Storage facility damaged by flood or cave in or contamination
29 Light bulbs, toilet paper, paper other common goods hustled on black market
30 Water supply reduced
31 Construction material or tech parts shortage
32 Power outages
33 Attempts from unknown outsiders to enter
34 Collapse of a section trapped some occupants
35 Sewerage flood
36 Toxic gas vented into some areas
37 Flammable gas leaks
38 Elevator or internal transport fails
39 Main Door frozen
40 Surveilance system tampered with
41 Panic about surface conditions
42 Riots over goods shortages
43 Accusations of murder or cannibalism
44 Witch hunt for traitors
45 Fear of disease or contamination
46 Crime and corruption on the increase
47 Faith in mission or survival low
48 Suicide increases
49 Citizens seek to escape
50 Killer hidden among population
51 Workers strike for better conditions
52 Security prompting a coup
53 Family dynasties struggle for control at any cost
54 Science staff tired off backward oafish elites who cut their funding
55 Criminals plan a take over for more vice and corruption
56 Ideological zealots stirring up unrest
57 Demagogue winding up workers with talk of equality and fairness
58 Military faction need bigger barracks and more food as they take all the risks
59 Law and order faction tired crackdown on petty rules
60 Religion or cult want bunker to go in new direction
61 Rumors of bunker purpose a lie, demand secret agenda exposed
62 Rumors that conditions outside are a lie
63 Rumors of secret infiltration from outside force
64 Rumors that leaders corrupt and have secret luxuries
65 Gossip rampant and bullying driving some to suicide
66 Gossip about contamination and safety covered up
67 Gossip about private lives of leaders sexual exploits and vice
68 Gossip that complex doomed, panic and dreams of escape abound
69 Stories of creature or maniac lurking in complex depths
70 Stories of supernatural phenomena like ghosts or people with ESP
71 Establishment of black market economy and currency
72 Gambling running rife and causing problems like violence
73 Secret fight club league or other dangerous blood sport
74 Underground sex industry linked to corrupt officials
75 Personnel being killed in dangerous physical challenges
76 Gamers taking things too far by acting out dangerous fantasies in real life (mario carts!)
77 Addictive game or fan fiction zines distracting important workers 
78 Kleptomaniac scavenger hunts all the rage
79 Drug abuse rampant and safety compromised 
80 Gangs or cults forming dividing community
81 Rust and corrosion rampant, things falling part
82 Software bugs make computers inefficient
83 Air temperature too cold, ice forming in some places
84 Air temperature too hot, hot spots in some places
85 Air too humid, dripping water, condensation and water damage
86 Machines and computers acting funny
87 Funny odors and bad air some sections
88 Food production areas declining or diseased
89 Vermin loose in some sections
90 Stuff growing in some sections that shouldn't be
91 Mental health crisis among essential staff being investigated
92 Manpower or skill shortage solved with clones, androids, cryopods or other tech fix
93 Slimy trails found
94 Disappearance of person alarms
95 Graffiti increasing and common is some areas
96 Terrible practical jokes getting more serious
97 Vandalism running rampant in some sections
98 Something important missing
99 Eugenics club advocate modifying personnel or creating worker drones
100 Someone is stealing power or lab supplies for some purpose

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  1. My God! I love this! (Except I could roll on this table & apply the result to the middle-management at work. How art imitates life!)


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