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d100 Dungeon Vermin (revised little guys)

Been commuting from Canberra to Sydney for work and gaming. So as my portable tablet and tower died im down to old faithful acer laptop which since last few updates has got rid of bugs. Also worked co curating paste for a festival day. I managed to include some questionable content plenty of ppl would have rejected. So my posting been slower. A local wed club and thurs wargaming club and a gamer bar open all night with cooked breakfast with dungeon decor i must visit too. Town has best wargaming scene ive seen in decades and but pathfinder seems biggest rpg game and

So todays d100 is a revision of this did a awesome version too but i cant find it

I have meant to fix this. My animal project has sped up since abandoning stats every entry. My d100 petty undead was made easier by generic stats than trying to describe everything

Some average stats for quick use but special animals exist to break these standards and can be more dangerous.

Bugs, mice, frogs, lizards, finch, cricket, under a foot length
HD 1hp AC +5 some might inflict 1hp Mv6

Chicken, smaller dog, goose, cat, duck, monkey, crow, owl, under a yard in length
HD d4 AC +4 some might inflict d4 Mv9

Sheep, goat, pig, large dog, miniature pony
HD d6 or d8 AC +3 some might inflict d6 Mv12

Most dungeon vermin can sense in dark or have penalties halved
Poison often mild +2 or +4 for smaller specimens on only a d6 or so damage

D100 Dungeon Vermin
01 Dungeon rat swarm - 4d6 1hp rats in a swarm more aggressive than regular rats 1dam to victim/round, 1 victim every 6 rats
02 Dungeon Giant rat - d4 HD often travel in groups of d6
03 Dungeon Hog Rat - 1HD as big as a pig, solitary as the eat smaller rats
04 Dungeom Bear Rat - 2-3 HD often fill whole drain or tunnel and chase food into corners
05 Ball of rats - ball of 3d6+4 entangled rats with fused tails attack as small creature
06 Dungeon king rats - 1-3 foot long 1d4 HP, 1d4 bite, diseased, good food and hide 3d
07 Dungeon rat mutant - bizarre specimen with wings, scorpion tail, bald, green, intelligent
08 Plague Rats with red eyes and black fur
09 Mice mostly flee on site or run past
10 Mouse Swarm with hundreds of mice
11 Dungeon Hens 1d6 and Cock 1d4 HP and damage - wild, feral or somebodies livestock
12 Dungeon rabbits - 1d3 HP 1d4 attack if cornered, uses dungeon as thoroughfare, possible feral food beast
14 Dungeon Cat - usually flee but may be curious and follow
15 Dungeon Dog - usually medium dogs, stray pet, watch dogs on patrol 1d6 or feral dog pack 2d6 - territorial, will have allies it can howl for
16 Dungeon subterranean swine family with sow, boar and adorable piglets
17 Dungeon hog lost from herd eating some lovely muck
18 Boar who eats dungeon rubbish and agressive of territory
19 Dungeon cow, stinking miniature shaggy cows with mildew covered hair, gang up, trample and butt
20 Goblin miniture tunnel goat eats all kinds or rubbish, will butt and fleee threats but will let you milk it if you have food and it is a doe, buck more agressive
21 Dungeon hedgehog - 1-3 foot long eating bugs, grubs and other critters, good eating, harmless
22 Dungeon bobcat, normally cautious but curious
23 Ferrets - a lost pet or hunters breasts gone feral in a family of 1d6, chase mice and rabbits
24 Dungeon weasels, large ones attack and suck d4 blood per round, small packs
25 Badger hunting or using area as thoroughfare, mounds of earth might have remains of beads and potterey they uncover on digs
26 Jackal or fox looking for scraps, possibly see parents with some young 1d6, will flee
27 Dungeon monkey, evil litle men, steal stuff and fling shit
28 Ghost bats cause fear when they leap out in surprise and demoralize people, nast bit, pussum sized
29 Vampire bats swarm about draining a HP per round and possibly spread disease
30 Screeching bats in hundreds cause confusion and alert local monsters
31 Dungeon toad - looking for bugs, puffs up if sees bigger things, possibly poisonous, size and attitude of bull terrier, makes good leather
32 Dungeon froglings or toadlings - 1d6 large 1-2 hand size frogs or toads looking for
33 Dungeon gecko - hides above doors, camo blends in, may hide near door frames, bites or squeaks loudly then flee if startled, eats bugs, is tasty
34 Dungeon turtle - slowly wandering turtle looking for bugs, might stay near water or drainpipe, tasty, looks tired and resigned to fate, linkboys eat them
35 Dungeon Lizard - one to two yard scavenging monitor lizard, attracted by smells of blood or rations
36 Dungeon Adder, sneaky biting snakes with mild but painful poison, might even swarm
37 Dungeon Python a constrictor up to 18 feet long
38 Dungeon cobra or rattler with lethal bite and bad attitude
39 Dungeon Salamander or Newt, squishy and poisonous, large ones bite hands or feet
40 Dungeon
41 Discover you are crawling with leeches - 1hp damage
42 Huge lamprey like leech drop from above or ide near door frames to attack the cling and suck blood
43 Trap tooth rock grubs, burrow and attack from ground with trap like jaws, STR to pull free or DEX to avoid ig you know they are there
44 Dungeon maggots - good bait and good eating for some, 1HP and bite for 1 HP, 1d10 maggots probably on some corpse or some dung
45 Dungeon Earth Worms - up to a foot long come from its hole to eat some rubbish, good bait
46 Dungeon giant worm - up to a 1 yard worm with a 1d4 HP and bite
47 Dungeon sting worm pops out of ground or wall with paralasys sting
48 Dungeon grubs - 2d20 grubs attack for 1hp then live inside host as a parasite - when worms exeed HP victim bursts, 1d6 attack a person each round
49 Dungeon thread worms - 2d6 sticky threads attack and cling to victim from wet patch on ground or near food or rubbish for 1hp per worm then live inside host as a parasite - when worms exceed HP victim bursts open
50 Termite swarm infests wooden objects to eat
51 Chirpers increadibly noisy cave crickets, may congregate near scraps and bite, mosly make alarm if scared warning local monsters
52 Dungeon dung beetle - collects dung and rolls away and stores in nest neatly
53 Cockroaches d100 - may get into party stuff and lay eggs
54 Dungeon mosquito swarm - swarm inflict 1hp per round for 1d4 rounds then leave
55 Dungeon fleas or ticks - infested area spreads to party, lose 1 hp per day till treated, with weekly disease check
56 Fly swarm of stinging flies or wasps that crawl into eyes, ears, nose, may blind and smother
57 Giant tick bite then suck 1d4/rnd, diseased
58 Dungeon giant mosquito - 1d4 HP, 1d3 bite then suck 1d3 per round till dear, diseased
59 Cave lobster (Dungeon Yabbie), usually hide near drains or water on in puddle, nip for surprised then flee to water if prey dangerous, delicious in butter and garlic
60 Giant wasp - 1d6 large stinging cat size wasps with clay nest
61 Dungeon giant flies 1d6 in group, aggressive hit and run hand to small dog size
62 Ants or termites, footlong builder or mining ants or a single grumpy dog sized ant or termite
63 Inch ants, multiple bites cause 1pt wounds and mild poison
64 Dungeon scorpion - up to foot long, aggressive often in groups
65 Dungeon centipede - up to foot long 1d4 hp, Poison+2 save, angry if disturbed nest or while eating
66 Dungeon camel spider - foot long creatures look part lobster. Paralyze you with venom then eat 1hp for1d10 rounds, others may join in meal, attack sleepers unless desperate
67 Tarantulas, many hand size or lone larger, poison inflicts urge to dance till exhaustion
68 Dungeon rat eating spider - a 2 hand size spider with necrotic bite dam 1d6+2 damage save vs poison for half - not hostile but might be startled and defend self
69 Dungeon red back spider - black orb with scarlet eye mark on back builds scraggly webs under benches, furniture, goods left against walls, holes - poison aggressive with nest
70 Dungeon trapdoor spider - blends into stonework bottom few feet of wall or in doorways for skilled ambush
71 Rope snakes like to hide among rope or look like coils of rope
72 Torch bugs fold up to look like a torch when scared, if you set them alight they go crazy
73 Lamp Spitter shoots spit at open flames, dousing candles or lamps. Biggest can douse a torch, if irritated they jump on your face
74 Lockspiders hide in locks and poison anyone rude enough to use a key or lockpicks in their homes
75 Leatherworms, infest leather goods and weaken them
76 Blue Gel, ball sized glob drops onto wood or leather goods, ruining them rapidly
77 Flying Squealers are magical winged piglets from another plane, they are adorable, eat your food, fly about shitting and squeal if spooked
78 Dungeon Squirrel, dog size, aggressive, eat carrion and all kinds of dungeon waste.
79 Dun Jelly, eats sewerage and feces, some keep them in latrine pits, sometimes people step in them and slip and stink after
80 Baby fire salamanders live in fire places and forges and if left without fuel will wander off to start a fire, feeding them fuel or fire magic heals them, cold or water or sand hurt
81 Explodestools d4 1=d3 1foot diameter 2=d4 3foot diameter 3=d6 10foot diameter 3=d6 10foot diameter 4=d12 20foot diameter
82 Green Mould, creates stinking cloud if disturbed once a day
83 Tentacle from drain or water grabs your foot will give up if hurt or cant drag into hole
84 Faeries, sprites, pixies or brownies pinch stuff and play tricks on rude or oafish boors
85 Flying monkeys screech, steal stuff, grope people and fling shit
86 Shrieking mushrooms scream if disturbed allerting dungeon monsters
87 Walking mushrooms, kinda adorable to some and possibly delicious
88 Stirge owls, blood sucking dungeon owls
89 Undead hand or other body part or undead small creature like a rat zombie
90 Baby carrion crawler 1d4 HP one sting save vs paralysis +4, leave nest in groups of 1d6
91 Baby trapper covers single floor stone usually near doorway sometimes in group of 1d6 - 2d4 HP grab then crush for 1d4 per round, surprise
92 Baby cave fisher - sits above doorways, try to eat party pets or hobbits, 2HD, entangling fisher line 2x1d6 lobster claws when victim close
93 Small piercers 1d4 dam
94 Baby purple worm 1d4 HP 1d4 bite or stinger - kill and eat now or else
95 Baby jelly or ooze or cube eating some dungeon rubbish
96 Baby mimic 1d4 HP grabs then 1d4 per round crush, disguise as doorknob, gem, dagger
97 Gremlins play cruel pranks, pick pockets, hotfoot, steal food, cut rope, hole battles, etc
98 Lost familiar creature may be shy or just follow or be friendly
99 Rat or weasel or cat looking but actually a imp or brownie or other small curious shape shifter
00 Spherical one eyed furry ball follows party, makes cute noises and eats party victims, it is a baby beholder, if scared it has a single flash strobe Save vs blindness for 2d4 rounds -1 to hit for 1 hour after, it usually flees and goes down a hole, very fast and harmless at this age but most get eaten


  1. Could you post the name of that all night gaming bar when you get a chance please?


  2. Here's the low-life table for dungeon vermin I stated up:


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