Sunday, 15 November 2015

More Bezerka Con

 Balmain Town Hall

Robot Battles - guy is training baby robots to be gladiators

Some of vendors were cool - i spent most i ever had at con
Got minis and eclipse phaze book for $20 bux
Almost got dungeon sections for minis but will try to make my own

 Those vaultboyz out and about - with pip boys - 111 think they are gods

 Some minis to fill hole in my 1/72 mini sets - with ceaser ancients to compare size

My art i did at kids critter workshop
My games didn't float but i ran several DnD intro games. Todays was a teen girl, her dad and a young couple. I ran my start in a horrible murder hobo shanty town where every one was shift old and wounded. NPC tried to encourage cruelty. Children gleefully killed monsters and robbed their bodies debating if it was ok to grab loot in combat. Clerics got to be all moral and had to be hidden when talking to to monsters. AT one point we had gone way over time so party pushed way into goblin market chief lair and killed the boss family and guards and fled. Most of the goblins chased one thief who fled through the market alone. Fun game and good to play oldschool dnd again. Has made me think of simplifying things more and steal some good ideas from 5th edition which I don't hate. Rethinking my character classes too.

Con was fun and could have had more ppl. Did many things not done for years here like more stalls, artists, contests, things to do in between cons, reaper mini painting with freebees. Art workshops. Lots of stuff to do between or besides games. I got my puffy toon octopuses every where in branding and signs and badges. I got acknowledge and slightly did too much but coped ok. Nice to be able to consult. Now for my art and work and holidays and cat sitting.....shit really heavy rain started.

Finished unpacking rain stopped gotto go to serve my fuzzy black master.

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