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My RQ Spell List (I'm Back!)

My net has been down for six weeks and ive had arthritis and flu and work issues. Having met several former co workers in near homeless state with resultant mental health issues ive been working as much as my health permits. Current government cuts have made many worse off and homeless numbers seem about triple from the streets (shelter funding been axed for ppl and animals - more crying homeless women than I've ever seen). I guess they are doing their job and scaring everyone into knuckling down. So i have up to 3 jobs a day for my 8 hours with 4 hours of travel right now with poor security - I could be on less than 15 hours a week on a new roster at a moments notice.

This is one of several projects I worked on compiling new spirit spells and ones from old supplements for my RQ3 /BRP/Cthulhu mash up game. Im only running my vikings game at the moment. Rome will be next. Still waiting for my lulu petty gods (6 weeks) and a pile of minis (the payments never went through so ive re ordered). Have been collecting ww1 tanks and infantry.

Most temporal spells last 5 minutes or spell can be held up to 5 minutes to be released in that period.

Variable ranged temporal passive
apply to person, place, door or object, alerts you if under threat one day per mp point or till set off
Animal Speech
3pt touch temporal passive
can speak to all animals
Animate Dead
variable ranged temporal active
Animate a corpse as a slow shambling automaton, 1mp=3SIZ and 1INT
Armouring Enchantment
1pt (POW) touch permanant ritual
1d6 pts of armour to a location or hand held object or 1 all over
variable touch temporal passive
each MP allaws a extra dodge roll during the 5 minute duration
2pt ranged temporal passive
Subject tries to resist or cannot speak or comunicate verbally
Battle Sight
1pt touch temporal passive
all directions as if front facing, can see threats as if 360 degree vision, never blindsided
2pt ranged temporal passive
Must roll INTx5 each round to act as intends, ona fumble attacks friends, if fail stand stupidly
Binding enchantment
1pt (POW) touch permanant rutual
used to contain incomplete entities from other planes, 1pt per stat point entity has
variable touch temporal passive
+5% hit damage on any edged weapon per point
Bless (Metal)
1mp (POW) touch permanant ritual
enchants a SIZ point of magic metal which harms magic beings and other effects based on metal
Bless (Skill)
variable touch temporal passive
+10% per mp, one skill per spell
Blight (sense)
3pt ranged temporal passive
Subject resists or loses a sense depending on version of spell: sight, touch, taste, smell, hearing
variable touch temporal passive
+1AP and +5% to defend per mp
variable touch temporal passive
+5% hit damage on any blunt weapon per point
Bypass Alarm
Variable ranged temporal passive
will not set off a alarm spell of equal or lower mp for duration
1pt ranged instant

can count acuratly a horde, heard or goods such as grain, rock, crop, volume of fluid
Call Aid
variable touch duration passive
+10% per mp on next single skill use within the duration
Call Beast
2pt ranged temporal passive
Attracts a nearby animal to caster, can call one known or seen in area or a random beast
2pt touch instant

calms a distressed or panicked animal or person, may get a resistance roll if they dont like caster
Cast Out Dead
3pt ranged temporal passive
as demoralize on a undead being
1pt ranged temporal passive
can cool a hot pot or tool or meal, can inflict 1hp frost bite on a random body part
variable ranged instant

cleans a person or a 3x3 area per mp
Clear Path
Variable touch temporal passive
makes path easier to travel at normal speed, ach point over 1st allows you to lead one extra being
Cloud Mind
2mp touch temporal passive
non resisting victim is stupefied, has dificulty remembering details, is easily duped or questioned
Control (Species)
1pt ranged temporal passive
Must reduce being to 0mp in spirit combat first, active while controling creature
variable touch temporal passive
+1 DEX per point
Counter Attack
2pt touch temporal passive
gain one extra melee attack if attacked during duration
Counter Defence
2pt touch temporal passive
gain one parry if attacked during duration
Counter Magic
variable touch temporal passive
foils incoming spell, if one point less remains up, if equal or over countermagic breaks
1pt (POW) ranged permanant ritual
cast a offensive spell with permanant duration or incurabe damage, curse ends if fetsh broken, POW=mp of spell
2pt ranged temporal passive
10cm thick 10m square moves one m/round but counts as active to do so
Deflect Arrow
1pt touch temporal passive
one point allows you to attempt to parry any one normal missile attack
2pt ranged temporal passive
surrender or retreat, halves attack skills
Detect (Magic)
1pt ranged temporal active
detects nearest sample of magic within range can penetrate 1m of rock
Detect (Species)
1pt ranged temporal active
detects nearest sample of species type within range can penetrate 1m of rock, hunters use
Detect (Substance)
1pt ranged temporal active
detects nearest sample of substance type within range can penetrate 1m of rock, water common
Detect Enemy
1pt ranged temporal active
detect closest person in 100m who means caster harm
3pt touch temporal passive
Spirit leaves body to spirit plane like a shaman for duration, very dangerous
Dispel Magic
variable ranged instant

1pt dispels 1 point of spirit magic or intensity, 2 points dispe one point of divie magic
1pt ranged instant

1d3 damage if overcomes target, ignores armour
variable ritual active

ask a question and get a 1 word answer per mp
variable ranged temporal passive
reduces damage by 1pt per magic point on foes weapon
Enchant Potion
Variable touch permanant ritual
Create a potion with a pre cast spirit magic spell using exotic ingredients and gold
variable touch instant

reduces fatigue by 1d10 per mp
variable ranged temporal passive
reduces victims CON by two per mp for duration if fail resistance
3mp ranged temporal passive
victims besotted and loves the caster for duration if fail resistance
Evil Eye
variable ranged temporal passive
makes victim vulnerable to magic, -1 POW or mp resistance rolls per mp for duration
variable ranged instant

1pt puts out torch, lantern or candle; 2pt puts out campfire, 3pts a bonfire
False Trail
2pt touch temporal passive
leaves footprints of another species or own backwards or that of anaother individual of own type
1pt ranged temporal passive
halves defencive skills increases attack skills by half again, makes highly agressive
Far Hear
1pt range temporal passive
+5% listen skill can hear a whisper in range and distant loud sounds like battle are easily heard
Far See
1pt touch temporal passive
can see objects 1km away as if up close
variable ranged temporal passive
-1d6% per mp requires a round to recover each % till normal or is penalty on every roll, may resist
2pt touch temporal passive
Binds a prisoners hands or feet with STR 20, requires a length of vine or cord or string or rope
Fire Arrow
2pt touch temporal passive
turns a normal missile into a flaming 3d6 weapon, in a special hit may ignite target if possible
Fire Blade
4pt touch temporal passive
turns melee weapon into a 3d6 flaming one, may ignite target on a special hit if possible
Fire Breath
2pt ranged temporal passive
cast and can spit 1d10 damage once in duration
Flesh Ward
variable touch temporal passive
1d3 extra hp which temporarily absorb incoming damage
1pt ranged temporal passive
10m diameter circle
Foul Vapours
2pt ranged temporal passive
10m diameter circle, CON resists caster MP or 1 damage per round, most beings try to flee
Free Fetter
2pt touch instant

unties ropes or opens a yoke or loostens a net or web binding a person
3pt ranged temporal passive
if fail resistance take 1hp per location ignoring armour
variable touch temporal passive
each mp adds 2 points of APP
variable ranged temporal passive
one target per mp if fail resist will glow, making easy targets
variable ranged temporal passive
glue non living things together 10cm square 10 STR per mp
Hand of Death
variable ranged instant passive
damage 1hp/mp on randon location, resist or take half damage, ignores armour
variable touch instant

heals 1hp per mp
1pt ranged temporal passive
can heat a pot or tool or meal, dry laundry, can inflict 1hp burn on a random body part
Hinder (Skill)
variable range temporal passive
-10% per mp on a specific skill, favoured skills include spot and listen
1pt ranged instant

ignites a torch or campfire, can ignite air if overcomes target (usually does 1d3)
3pt touch instant ritual
gains a inspired lucid insight to solve a clue or a problemon with a INTx5 roll
variable touch temporal active
may fade self or thing into other world for a second per mp, could pass a wall or hide, some risk as entities in otherworld might notice and attack you with spirits, spells, bites or sanity
4pt touch temporal active
while caster concntrates target invisibe, cannot concentrate on and run, fight or cast spells
variable touch temporal passive
+5% hit and +1 damage per HP on bare hand or animal attacks
variable touch temporal passive
add 1m to jumps per point for duration or a single jump 3 m per point instantly
variable touch temporal passive
lift caster 1m above ground per mp and can move mp in meters per round
3pt ranged temporal passive
3d6 damage bolt must overcome resistance, may ignite location also
variable ranged temporal passive
10m radius per level
4pt touch temporal passive
10cm thick 10m square moves one m/round but counts as active to do so, can see thhrough one way, other side too blinding and sheds 10m of light
variable ranged temporal passive
-10% per mp on chace to break or pick lock, one day per mp
Magic Point Matrix Enchantment
1pt (POW) touch permanant ritual
Create a 1d6 point mp battery
variable ranged temporal passive
creates a two way person to person link per mp
variable ranged temporal passive
+1 M move per mp
variable touch temporal passive
creates a aditional normal missile per mp at point of firing, missiles must be cast in duration, larger than a javelin might require 2 points per missile
2pt touch temporal passive
Can see in the dark and some types of invisible beings vulnerable to sonar or thermal senses
1pt ranged temporal passive
make a person, room or meal smell fantastic
1pt ranged temporal passive
can animate smoke from a fire or fog from a spell and shape into menacing forms or letters
Pierce Armour
variable touch temporal passive
-1 AP per mp
variable touch temporal passive
+1AP per mp
variable ranged instant

Knock person back 1m/mp DEX x3 check or victim knocked prone (DEX x5 if quadraped or big)
variable touch instant

repairs 1d10 damage to damaged object, alway leaves one point of damage and a scar
variable ranged temporal passive
reduces victims APP by two per mp for duration if fail resistance
Resist (threat)
variable touch temporal passive
reduces damage or POT of threat type (heat, poison, cold, electricity, edged, blunt or poison)
variable touch instant

recover a d10 lost fatigue per mp
Second Sight
3pt ranged temporal passive
can see POW and MP in living things and spirit entities
variable ranged temporal passive
-5% to be hit per mp
2pt ranged temporal passive
stuns a random location for 1d3 rounds for duration if fail resistance
variable ranged temporal passive
+10% sneak skill, dulls sounds or armour, equiptment, touching ground, reduces echos
3pt ranged temporal passive
Subject tries to resist or falls over asleep, INTx3 will awaken if knocked, bumped or loud noise
variable ranged temporal passive
reduces victims DEX by two per mp for duration if fail resistance
variable ranged temporal passive
-1m move on a target if reaches zero cannot move
Speak (language)
2pt ranged temporal passive
can speak to a specific language or language of an animal species
Speak to (Beast)
1pt touch temporal passive
speak to a single species of animal specified by spell
Speak to (Beast)
1pt touch temporal passive
speak to a single species of animal specified by spell
1pt touch 10 seconds passive
+15% +3damage
Spell matrix enchantment
1pt (POW) touch permanant ritual
enchant a spell matrix costing 1POW per mp of spell
Spirit Bane
2pt range instant

initiate combat with a spirit you can see in range, may need second sight or discorporate
Spirit Screen
variable ranged temporal passive
+2 POW to resist spirits per MP
variable touch temporal passive
+3 STR per mp
Summon (species)
1pt within a magic circle ritual active
Summon a specific species of spirit or planar entity, each type has different circle
3pt ranged temporal passive
can speak to all sentient species that have a spoken language
2pt ranged temporal passive
Opens one ordinary lock
1pt ranged temporal passive
may make words seemingly come from object in range
variable touch temporal passive
+2 CON per mp
2pt ranged temporal passive
Make a spirit or invisible entity visible
1pt touch instant ritual
get a dreamlike vision which can be interpreted on INTx1% and used for aid or a warning
1pt ranged temporal passive
makes voice sound louder and more thundering, enhances performace and command range
Variable ranged temporal passive
vomit one round per mp, resist or take 1hp damage per round ignoring armour
variable ranged temporal passive
reduces victims STR by two per mp for duration if fail resistance

Magic Skills

Understand the magical nature of matter and use it to create ransformations and to create potions and other magical processes such as creating life
Points of divine favour from a god which at 40% allows you to add your alliegience to a cult skill three times a game. Other cults offer more bebefits at certain scores but at 100 the god take you away forever
AstrologyKnow the constellations apropriate to gods and nations and mortals and can use to make certain predictions about behaviours and worldly phenomena
can add to other magic skills with a time consuming ritual or sacrifice to gods or lead a comunity in a ritual
Cthulhu Mythos
Your knowledge of forbidden elder gods and the witchcraft known by their cultists. This skill is learned from books and strange experiences and madness. It is more like a contagion. Your Mythos score -99 is your maximum SAN score
Ability to enter the dreamlands and interact with primal mythic beings or be attacked by nighmare beings. Can use skill to create effects in the dreamlands and POW points to create lasting ones
Can use the enchanting spells to create magic items. Also recognise general class of a standardly created object (a binding or enchanted metal or matrix etc). Allows you to sacrifice POW needed in creation of magic items. Often involves carving runes or magical symbols.
Can choose a form of divination to recieve information or warning about future sucess or failure or threats in a week or so, special for a day and critical for imediate threat or problem. Often in confusing and puzzling verse. Must ask a specific question. Vision and Divination spells work well with this. Could use to interperate someone elses divinations
Second Sight
Can try to see otherworld ans possibly see spirits or magic or sous of living things. Use 1mp each attempt, free on a special success
Shape Shift
One species usualy your totem or clan spirit, or could get infected by a werewolf or wendigo. 1mp per 4SIZ. Most use a fresh animal skin, hide or ointment made from body fat in proceedure
Skill used to draw signs and call other planar beings with various spells. A summoner might tell from remains of a summoning ritual what kind of entity was called

there are boxes and layout stuff not visible on my layout but if you print it or pdf it should look better or be more usable

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