Monday 11 December 2023

Planet Psychon Play 2023 + d100 Aquatic Perils

So my game prep wasn't up to spec for our last game for year so ran Planet Psychon instead and realised it didn't have great aquatic encounters in play so i did this. Was very fun vs my grim Cthulhu space game so was a pleasant change. 

One player was a hairless jet skinned theif with pistols and knives and the other a orange skinned psionic sorcerer with a cat tail and eyes. Raised in a underground prison that only years ago opened a passage into a mine complex and everyone inside was mutated. A wizard in charge had been wanting adventurers in survival suits to investigate the surface that AI claimed was uninhabitable and dead. The mines were crawling with ghouls and when they went through the huge doors and forcefield they were almost killed by ghouls and needed rescues. A second attempt after they were healed had more luck/ Managed to reach the wonderous emerald forests with orange sky on the surface and found some lady bards rehearsing on shores of a white milky river. They discarded their ABC survival suits as the air was fine with a scent of sandalwood and chlorine.

They made friends and agreed to visit the citadel nearby and helped build a raft. Entering the citadel they found a society slowly claiming the citadel. Originally forest hunters they were learning technology inside the ruined citadel. Replicators and vending machines provided all people needed and goblins made anything lower tech. So heroes explored a former casino level fighting lobsters and robots and androids and decided they would try to free their people home from the prison bunker.

Roll for colours of any life or people on Psychon
Creatures that don't normally have alignment might
Add mutations to any creature
Hybridise any creature or ad cyborg parts

d10 Quick Types
1 Simple life
2 Marine 
5 Plants
6 Weather
7 Mutants
8 Wonders
9 Technology
10 Vessels

d100 Aquatic Perils
01 Gelatinous globs a type of acidic jelly that can swim or crawl on land for food
02 Colourful giant marine scorpion or many smaller ones in a swarm
03 Swarm of stinging insects like mosquitoes possibly with aquatic larvae
04 Swarm of carnivorous huge worms, may crawl on land or float in rafts or eating a dead creature
05 Gigantic or swarm of crabs or lobsters or trilobites
06 Giant shellfish lurk hidden in and or mud or weeds will snap on victims limbs and have exotic treasures inside refined from filtering water d4 1=pearl 2=gem 3=refined metallic orb 4=toxic or radioactive pellet 
07 Swarm of micro-organisms d4 1=diseases 2=parasites 3=radioactive 4=symbiotic colony gives a new minor mutation
08 Giant starfish with huge hungry orifice can swim or walk and even use "hands" to catch food
09 Swarm of jellyfish d4 1=harmless glowing and edible 2=huge mass size of a cottage 3=small with venomous stinging tendrils trailing everywhere 4=delicious colourful flavoured jellies with interesting shapes, the tendrils are harmless and have a different flavour and they often beach themselves 
10 Gelatinous hydra with paralysing stinging flagellum 
 Swarms of flying fish (bat, bird or insect wings)
12 Swarm of carnivorous fish will frenzy for food
13 Giant armoured fish swallows medium animals whole or slices into bite size chunks with beak
14 Whale or school of dolphin adapted to modern world d4 1=crystal implants and psionics 2=mutations often tentacles 3=armoured cyborgs with weapons 4=can walk on land or fly short distances
15 Giant angler fish with a glowing lure that can shoot rays, the more males fused to her body the more ray types she has. Slimy black flesh and glasslike teeth and bones 
16 Giant octopus or squid or some tentacled cancerous polyp
17 Swordfish come to surface to duel or sawfish sawing on driftwood or wrecked boat
18 Brain fish with transparent skull and huge glowing brain with psionic powers
19 Giant megalodon shark or swarm of regular sharks, often mutated
20 Giant eels swarm in waters 
21 Swarms of angry colourful seabirds will beg for food or steal it
22 Huge killer puffins sometime in large groups if nesting with nasty sharp beaks
23 Filter feeding birds like whales in water evolved from penguins
24 Talking parrots curious and gossip wildly, want leave alone until you've given them more gossip
25 Migrating wetland birds with strange specialised beaks
26 Giant gulls fly overhead who only land to breed swoop down to catch fish
27 Giant herons or storks with beaks like spears wading in water stabbing and eating prey
28 Metallic stymphalian birds shoot metallic feathers to kill prey 
29 Prehistoric winged reptiles often nest on rocks or beaches but hunt over waters, often in flocks with smaller ones and giant ones more loners  
30 Birds overhead are really spy drones
31 Giant venomous marine serpent d4 1=psionic powers 2=cyborg 3=mutant 4=head on each end
32 Marine prehistoric reptiles d4 1=plesiosaur 2=tylosaur 3=kronosaur 4=ichthyosaur
33 Herd of wetland prehistoric beasts migrating d4 1=sauropods 2=duck billed dinosaurs 3=dimetrodons 4=Paraceratherium
34 Giant beavers have built a vast dam or raft or island fortress 
35 Giant otters lounging about on backs studying interesting artifacts they have found on the bottom of the water on their bellies
36 Amphibious folk floating town built from scrap may restrict traffic d10 1=frog folk 2=beaver folk 3=rat folk 4=newt folk 5=otter folk 6=duck folk 7=bug folk 8=lizard folk 9=fish fish 10=multispecies trade town 
37 Giant marine lizards on shore or rocks relaxing when not grazing on marine plants underwater
38 Otter or beaver folk operating a ferry service d4=a giant member of own species 2=crude raft 3=ferryboat follows an ancient cable across water and has some ancient buildings and cars 4=ride inside a giant snail or hermit crab shell with windows, operator kind of control the creatures direction 
39 Giant marine reptile is a living vehicle for a nation of dinosaur folk soldiers
40 Giant frogs or newts or salamanders possibly their aquatic young in swarms
41 Gigantic kelp fronds erupt from water holding garbage and wrecks of ancient ships an even shacks built into the forest
42 Shambling plant creatures of decaying algae and weed will attack surface travelers or anyone near water
43 Raft of vegetation floating with village of small aggressive plant folk and their killer plant pets
44 Mass of colonial algae assumes form of other creatures and lures them with psionics into its arms to be drowned
45 Vegetation with snatching tendrils that drag creatures to their deaths
46 Floating raft of vegetation with gas bags with other plants and creatures living on surface, some with living sails
47 Marine plants with snapping jaws grow near shore or underwater to snatch creatures on surface
48 Colonial algal colony can change from a raft of slime to a swimming or walking creature and has psionic attacks
49 Slime floating on the surface. The colony can move slowly and swim and seeks to absorb living beings and devour them d4 1=corrosive 2=burns but killed prey turn into zombies 3=hallucinations by touch 4=paralysis by touch
50 Plant of fungus in water infected corpses in water may arise as zombies and dragged into the lake to add to the group mind
51 Several times a day coloured fog or mist covers waters
52 Water chilled with rafts of ice on surface
53 Water contaminated by toxic materials underwater with most life avoiding area
54 Whirlpool sucks fluids into a deep underground sea 
55 Rough rocky water hazardous to vehicles 
56 Rains or snows several times a day
57 Water filled with floating materials d4 1=wood or vegetation 2=floating volcanic rock 3=gelatinous globs possibly eggs 4=plastic garbage of ancients
58 Water bubbling d4 1=boiling 2=gas 3= 4=
59 Water has foul miasmas over surface d4 1=diseased 2=vomit inducing stench 3=attracts swarms of bugs 4=smells delicious
60 Water is living and psycho reactive to minds d4 1=influenced behaviour 2=creates duplicates or people 3=creatures in areas its thralls and mind linked 4=psionic hallucinations
61 Flailing idiotic mutant creatures flopping around in water and on beach
62 Idiotic mutants on beach or wallowing in slime and screaming at each other 
63 Squalid shanty town of mutant humanoids and beast folk on floating village
64 Mutated gibbering bloated semi aquatic mutants fighting and mating in savage frenzy 
65 Horrible settlement of mutated chaos morlocks eating the last travellers who came this way with a fire pit and an earth oven
66 Humans in power armour blasting mutants trying to escape in their damaged scrap built boat
67 Huge living tentacled mass with eyes growing on the beach or in water attempts to devour anything it can grab 
68 Oozing biological flesh structures, once a complex for living beings now diseased and mutated with hideous chimeric life writhing in it's streets
69 Ancient ruins populated by fiendish mutant humanoids and creatures d4 1=underwater 2=shore or islands 3=floating megastructure 4=semi sunken
70 A hidden research lab hidden here releases hideous hybrid new creatures and humanoids
71 Giant mutant turtle has something on back d4 1=citadel 2=fortress with drone fleet and artillery 3=forest 4=ancient ruins
72 Dragon lair in water and it charges travellers to pass
73 Standing stones underwater or on islands contain a demon that cannot leave the barrier made by the stones
74 Water elementals gather here near an underwater portal to their home dimension
75 Small islands where fire or frost or lightning lizards breed and they will use breath weapons on any who come near 
76 Gargantuan kaiju dwells underwater here and is shunned by locals 
77 Crashed alien saucer here has various crew and servitors on board and need resources to survive and repair their ship
78 Giant lives underwater or in cave or ruin near beach and is hungry for small folk
79 Island with AI operated data bunker where humans are not welcome
80 Island ruin with a lich sends undead minions to capture travellers
81 Beached nuclear submarine polluting local waters with undead crew
82 Aquatic cyborgs from an underwater bunker kidnap people for making new cyborgs
83 Automated gun bunkers on beach or sea mines and nets 
84 War crab robots gathering scrap for repairs 
85 Amphibious abhumans from an underwater city with armed vehicles dislike surface folk
86 Ancient industrial rig mining gas or oil and a some faction live on the top structure. Seaweed and creatures live on lower levels
87 Ruined marine mega structure partly forming an island. Various survivor factions feud within and often seize travellers for technology
88 Wrecked ancient ship with party of looters stripping metal and goods. Suspicious of others stealing their scrap
89 Wrecked spacecraft or orbital remains locals shun due to robots
90 Ancient pontoon bridge damaged in places guarded by robot or android military
91 Ship of viking raiders in long ship d4 1=abhumans 2=cyborgs 3=eldren psychics 4=
92 AI war vessel thinks any vessel is an enemy and will attack
93 Amphibious troop transport with soldiers or raiders d4 1=humans 2=mutants 3=cyborgs abhumans
94 Cyborg whale factory ship refining materials from the water or anything in its path
95 Patrol boats of local faction or hunters canoes or fishing coracles
96 Pirate ship crewed by undead under command of a lich
97 Pleasure barge or luxury cruise ship or gambling paddlewheel boat
98 Ghost ship in state of ruin with survivors and various monsters on board sailing aimlessly
99 Small wooden boat d4 1=local children on adventure 2=lone traveller or survivor 3=old people fishing 4=creepy old lost wizard 
100 Vile biological ship populated by screaming mutant maniacs


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