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Boxing day Game: Golden Age Heroes 1949

Trying to run some long day games for break period and running a few odd one-off games.

Have 6 players for this and using my TSR Marvel variant rules to create Golden Age heroes. I will start with a war-era flashback scene then jump to 1949 for most of the game.

this is my usual system here but Contacts and Talents can be taken from lists here and options are described here in detail

this is my character sheet

All set in a fictional River CIty between Melbourne and Adelaide built in 1930s by corrupt industry and crime - post-war super-powered people have been encouraged to move their

Character Generation

DOB date of birth of Secret Identity
born 1927 you were 11 in 1939 and 18 in 1945
born 1921 you were 18 in 1939 and 26 in 1845
born 1911 you were 28 in 1939 and 36 in 1945

if you're a doctor or professor you might need to be older
if you were too young to be drafted you were a kid sidekick in war alongside a more famous hero (did they survive the war and did you assume their identity)

aliens, ancient deities can ignore this but their alter egos might need a fake one or when did they arrive in the modern world?

Consider your occupations for your alter egos
If you have no powers in alter ego you get a bonus option

What did you do in the war?
Whose side were you on?

These are the attributes at normal human levels:
FIGHTING - Poor (4) - for martial artists and hand to hand combat
AGILITY - Typical (6) - for athletics and accuracy and dodging
STRENGTH  - Poor (4) - for lifting and hitting hard or wrestling
ENDURANCE - Typical (6) - resisting harm and moving
CHARISMA* - Typical (6) - for convincing others
REASON - Typical (6) - for using technology and problem solving
INTUITION - Typical (6) - for sporting clues and reactions
PSYCHE - Typical (6) - for will power and certain mystical skills
*I added this stat as the Popularity score didn't work in many situations like disguises

You can add up 5 points to your FASECRIP stats with a max of two per attribute
Mark each point you spend here with a star * - each point ads +1 rank/1CS
Attributes you improve as an extraordinary ability mark with a +
Veteran background option mark F & A scores with a v and start Typ(6) not Pr(4)
If you modify an attribute, or gain a talent or patron or power with it mark with an o

You get 5 Talents standard some options grant extra
-one war era career like army, navy, airforce, commando, paratrooper, intelligence
-one peace era career like: professor, performer, police, detective, criminal 
-three talent slots to represent your superior training and heroic career
-fighting specialities and medicine skills cost two slots and have a * marker
-each martial arts talent requires fighting to be raised by +1 rank 
-each meditation talent requires psyche to be raised by +1 rank

You start with personal 2 contacts like love interest, family, dependant, pet, adopted teen 
+1 contact per extra point your Charisma attribute raised above Ty(6)
+1 contact per occupation talent you take
some options add extra contacts

d12 Popular Era Contacts
1 Local child gang or adopted teenage delinquent sidekick
2 A language or ethnic group like a second nationality
3 Criminal specialising in one racket like goon, smuggler, dealer, robber or grifter
4 Journalists, writer, actors, daredevils, entertainers or other popular celebrity
5 Dependant (granny, pet or sweetheart) constantly in peril & earns you karma
6 Military or ex-military from some branch like supply, mechanic, pilot, radio operator 
7 Lawyer, politician, public servant, business, lawyer, police, other officials
8 Retired adventurer or former super hero who acts rarely now
9 Independent freelance researcher of occult, magic, aliens, kaiju & conspiracies  
10 Expert such as a scholar, professor, scientist or medical doctor 
11 From a secret espionage agency for paranormal control and research 
12 Enemy villain you know all too well but sometimes has uses

Stacking and Min Maxing 
You can add ranks derived from first 5 points for attributes and stack with ranks gained from your special abilities such as....
you can add ranks if same or within one rank difference
more than one rank like Typ + Ex do not add but Typ and Gd add to Ex

Common Origins
Pick one if you know what you want or roll one

d12 Common Sources of Power
1 Exposure to chemicals, radium or electricity
2 Use a miracle drug, pill or syringe
3 Electrical accidents or experiments possibly radium
4 Supernatural from a ghost or a wizard or deity or curse or spell
5 Superior exotic training from a secret master or a hidden place
6 Not human secretly martian, amazon, mole-person or deity
7 Synthetic really an android, robot, cyborg or brain in a synthetic body
8 Super soldier produced by a secret training program by a government
9 Came across the mysterious legacy of an ancestor or past hero
10 Equipment such as gadgets or a suit or weapon you created
11 Adventurers gained powers from various strange adventures and travels
12 Wealthy and used your money to gain powers from exotic sources

Extra Ordinary Abilities For Superhumans
Superhumans have fewer abilities but are beyond normal
Make a list of powers or superhuman attributes you would like

For super humans assign these ranks to your abilities or powers (attributes or powers)

Extra Ordinary Abilities For Mystery Men

Mystery Men are closer to human 
By cleverly adding to your human ID base attributes you can have lots of attributes at peak human ability (Typ + Good=Excellent, Good+Excellent=Remarkable)
Mystery men derive powers more from options that having strange inbuilt powers

For Mystery men assign these ranks to your abilities (attributes or powers)

Remember you can add ability ranks to your basic starting scores 
Mystery men are more likely to have lots of good stats while a superhuman is more likely to have impossible high ability scores

Common Powers:
Body Armour, Flight, Hyper Speed, Telepathy, Force Feild, Hyper senses, Hyper Leap, Clinging, Invisibility, Energy Sheathe, Energy Bolt, Energy Form, Density Increase, Phasing, shapeshift, streatching

Feel free to ask about other abilities
Heroes may develop power stunts of their powers to duplicate related abilities like a character might have fire bolts and develop fire shield as a power stunt in play

Background Options For Golden Age
Superhumans have one background option
Mystery Men have three 
background options

If you have no powers or superhuman attributes in your secret ID +1 option.
Excellent is the normal peak for human attributes

If you have a super weakness gain +1 option
- some common threat ignores your defences (fire, cold, electricity, gas)
- some material causes you harms you and makes you weak (radium, gold, cobalt)
-something prevents your powers from working (magical sign, holy water, silver)

+1 option if you roll them all randomly

Popularirty & Resources
Most characters have Typical resources and Good if professional

Popularity = Charisma
You may have a separate for your secret ID and Hero ID

+5 Pop if minor celebrity in secret ID like a journalist
+10 Pop if you fought for allies in WW2 as a hero
-10 if you fought for the AXIS in WW2 as a villain
-10 if a known killer
-5 if hideous or frightening as a hero

d12 Backgrounds Options
1 SIdekick - a younger weaker trainee 
2 Secret HQ - a secret base with equipment
3 Superior Vehichle - a mysterious advanced vehichle
4 Weapon - a powerful device (but you can be disarmed)
5 Armour - a powerful suit with abilities (but can be disarmed and is bulky)
6 Utility Belt - 20 contemporary gadgets or 10 weirder items
7 Costume - instant change, simple defence and survives heroic combat
8 Talents - gain two extra talents and one contact
9 Veteran - your base Fighting and Strength are Typical +1 professional skill
10 Contacts - 
+4 contacts and half price for new ones
11 Strange Science - know advanced, alien occult science +1 talent and contact
12 Millionaire - Rm wealth and +1 contact

Example 1 
Captain Justice - superhuman
Philbert "Smash" Gordon ace flying reporter and superhuman

FIGHTING* - Typical (6)
AGILITY Good (10) 
STRENGTH+ - Remarkable (30)
ENDURANCE*+ - Remarkable (30) 
CHARISMA* Good (10) 
REASON - Typical (6)
INTUITION* Good (10) 
PSYCHE* - Good (10) 

H 76
K 36
POP 15/20 journalist/known war hero
Resources Good (10) Profesional

Body Armour -
 Remarkable (30) 
Flight Excellent - Excellent (20)

Martial Arts B
Athlete (Professional)
Pilot (professional)
Meditation A

Scientist - Uncle Borris chemist who invented the miracle formula
Rupert Killburne Beat Cop's old friend 
Molly Caine - ww2 female spy now journalist
Boxing Coach Jack Mulray at River City Gym (from athletics)
News Editor Pat O'Shay (from journalist)
Bill Johnson Air Mechanic (from pilot) 

Costume for quick change made by an uncle and fits in a wristwatch (Gd physical/energy)
Justice Jet (VTOL)
-stealth vs radar, ladder, MG, autopilot seats 2 
Have no powers in human ID, take a miracle pill every power up
-Endurance feat each scene to maintain

Built around having classics of strength armour and flight while on his super serum formula and fought in the war and was a war correspondent. During one adventure stole AXIS experimental jet which he uses for long distances or needs heavy firepower. Wears a blue cape over yellow boilersuit with blue shield on chest.

Example 2 
Night Falcon - Mystery Man
Danny "Ginger" Cooper, Private Eye

FIGHTING*+v - Remarkable (30) 
AGILITY*+ Remarkable (30) 
STRENGTH+v Excellent (20)
ENDURANCE+ Excellent (20)
CHARISMA Typical (6)
REASON* Good (10) 
INTUITION*+ Remarkable (30) 
PSYCHE*+ Remarkable (30) 

H 100
K 76
POP 6/-9 detective/frightening known killer
Resources Remarkable (30) Millionaire

Telepathy -
 Good (10)  
Invisibility - Good (10)

Martial Arts A D
Weapon Specialist Pistol
Willemena Sorensen secretary at a detective firm and researcher 
Professor Morton - expert in rare artefacts at River City museum
Slimy Pete - underworld black marketeer and informant from detective
Sherman the Butler from wealth option

Veteran improved stats marked with v + talent
Utility Belt
-Pistols, swing line, cuffs, smoke pellets, tommygun, lock picks, knife, truncheon, flashlight, flare pistol, 4x sticks of dynamite, thermite bomb, phoneline tapping kit, teargas grenade, silencer, Typ (6) bulletproof vest, gas mask

Built around being a mysterious Avenger and min/maxed attribute ranks lots. Had mysterious training in Tibet to master men's minds and exotic martial arts. Wears a falcon mask and trench coat 

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