Tuesday 24 January 2023

Exilon Update

So last year we ran mostly my Exilon Game (also I'm in a d&d5 game and was playing a good Fallout RPG but i think it died despite weekly players). Exilon is a Faux ancient near eastern inspired Fantasy setting set after my stone age game and before the 1st 2nd and 3rd empires in my "Classic" britpunk 80s fantasy setting (think pre warhammer and Dragon Warriors and Fighting Fantasy). 

Currently the 10th level heroes who have been granted land and are now on a mission for their kingdom. Recently they came out of a great Zigguratt they were sealed in as a divine test of the city and returned from the gods test with a boon of greatness in war for the land. Currently on tour of various regions for war effort and basically getting this situational map. Fate has Allied the heroes to the King of Ikathon the sealands with remnants of ancient fish folk being commonplace. Enki is the official cult but in past Dagon, Hydra and various fish and sea demon gods reigned. Players have been asked to advise on strategy and assess the borderlands and other Empires. The Necromancers have fallen to two other empires and barbarians and elves. The territory while ghastly wastes full of undead has still been grabbed. Now the Death Templars of the Grey Wastes are the next target. The King of Ikathon is keen to get support from Tyraneans, The Sythron Tribes and others to grab the grey wastes. Currently 4 armies are poised on the border while one guard the land from the Eastern Dragon Lords. While on diplomatic mission time dragged on a bit and missed some kings and they cleaned out the Ruins of Andril (Dragon 81) which they are using to invade elemental planes in the future. Teleported a bunch of their gear into the now cleaned-out a cursed ruin that occasionally rises to the surface.

Current Characters include:

A former storm barbarian fighter is mighty with bow and sword who has been setting up a modern chariot building village and breeding Konga donkey-ass hybrids which are the latest thing. He has built on the borderland of the Tyranean league a barbarian people protected by mountains, with good resources and recently unified and hoping to build a royal city. They are at war with elves to the south and the lizard peoples' cities to the west that has thrived for millennia. He is quite fond of manly gods like Enlil, Adad and Ninurta and has a shrine of Nusku the fire god for redsmiths in his workshops. Keen to get some war happening but must be righteous.

A Fire Priest of Nusku and the highest-ranking priest of his cult in Ikathon the city of the Sea Lands. He has a still under construction large temple in the city but also a shrine in other player's villages. The cult is obsessed with Law, the purity of fire, witch burning, evil smiting and redsmithing and craft. He has lots of followers looking after all this while he adventures including his brother. Retired from small temple leadership in the Sunlands where met the rest of the party. Smiting Evil has been going well since he joined.

An Amazon Wizard who was with the party since their early days in the Storm Tribes in a school of a local magic teacher. Has been enjoying increased power and prestige and has recently met a Paladin and getting on well with her. Has set up a village across the river from her home city of the Amazons in a perfect trading place shared with the fourth final Member. They have pooled land, people and lots of the party money into setting up as a river trading port. There is of course a fire shrine and redsmith here. She has a tower under construction and has her students setting up a new school of wizardry.   

Finally, a dragon spirit changeling who has met lots of Naga and had affairs with them. Uses druidic magic and occasionally breathes fire. Currently has become a monk and developing unarmed combat abilities. Quite a few children returned from fairyland as young adults in only a few years since their births. Has worked early on to set up trade places including a caravan hotel in their original storm and village and similar development and wharf in the new combined village with the wizard. Has been proposing making deal with the dragons or the elves which everyone thinks is impossible.

Map Details

Grey Areas are remnants of the age after the era of Black Magic. Necromancers and Death cults the former slaves of the old Monster Kings took over the civilised human survivors. Most of these lands were destroyed by barbarian hordes in the past.

X1 X2 X3 are the villages of the players X3 is the starting while X1 and X2 are recent projects from land granted by the King of Ikathon. 

Tyraneans are good allies who don't want anymore fronts and have plenty of war already.

Sythron nomads have many ties through the Amazons and have been increasing allies. Many ride ass and use chariots and wagons pulled by them. Many tribes keep vast herds and trade with the cities. They are famous warriors and although barbarians and nomads often have equipment and magic of civilised people among them. 

Godless Lands behind the horizon where ships dare not sail are remnants of the lands of the Monster Kings. They also say the Gods have a hidden paradise beyond the sea. 
No humans deal with them.

Lizard Kings a possibly prehuman civilisation were allies of the Serpent people but split of as the Monster Empires collapsed at the end of the age of Black Magic and darkness. 
No humans deal with them.

Oldenwoods is a vast sprawling mountainous forest occupied by faerie folk and monsters who wage war on humans ceaselessly. The forests are constantly expanding due to elves who seek to restore this forest to its dawn age condition. No humans deal with them. Orcs, goblins, beast people and all sorts of intelligent species dwell here not just elves.

Dragon Lords' city-states where dragons are worshipped for millennia. Humans are slaves and cattle but the Dragons did keep them from the other monster kings and didn't eat their souls so the people in those lands are grateful. The Dragon Lords all pool fighting minions into the dragon templars who keep enemies out. The Snake people of Exilon actually have many links with them and often still trade with them despite being frowned on and the other kingdoms of Exilon fearing dragons. Such dragon-ruled lands are quite rare in this age.

Arcane Empire
a series of cities united by a dynasty of wizard kings and their Beast Lord allies. Currently finishing off necromancers and plundering their spell archives and have thousands of wizards in their armies. Young and hungry empire keen for new territory and taking new risks. Most keen to send armies to fight and take the Greylands.

Belleron Empire
was a theocratic empire that gobbled up smaller independent cities and united their gods in a pantheon. Kings here are also high priests and many activities are complicated by adhering to so many faiths and gods. They try to have shrines to every god and some extras in case they missed some or new ones are found. Tired and clumsy empire but keen to get land again. 

Beastlords are abhuman beast people former servants of the monster empire. Like most barbarians they hated wizards but the Arcane Empire has granted them lands and weapons and human slaves to buy their allegiance. 

The Great Wastes are vast lands where great barbarian tribes grow and prepare their war against civilisation. Many hate writing, wizards, civilised gods and undead waging war on them most. Recently they aided in destroying the Necromancers but left the burning cities to the decadent land-grabbing empires. Many beast people and orcs dwell here, also elemental peoples made by wizards long ago. Many tribes use certain exotic species as a speciality which might even include terror birds, great lizards, insects and other monsters and mounts or to pull chariots or huge juggernauts. Some of those closer to cities or even conquering cities end up going soft and civilised within 3 generations when a new tribe of barbarians arrive to repeat the cycle. These civilised barbarians trade their warrior spirit for luxury and power. 

Whats Next
So hopefully players do lots of heroic diplomacies, give good advice and wage lots of war the next few years. I can use my war with necromancers and war with wizards tables.

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