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d100 Petty Village Hazzards

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Some petty local things for your zero level party members to play through. Its ok to work with an angry mob rather than be a smooth adventurer party. Some could be just local village colour or encounters for strangers only in a village. Maybe some village out there is always like this and locals used to avoiding them all/

d10 Petty Village Hazzard Types
1 Wild Animals
2 Domestic Animals
3 Monsterous Animals
4 Industrial 
6 Nature
7 Faerie
8 Local Jerks
9 Bossy Jerks
10 Mysterious places

d100 Petty Village Hazzard 
01 A grumpy old bear gets angry if surprised while doing bear things
02 Huge wolf has been seen howling at the moon
03 Pack of wolves have been menacing farms
04 Wicked cunning fox has been stealing chickens and wizard familiars
05 Angry large stag has attacked people looking at deer
06 Old mountain lion having trouble with catching game and desperate enough to come into human areas
07 Large scorpions in a clear rocky area
08 Large scorpions in a clear rocky area
09 Notorious giant pike in pond or river swallows small animals and ducks whole
10 Cheeky friendly ravens trained to say stuff like "DOOM!" or "WInter is Here" by some prankster 
Local wild dogs sometimes chase lone elderly or children
12 Angry billy goat butts strangers
13 Angry bull in a field has attacked people taking shortcuts or trying to steal it
14 Gaggle of aggressive geese screech altering all in the valley if strangers arrive in the area, may nip you if close or wind slap you as a swarm
15 Giant rats in several basements and roofs
16 Rabid and parasite-infested dogs near roads looking for scraps
17 Huge prize rooster takes offence to certain hats or cloaks and attacks, farmer will scream and beg not to hurt it and if anyone does will hit them with a farm tool
18 Large ginger barncat is quite friendly and likes to follow people and possibly climb up them and sit on their shoulder which can hurt if in light clothing and be a surprise. Also likes to trip people on stairs in the tavern and licks up spilt beer and potions
19 Grumpy farm dog attacks any strange too close to its farm or off the path
20 Local friendly cat is really a changeling faerie spying on the village, only the local idiot knows the truth and nobody believes them
21 Mutated billygoat seen scaring people with hideous bleats and unatural gait
22 Evil cunning serpent has nipped several people and eaten several dogs and cats. Sometimes it just whispers malicious gossip. It spies on people and reads their minds
23 Giant black hound stalks area by night with a baleful howl and eyes like burning cinders, some say it has a cruel frightening voice and knows people's personal secrets
24 A huge evil spider has been trying to steal babies so locals leave yappy dogs with babies, it may try to lure small children with treats and impersonate their grandparent's voices 
25 Giant evil chaos squirrel with some strange powers plays mean pranks on people and throws acorns at people's heads with the force of a sling stone
26 Huge evil fish uses human voice to lure victims close to the water so it may easily drag them into the water
27 A huge evil-looking owl likes to stare at people who say it has an evil eye and causes bad luck. This owl lycanthrope witch can cast her spells in owl form and likes to cause problems. She hides her owl cloak in a cave and is one of the villagers. She also lusts after pretty young men
28 Hell beaver digging up corpses from graveyard to dam local waterways with corpses. Can make some zombies to aid it or guard the dam
29 Hell cat lives in area coming out at night to spy on people and offer pacts will hell to the lonely and needy. It seeks a great master it can turn to evil for merit in hell. It also helps witches and cults and carries their secret messages
30 Several animals have been killed by a werewolf worrying everybody. A local is a lycanthrope and does not know they are a werewolf and may even join hunters and militia to hunt it
31 Old mineshaft or well covered in rotten boards and covered in weeds
32 Rake laying in the grass for years or a joke, if step on end will slap you in the face for d3
33 Old workhouse shack of termite-eaten wood in danger of collapsing 
34 Old quarry where odd creatures sometimes make lairs and lots of pits and loose rubble
35 Forgotten old storage cave has been rediscovered but has some creatures living in it
36 Burned old building used to be an alchemist's house, people keep away afraid it might explode again
37 Old millhouse said to be haunted by a spirit shunned by locals
38 Old ruined shearing shed often inhabited by homeless old wanderers or even bandits
39 Old fish pond where they used to drown witches in now said to have some malignant spirit of some kind and everyone keeps away
40 Old wharf and shack by some water people say is haunted but really giant bullfrogs live here hidden in reeds
41 Serial killer from the city staying in an inn hiding from law. Only killed a few local drunks so far
42 Cult leader has come to town to build a coven for their master. Some new recruits already abusing their petty magical gains with mischief
43 Witchfinder visiting town with mercenaries offers townsfolk to find witches for money. Also blackmails affluent families or attractive people
44 Visitor has a strange idol that by night releases a strange troublesome spirit
45 Recently hired worker is a thief who preys on other visitors and keeps things straight with locals
46 Spy for a bandit gang reports with pigeons potential robbery targets travelling from the village
47 Students from the city in the area steal corpses for experiments and medical schools
48 Cultists in disguise come here to kidnap people 
49 Visiting trader has been selling unpopular people to slave traders on regular visits
50 Stranger died and since then a spirit has haunted grave and where they died. Did they have some unresolved business or some curse or other secret that might be used to help rest the spirit
51 Sinkhole off the path easy to fall down into the prehistoric bone-filled cave
52 Old cave frequented by creatures passing through the area
53 Creek has edges prone to mudslides and collapsing 
54 Foggy frequently even day sometimes, mist encourages strange creatures to be out in open or near humans
55 Lots of termite-infested trees and many ill trees. Tend to drop limbs and be harder to climb
56 Overgrown with weeds, especially thorny balls that stick to clothes and fur to spread, can be harmful to animals left on them
57 Huge clumps of fungus everywhere, some poison, some edible, some strange  
58 Rains constantly some say its some supernatural cause like a witch or a faerie
59 Gloomy black clouds and frequent storms and lightning. Surprisingly lots of lightning strikes and near misses on people outdoors in storms and most locals have been hit or had a few misses. Some spirit being or celestial noble or dragon with dominion over the area is angry
60 Floods often cut village off for days and attracts giant frogs and salamanders
61 Children have seen tiny fairy folk doors in some trees and wee folk using them. No adults have seen them
62 Fairy rings of flowers or mushrooms about a sign that faeries are maybe invisible or here to kidnap human slaves or pet children
63 Some goblins live in a tree stump tending mushrooms in the area and sometimes sell cheap potions. Each potion used saves or throws up the revolting mess for a d4 rounds of helplessness and the potion has no effect
64 Water faeries in a local string punish any wicked people near waters
65 The local woods have a great spirit being that punishes those who swear in the woods and keeps wicked creatures of the woods away in return 
66 Local spring or grove notorious for amorous faerie beings d6 1=eat human seeking to be lovers 2=charm lovers to be slaves 3=playful & flirty and friends with a few locals 4=promise to give you magic powers for sexual favours but its a lie (i can restore your virginity after). Lots of abandoned children in area that look local 5=if you spy on them in private and they discover it they will seek revenge possibly using lovers or pets as attackers 6=if you steal their magical clothes they will have to grant your wish but they do so begrudgingly and possibly will result in a tragedy of they find onerous or humiliated a task
67 Mischievous sprite has been pranking people 
68 Some faerie has been making farm animals sentient and using them as spies, only the village idiot knows the deep green crown over us all but people just laugh
69 Children here are kept watched constantly as faerie kidnappers often visit from a faerie portal somewhere 
70 Locals regularly leave offerings for faeries and if someone steals them faeries cause trouble. They especially like cheese
71 Villagers all convinced some loner is a witch or cultist
72 A local inn guest is a secret a famous masked highway robber
73 Gossiping local is causes all kinds of problems with wild speculation. Lots of pub fights start this way and eventually an angry mob will form
74 Suspicious locals moving goods and up to something shifty, streetwise types will uncover a ring of local smugglers using a dangerous location to move goods past tax, toll and excise collectors
75 Old prospector shouted everyone drinks because of a lucky find and has disappeared. Several prospectors vanish every year
76 Sleazy old retired murder hobo likes to make indecent remarks about young adventurers especially attractive ones. Apparently they have lived in a few villages the last few years
77 Village idiot has gone missing and people are very concerned, perhaps they saw something or had an accident
78 Pair of chaotic killers like to join adventurer bands posing as religious warriors with vows of poverty. Know a few local monster lairs they can betray and slaughter novice adventurers
79 Violent drunk former murder hobo everyone is afraid of and is wary of. Often rude and mean but could be helped  
80 Local horse thief has been working the area
81 People say a noble family in the area are cursed and some members are mysterous shapeshifters
82 Lecherous noble visits and is rude and offensive to all with his bodyguard and status
83 Tax collector visits all too often and hits people with surprise tolls and new taxes
84 Bossy head militia chief warns visitors to behave and be proper or else
85 Nosy mayor likes to know everything going on and likes to send adventurers away on wild goose chases they won't survive
86 Important person has own coach and often inconsiderate of other road users they expect to give way. Have injured several people and killed some animals
87 Creepy loner noble has creepy servants visit village but a few curious locals have been caught and beaten for their efforts
88 Robberknights live in a local gruberhole and are tolerated here as long as they rob rival nobles domains and don't bother locals. A few people have seen signs of camp smoke from the caves but nobody with authority seems interested in doing anything unless their is trouble. Drunken violent former knights are bound to cause trouble or be worth a reward somewhere else 
89 Drunken noble youth staying in empty shack related to local lord and supposed to be living quietly. Is a friendly drunk who tells too much about some scandal. Eventually assassins will come to clean up and stories when they hear about this odd posh drunk
90 Knight blocking the road wont let any pass until he is defeated in single combat by a knight. Otherwise wont go away and ruining trade
91 An old house has a spirit that keeps homeless and local children away
92 A ruined chapel is considered haunted and many have seen figures in the graveyard at night
93 An old abandoned tomb has been used as a lair by various homeless murder hobos and monster over the years
94 There is rumoured to be old tunnels under the village and sometimes people take a look. Some kind of storage or shelter
95 A beast wanders the village at night, an unatural monster is part of a local curse and has a lair in a cave or ruin nearby which is shunned by locals. A few have died hunting it and a reward is on offer for ending the beasts reign of fear. People will gossip far and wide 
96 A ruined religious building nearby is said to be haunted by some spirit of darkness and is shunned by humans and animals
97 There are hidden caves under the village where people found a chamber of extraordinary art and idols and funny writing. They say the path is twisted and requires squeezing through cracks and swimming in an underwater stream. Best avoided during rains when more tunnels flooded
98 Standing stones in a field are said to attract sinister figures by night, perhaps spirits or some wild folk or a cult perhaps
99 A local hill is said to be an ancient kings burial mound and some say they hear noises inside. Popular theories say it is elves or undead feasting eternally
100 There used to be an old dungeon complex cleaned out by heroes and looters generations ago. People even took the doors and bricks and lumber. Every few years someone checks to make sure no squatters of ne'er-do-wells inhabit it and check the entrance is secured so children don't play in it

nice vid on highwaypersons inspired me

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